Word shortcut Explanation                            BHEL- Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited                               ...
FIPB- Foreign Investment Promotion Board                                                 FIR- First Information Report    ...
Corporation of India Limited                          ITBT- Indo-Tibet Border ForceICHR -Indian Council of Historical Rese...
MBT- Main Battle Tank                                NCC -National Cadet CoreMCA -Master of Computer Applications         ...
OMEGA -Options for making Extra Gains from    SActinids                                              SAARC- South Asian As...
WWF -World Wild Life for Nature                                                  WWW -World Wide WebUUDC -Upper Division C...
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free Shortcut word explanation.


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hiii,,,,,,,,,,dosto maine aapke liye jo pdf file upload ki hai wah ek dam free hai,,!!!!!!
is pdf file mai bahut sare shortcut word jo ki hamse entrance exam mai puchhe jate hai,,,,unka full form mai aapke samne pesh kar raha hu ,,,,,,,,,,,yadi mujhe koi galti huyi ho to uske liye mujhe maaf kare. mera aap sabhi slideshare ke dosto se nivedan hai ki,,achchii document file banakar (general knowledge, reasoning, engilsh ke free note) upload kare jis se ki gareeb or medium class ke bachho ko free education mil sake.

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free Shortcut word explanation.

  1. 1. Word shortcut Explanation BHEL- Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited BIFR -Board of Industrial Finance and ReconstructionA BIMSTEC- Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic CooperationAAFI- Amateur Athletics of India BIS- Bureau of Indian StandardsAAPSO- Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization BJP- Bhartiya Janta PartyAASU -All Assam Students Union BOP- Balance of PaymentABM- Anti Ballistic Missile B PHARMA- Bachelor of PharmacyAC -Alternate Currency / Ashok Chakra / Air BSc- Bachelor of ScienceConditioner BSE- Bombay Stock ExchangeACC- Anxillary Cadet Core BSF- Border Security ForceAD -Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus) BSP- Bahujan Samaj PartyADB -Asian Development BankAERE- Atomic Energy Research EstablishmentAGOC -Asian Games Organization Committee CAICC -All India Congress Committee CA -Chattered AccountantAICTE -All India Council of Technical Education CAD -Command Area DevelopmentAIDS- Acquired Imuno Deficiency Syndrome CAG -Computer and Auditor GeneralAIFE- All India Football Federation CARE -Cooperative for American Relief EverywhereAIIMS- All India Institute of Medical Sciences CASE -Commission for Alternative sources ofAIL- Aeronautics India Limited EnergyAIMPLB- All India Muslim Personal Law Board CAT- Central Administrative TribunalAIR- All India Radio (Broadcasting) CAZRI -Central Arid Zone Research InstituteAITUC- All India Trade Union Congress CBI -Central Bureau of InvestigationAM- Anti Meridian (Before Noon) CBSE- Central Board of Secondary EducationANC- African National Congress CCEA- Cabinet Committee on Economic AffairsAPEC- Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation CCS- Cabinet Committee on SecurityAPSC- Army Postal services Core CD -Compact DiscASEAN- Association of South East Asian Nations CDMA-Code Division Multiple AccessASLV- Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle CDRI- Central Drug Research InstituteASI -Archaeological Survey of India CDS- Compulsory Deposit SchemeASSOCHAM- Associated Chamber of Commerce CHOGM- Commonwealth Heads of Governmentand Industry (India) MeetingASWAC -Airborne Surveillance Warning and Control CID- Criminal Investigation DepartmentATS- Anti Tetanus Serum CIS- Commonwealth of Independent States CISF- Central Industrial Security ForceB CITU- Center of Indian Trade Union CM- Chief MinisterBA- Bachelor of Arts CNG- Compressed Natural GasBAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery COD- Central Ordnance DepotBARC- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre CPO- Central Passport OrganizationBBA -Bachelor of Business Administration CPRI -Central Power Research InstituteBBC- British Broadcasting Corporation CRPF- Central Reserve Police ForceBC- Before Christ (Before the birth of Jesus) CRR -Cash Reserve RatioBCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications CSIR -Council of Scientific and Industrial ResearchBCCI- Board of Control for Cricket in India CSO- Central Statistical OrganizationBEL- Bharat Electronics Limited CTS -Computerized Tomography ScannerBENELUX- Belgium, Netherland and Luxemburg CVC -Central Vigilance Commission
