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  • As with evolution, the development of language is an irresistible force - though traditionalists invariably attempt to build barriers against change. The useful word 'hopefully' (long available to Germans as hoffentlich , and meaning 'it is to be hoped that') has in recent years been steamrollered into the English language by the public against howls of protest from the purists.
  • Gods dictionary sunilpalaskar ppt No 4

    1. 1. Gods DictionaryIV Sunil PalaskarA Complete Analysis of World’s Languagesतुझ ा दे व त्व-योद्यामध्ये परिरिवतर नाचा सीधासाधा रिाजमागरLearn Gods Own Language and Grammar, Book OnSale www.amazon.com,pothi.com,lulu.com, kdpamazon.com.Copyright © 2012 Author Name Sunil Maruti Palaskar.All rights reserved.ISBN:1477554025 ISBN-13:9781477554029
    2. 2. Linguistic Evolution The ongoing struggle between languages is a process very similar to evolution. English is more than just a combination of Germanic and Romantic roots. What other words which have infiltrated our language?
    3. 3. The Evolution of Grammar Added Words: – Blog – Bling Bling IM Speak Changed Meanings – Starve Words have been left out of the dictionary – Thee – Thou
    4. 4. What is the need of God’s phonetic/ curvatic languagepurpose of writing down the book? Therefore, after learning the Gods own language the human being will correct them and come on Godly divine path. So that the God shall not punish the human. So there shall not be communication gap between the God and human beings created by wrong dictionaries in all languages across the globe. So far due to the communication gap created by danavic dictionaries the danavs most benefited to become rich and powerful by hiding the exact meaning of any word in any languages.
    5. 5. Purpose of GodsDictionary Therefore, by referring danavs dictionaries the Danavs have so far succeeded in distracting the confused human being from their own God. The another purpose of writing down this book is to establish a link among scattered Maratha warriors across the globe. So finally the God, Gods, goddesses, human, living kingdom world shall be benefited . The maratha dev and Devi shall take over the reign of this world from the danavs hand. Ultimately, the earth saved from the clutches of danavs. And their wrong full greedy acts.
    6. 6. Warning to Humanbeing to read The GODSDICTIONARY. O! Human beings, read carefully the GODSDICTIONARY. Get the exact meaning of any word in any language. Know what the God means to say to you, act accordingly, and work accordingly. For God’s sake, you please be knowledgeable. Thereby, the danav shall not take advantage of your godly-illiteracy & non- marathic- illiteracy. Therefore, you should not waste your time by knowing not knowing the exact meaning of any word. Therefore the eBook of this GODSDICTIONARY is purposefully kept at minimal possible price
    7. 7. What is the World language tree? Please refer the World languages tree given in the front cover of this book. Thereby you will notice that the entire world’s languages shown in different fonts with different colored background. Those various danavic languages have immerged from the original Maratha language. Due to human greediness, the various languages came into existence. Due various types of greediness attached to the various types of communities’ across the world. except the Marathi language shown in white colored font against black background is dev language but the Marathi shown with the colored background is danavic metropolitan punery Marathi
    8. 8. What are the characteristics of Maratha language? Maratha language uses all languages’ script including Devnagri, Roman, Arabic and Japanese but predominantly it uses Roman Script to write down. The word in any spoken language, first you have to spell it and write-down in Roman Script, but do not pronounce it as per the English taught in English Medium school, but pronounce in different way just like the rural Marathi language and there starts the miracle, the English word start speaking the rural Maratha language. That time one stage you reach if you speak in English language the rural un-educated Maratha person can understand it.
    9. 9. SIGNS & SYMBOLS OF MARATHA GODS’ AND goddesses’LANGUAGE Added Words: – Blog – Bling Bling IM Speak Changed Meanings – Starve Words have been left out of the dictionary – Thee – Thou
    10. 10. END