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Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
Meeting Basics
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Meeting Basics


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The things which should be taken care while arranging or attending a meeting

The things which should be taken care while arranging or attending a meeting

Published in: Business
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  • 1. MEETING BASICS- Sunil Singh Rana, Station Head, Surat
  • 2.  
  • 3. Objective of Presentation
    • To enhance our productivity by effectively utilizing time by following few MEETING BASICS
  • 4. Presentation Flow
    • Why do we conduct meetings
    • Why People Hate meetings
    • Critical Question – To meet or Not?
    • Six Tips for more effective meetings
    • 10 Commandants of meeting
    • How to spend less time in meetings
  • 5. Why do we conduct Meetings
    • Reach out at same time
    • To break long mail trails
    • Verbal communication is faster than writing memo
    • Conclude / Action Planning
  • 6. Why People hate meetings
    • meetings are longer, less efficient and generate fewer results
    • more meetings are needed to accomplish objectives
    • with so much time spent in ineffective meetings, employees have less time to get their own work done
    • ineffective meetings create frustration at all staff levels
    • information generated in unproductive meetings usually isn't managed properly
    • inefficient meetings cost organizations money each year in otherwise productive employee work time
  • 7. Critical Question
    • Has a goal being set for the meeting?
    • Has an agenda being created ahead of time?
    • Will the appropriate people be attending?
    • Could the information be covered in a e-mail or memo?
  • 8. 6 Tips for Effective Meeting
    • Don’t Meet
    • Set objectives for the meeting
    • Provide an agenda beforehand
    • Assign meeting preparation
    • Assign action items
    • Examine your meeting process
  • 9. 10 Commandant of Effective Meeting
  • 10. 10 Commandants of Effective Meeting
    • Thou shalt know what time it is?
    • Respect for others’ commitment
    • Inform time to all
    • Do not overrun the start time
    • The run time and other timelines should be informed
    • Thou shalt not forget the main reason for meetings
    • Business Meetings have 3 primary purpose: Communicating, Administrating and Deciding
    • See if the called person are part to the reason for meetings
    • Check if your meetings are heading towards the reason
  • 11. 10 Commandants of Effective Meeting
    • Golden Rule of Meetings: Praise in Public, Criticize in Private
    • Focus on matter and not on individual
    • Do not use meetings to downgrade any individual
    • Work out for solution, rather than finding a scapegoat
    • Thou Shalt Not Convene Meetings Outside of Normal Business Hours
    • Commandants not valid at the time of emergencies
    • Don’t try to show-off your workaholics by arranging meetings after office hours or on weekends. Let People have life balance
  • 12. 10 Commandants of Effective Meeting
    • Thou shalt not use group pressure to logroll conclusions
    • Decision to be taken on consensus with pros and cons
    • The meeting members should display openness of ideas and respect other ideas
    • Thou shalt not use meetings to destroy others' reputation
    • Resist the temptation to find problems with others during meetings
    • You may be at the receiving end some-day
  • 13. 10 Commandants of Effective Meeting
    • Thou Shalt keep the personal and the corporate distinct
    • There is nothing wrong in having friends at work, but meetings are not for social calls
    • Be professional to the matter discussed rather than relationship
    • Thou Shalt remember that the best model for meetings is democracy, not monarchy
    • Meetings are not the place to market yourself and your knowledge
    • Do not impose your decisions at others without opinion
    • Encourage people to speak up (for the organization's benefit)
  • 14. 10 Commandants of Effective Meeting
    • Thou shalt always prepare a clear agenda and circulate it beforehand
    • People should know why they are in meeting and what is expected of them
    • Give time to others to prepare and hence contribute
    • Circulate the minutes of meeting and the action point to all
    • Thou shalt terminate a regularly scheduled meeting when its purpose for being no longer exists
    • If you can no longer clearly state the reason for having a regular meeting, it's time to kill it.
  • 15. Thank You