  2. 2. FIPB- Foreign Investment Promotion Board FIR- First Information Report FRS -Fellow of the Royal SocietyD FTII -Film and Television Institute of India FTZ -Free Trade ZoneDDT- Dichloride Diphenyle Tri-chloromethaneDFDR -Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)DIG- Deputy Inspector General GD.LIT- Doctor of Literature GAIL- Gas Authority of India LimitedDM- District Majestrate GATT -General Agreement on Tariff and TradeDMK- Dravida Munetra Kazhagam GIC -General Insurance CorporationDNA- Di-oxyribo - Nuclric Acid GMT- Greenwich mean TimeDPAP -Drought Prone Area Programme GNLF -Gorakha National Liberation FrontDPC- Dabhol Power Company GNP -Gross National ProductDPSA- Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft GPF -General Provident FundDRDO -Defence Research and Development GPO -General Post OfficeOrganization GPS -Global Positioning SystemDTH- Direct to Home GSI -Geographical survey of IndiaDVD- Digital Versatile DiscE HEAS- Employment Assurance Scheme HAC- Hindustan Aluminum CorporationECB- European Central Bank HAL- Hindustan Aeronautics LimitedECG -Electro Cardiogram HCF -Highest common FactorEEC- European Economic Community HDFC -Housing Development Finance CorporationEEG -Electro Encephalogram HIV -Human Immuno-deficiency VirusELISA -Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbet Assay HMT -Hindustan Machine ToolsEMF- Electromotive Force HUDCO- Housing and Urban DevelopmentEPABX -Electronic Private Automatic Branch CorporationExchange HYVS- High Yield Variety seedsEPZ- Export Processing ZoneERDA -Energy Research and Development IAdministrationESMA- Essential Services Maintenance Act IAAI- International Airport Authority of IndiaEVM -Electronic Voting Machine IAC- Indian Airlines Corporation IAEA- international atomic Energy Agency IAF- Indian Air ForceF IARI -Indian Agriculture Research InstituteFAO- Food and Agriculture Organization IAS -Indian Administrative ServicesFBI -Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA) IAY- Indira Awas YojanaFBTR -Fast Breeder Test Reactor IBA- Indian Bankers AssociationFCI -Food Corporation of India / Fertilizer IBRD- International Bank of Reconstruction andCorporation of India development (World Bank)FD -Fixed Deposit ICAR -Indian Council of Agriculture ResearchFDR -Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) ICBM -Inter Continental ballistic MissileFERA- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act ICC -International Cricket councilFEMA -Foreign Exchange Management Act ICFTU- International Confederation of Free TradeFICCI- Federation of India Chamber of Commerce Unionsand Industry ICICI -Industrial Credit and Investment
  3. 3. Corporation of India Limited ITBT- Indo-Tibet Border ForceICHR -Indian Council of Historical Research ITDC -Indian Tourism Development corporationICJ -International Court of Justice ITPO -Indian Trade promotion organisationICMR- Indian council of Medical Research ITO -International Trade OrganisationICSI- Indian Company Secretaries Institute ITUC- Indian Trade Union congressICWA- Indian Council of World AffairsIDA -International Development Agency jIDBI- Industrial Development Bank of IndiaIDO- International Defence Organization JD -Janta DalIDPL- Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited JKLF -Jammu and Kashmir Liberation FrontIET- Institute of Engineering and Technology JMM -Jharkhand Mukti MorchaIFA -Indian Football Association JNSU -Jawahar Lal Nehru University Student UnionIFCI -Industrial Finance corporation of India JNU -Jawahar Lal Nehru UniversityIFFI -International Film Festival of India JPC -Joint Parliamentary CommitteeIFFCO- Indian Farmers Fertilizers CooperativeIFTU- International Federation of Trade Unions KIGNOU- Indira Gandhi National Open University KFC -Kentucky Fried ChickenIIPA- Indian Institute of Public Administration KG -Kinder GartenIIS- Indian Institute of SciencesIISCO -Indian Iron and Steel Company LIIT -Indian Institute of Technology LA -Legislative AssemblyILO- International Labour Organization LASER -Light Amplification By stimulated EmissionIMA -Indian Military Academy of RadiationIMF -International Monetary Fund LCA -Light