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Opm tei-executive-summary-case-study

  1. 1. Executive Summary Actuate commissioned Forrester Research to conduct an in-depth assessment of the costs, benefits and associated risks of building and deploying operational performance reporting applications on an enterprise reporting platform. Forrester interviewed six Actuate customers who are currently using Actuate for internal reporting of operational performance information within sales and finance. Forrester found that by moving from a legacy reporting platform to a more flexible and dynamic reporting environment, organizations can realize benefits around greater employee efficiency and improved visibility and consistency of financial information. Key Findings Forrester determined that the financial impact of deploying operational performance applications on Actuate’s reporting platform provides a composite risk adjusted ROI of 161 percent over three years, with a break- even point (payback period) of 14 months. Forrester identified several areas of cost reduction and improved efficiency. Improved Efficiency around Operational Performance Reporting Productivity savings—financial data reconciliation By automating the process to reconcile financial data with parameterized reporting and guided analysis for business units, end users can realize significant time savings and attend to core and strategic activities. End-user productivity savings—compliance Actuate’s platform represents a single version of the truth across multiple data sources and it supports drill-down across data sources for detailed analysis and verification. The platform can scale to large numbers of users, but also provides customized reports pertinent to each user. This model allows more people to review and verify data while reducing the management burden to ensure compliance. End-user productivity savings—operational controls Most organizations require managers to approve and verify operational information, including budget adherence, attainment of sales quotas, products sales, inventory, head-count issues and other related data. This data is often pulled manually from an ERP application or legacy system and can be prone to errors, causing significant Consulting Case Study The Total Economic Impact™ of Building Operational Performance Reporting Applications on Actuate Call or email Actuate for a complimentary one-on-one meeting to walk through The TEI™ of Building Operational Performance Reporting Applications on Actuate study. Call: (800) 914-2259 Email: info@actuate.com
  2. 2. Actuate Corporation 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Suite 500 San Mateo, CA 94404 Tel: (888) 422-8828 Web: http://www.actuate.com 2 productivity delays for managers. The Actuate platform allows communication and collaboration in real time to facilitate the operational verification process and improve controls. Improved Visibility and Consistency within Financial Reporting Revenue savings—improved financial visibility Having accurate and consistent data originating from a single source of truth improves financial visibility, which decreases the likelihood of errors related to sales or compliance information. Furthermore, the study quantified the financial impact of improved financial visibility. Lower Technology Cost of Producing Scheduled Reports IT productivity savings—report development Once implemented with the right architecture, Actuate allows higher-value development resources to be shifted away from report generation and replaced by lower-cost resources. The ability to have a core reporting platform reduces the developer burden while at the same time automates the process of extracting and pushing information to end users. Custom Proposal This study was constructed using an analytical model. We are offering the opportunity for organizations to evaluate their own situation using this analytical model with an Actuate consultant. Call or email Actuate for a complimentary one-on- one meeting to walk through The TEI™ of Building Operational Performance Reporting Applications on Actuate study. Call: (800) 914-2259 Email: info@actuate.com About Actuate Actuate Corporation, the leader in Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Reporting Applications, enables organizations to develop solutions that optimize corporate performance. Applications built on Actuate’s open source-based platform provide all stakeholders inside and outside the firewall, including employees, customers, partners and citizens with information that they can easily access and understand to maximize revenue, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, create competitive advantage and make better decisions. Consulting Case Study Consulting Case Study