Combat AircraftINGCA- Indira Gandhi Gallery for culture and Art LDCs -Least Developed CountriesINS- Indian Naval ship LDF -Left Democratic FrontINSAT- Indian National Satellite LETS- Local Exchange Trading SystemINTELSAT- International Telecommunication LF -Left FrontSatellite LGC -Local Government CodeINTERPOL- International Police Organisation LIC -Life Insurance CorporationINTUC- Indian national Trade Union Congress LLB -Bachelor of LawIOC -Indian Oil Corporation LLM -Masters of LawIPC -Indian Penal Code LMG- Light Machine GunIPKF- Indian Peace keeping Force LOC -Line of Control (Pakistan)IPS -Indian Police Services LOAC -Line of Actual Control (China)IQ -Intelligence Quotient LPG -Liquefied Petroleum GasIRBM -Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile LSD -Lysergic acid diethylamideIRC -International Red Cross LTTE -Liberation of Tigers of Tamil ElamIRDA -International Regulatory DevelopmentAuthorityIRDP -Integrated Rural Development program MISB- Indian Standard Bureau MA -Master of ArtsISD -International Standard Dialing MAPS- Madras Atomic Power StationISI -Inter Service Intelligence MAT- Minimum Alternate TaxISM -Indian School of Mines MASER- Microwave Amplification by StimulatedISO -International Organisation for Standardisation Emission of RadiationIST- Indian Standard Time MBA -Master of Business AdministrationISP- Internet service Provider MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor ofISRO- Indian Space Organisation surgery
  4. 4. MBT- Main Battle Tank NCC -National Cadet CoreMCA -Master of Computer Applications NCCR- National Council of Civil RightsMCC- Melbourne Cricket Board NCDC- National Co-operative DevelopmentMD -Doctor of Medicine / Managing Director CorporationMDMK -Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam NCERT -National Council of Educational ResearchMEA- Ministry of External Affairs TrainingMFN -Most Favored Nation NCO -Non Commissioned OfficerMFs- Mutual Funds NCP -Nationalist Congress PartyMI- Military Intelligence NCW -National Commission for WomenMIS- Management Information System NDA- National Defence AcadmeyMISA- Maintenance of Internal Security Act NDDB- National dairy Development BoardMITI -Ministry of International Trade and industry NDF -National Defence FundMLA- Member of Legislative Assembly NEERI -National Environment EngineeringMLC -Member of Legislative Council Research InstituteMNC -Multi National Corporation NEFA -North-East Frontier AgencyMNEs- Multi national Enterprises NEPA -National Environment Protection AuthorityMNF -Mizo National Front NFDC- National Film Development AssociationMOD- Ministry Of Defence NFL- National Fertilizer LimitedMP -Member of Parliament NHB- National Housing BankMRCP- Member of Royal College of Physicians NHRC- National Human Right CommissionMRTPC- Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices NICO -New Information and Communication OrderComission NIDC- National Industrial Development CorporationMODVAT- Modified Value Added Tax NIIT- National Institute of Information TechnologyMSc- Master of science NIMHANS -National Institute of Mental Health andMSP -Minimum Support Price Nero SciencesMTNL- Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited NITIE -National Institute for Training and IndustrialMUL- Maruti Udyog Ltd. Engineering NMDS- National Missile Defence SystemN NMEP -National Malaria education Programme NOIDA- New Okhla Industrial DevelopmentNAAC -National Assessment and Accreditation AssociationCouncil NPC -National Productivity CouncilNABARD -National Bank of Agriculture and Rural NPP -National Population PolicyDevelopment NPT -Nuclear Non-Proliferation TreatyNACO- National AIDS Control Organization NREP -National Rural Employment ProgrammeNAEP- National Adult Education Program NRI -Non Resident IndianNAFED- National Agricultural and Marketing NSC -National Security CouncilOrganization NSS -National Saving SchemeNAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement NSSO -National Sample Survey OrganizationNALCO- National Aluminum Company Limited NTC -National Textile CorporationNAPP -Narora Atomic Power Plant NTPC- National Thermal power CorporationNASA -National Aeronautics and spaceAdministration ONASSCOM -National Association of Software &Service Companies OBC -Other Backward ClassNASDAQ -National Association of Security Dealers OECD- Organization for Economic Co-operationActive Quotation and DevelopmentNATO -North Atlantic Treaty Organization OGL -Open General LicenceNBFCs -Non-Banking Financial Corporations OIL -Oil India Limited
  5. 5. OMEGA -Options for making Extra Gains from SActinids SAARC- South Asian Association for RegionalONGC- Oil and Natural Gas Commission CooperationOPEC -Organization of Petroleum Exporting SAC- Space Application CenterCountries SAFTA -South Asian Free Trade AssociationOSH -Occupational Safety and Health SAI -Sports Authority of IndiaOTCEI -Over the Counter Exchange of India SAIL- Steel Authority of India Limited SAPTA- South Asian Preferential TradeP ArrangementsPC- Personal Computer SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromePCI -Press Council of India SC- Supreme Court / Security Council/schedulePCS -Provisional Civil Services castPh.D -Doctor of Philosophy SCI -Shipping Council of IndiaPIN -Postal Index Number SCOPE- Standing Conference of Public EnterprisesPIO- Person of Indian Origin SCRA -Special Class Railway ApprenticePLO -Palestine Liberation Organization SDR -Special Drawing RightsPM -Prime Minister SEBI- Security Exchange Board of IndiaPOTA -Prevention of Terrorism Act SGPC -Siromani Gurudwara Prabandhak CommitteePOTO -Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance SHAR -Shri Haikota RangePPSC -Punjab Public Service Commission SIDBI- Small Industries Development Bank of IndiaPR -Public Relations SIS -Secret Intelligence ServicePRO -Public Relations Officer SITA -Suppression of Immortal Traffic in WomenPSC -Parliamentary Select Committee and Girls ActPSDN -Packet Switched Data SLV -Satellite Launch VehiclePTO -Please Turn Over SPCA -Society for Prevention of Cruelty of AnimalsPVC -Param Vir Chakra / Poly Vinyl Chloride SPIC -MACAY Society for the Promotion of IndianPVSM -Param Vishisht Seva Medal Classical Music and CulturePWD -Public Works Department STARS -Satellite Tracking and Ranging StationPWG- Peoples War Group STD -Subscribers Trunk Dialing STPI- Software Technology Parks of IndiaR SWAPO -South West African Peoples OrganizationRADAR- Radio Angle Direction and RangeRAW -Research and Analysis WingR&D -Research and Development TRBI -Reserve Bank of India TA- Traveling AllowancesRCC -Reinforced Cement Concrete TC- Transfer Certificate/ Ticket CheckerRDX -Research Developed Explosive TELCO- Tata Engineering and LocomotiveRIMC -Rashtriya Indian Military College CompanyRMS- Railway Mail Service TELEX- Teleprinter ExchangeRLEGP- Rural Landless Employment Guarantee TISCO- Tata Iron and Steel Company LimitedProgram TNT -Tri-nitro-tolueneRNA -Ribonucleic Acid TOFEL- Test of English as a Foreign LanguageRPM- Revolutions Per Minute TRAI -Telecom Regulatory Authority of IndiaRSS- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh TRIPS- Trade Related Intellectual Property RightsRTO -Regional Transport Officer TTE -Traveling Ticket Examiner TTFI -Table Tennis Federation of India TWA -Trans World Airlines
  6. 6. WWF -World Wild Life for Nature WWW -World Wide WebUUDC -Upper Division ClerkUFO -Unidentified Flying ObjectUGC -University Grant CommissionUHT- Ultra High TemperatureUK -United KingdomULFA -United Liberation Front of Assam YUNCTAD -United Nations Conference on Trade andDevelopment YMCA -Young Mens Christians AssociationUNDP- United Nations Development Program YWCA -Young Womens Christians AssociationUNEF -United Nations Emergency ForceUNEP- United Nations Environment Program ZUNESCO- United Nations Economic Social andCultural Organization ZBB -Zero Based BudgetingUNFPA -United Nations for Population Activities ZPG- Zero Population GrowthUNHCR -United Nations High Commission for ZS -Zoological SocietyRefugees ZSI -Zoological Survey of IndiaUNI -United News of IndiaUNICEF -United Nations International ChildrensEmergency FundUNO -United Nations OrganizationUPS- Uninterrupted Power Supply byUPSC- Union Public Service CommissionUSA- United States of America SUNIL PARMARUSP -Unique Selling PropositionUSSR -Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicUTI- Unit Trust of India (B.E. & MBA)VVAT- Value Added TaxVDIS -Voluntary Disclosure of Income SchemeVC -Vice-ChancellorVIP -Very Important PersonVPP -Value Payable PostVRS -Voluntary Retirement SchemeVSNL- Videsh Sanchar Nigam LimitedVSSC -Vikram Sarabai Space CenterWWEF- World Economic ForumWHO -World Health OrganizationWILL- Wireless in Local LoopWMO -World Meteorological OrganizationWPI -Wholesale Price IndexWTC- World Trade CenterWTO -World Trade Organization