The first book of the world that teaches you the Gods phonetic language "Gods dictionary" Author SunilPalaskar
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The first book of the world that teaches you the Gods phonetic language "Gods dictionary" Author SunilPalaskar



My book "GodsDictionary"published on,, ...

My book "GodsDictionary"published on,,
Xod Xods çoXs ImcVs Hmnc Vo hmoU§
(Dev-devi-edi-khalti-kaapal-t-hon=In the memory of those Honest Gods and goddesses sacrificed under the culling blade by the Danavs)
The book is completed with the help of Maratha-warrior-Martyrs-Gods & goddesses, with the due respect to them; the book is hereby handed over to my own beloved Maratha Martyrs-Gods & godesses. (Marathas=mar-mar- t- marat- raht- t- itihas=
(Only the Marathas suffers in this world, Only Marathas die against Danavs. This is Only the history of Marathas! that was the history of the world!!)
(warit-War-n-war- t-warat-raht-t- itihas=)
(Only Marathas do the war against greedy danavs. Only Marathas repeatedly die in the war against greedy danavs).
(Martyrs=maral-t-marathi-yaar-samarat-shimrat-t-thay- rah-as=)
(in the war)
-V-{e_amV (ñ_aUmV)-{eamV-V-Rç(Rod)-ah-Ag(Vy Ag dmJ)=
(Died those Marathi friends in the war against the greedy demons, their memory you permanently emboss in your mind, and accordingly you behave.)
That is the history of Marathas! Bravery of Marathas was the history of the world!!
+++Sunil Maruti Palaskar +++



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    The meanings are different for two communities at the same time and both meanings are true to those respective communities at the same time
    For maratha-dev-warriors-community, the meaning of stanza is “violence is the real religion”
    But for non-Marathas-non-warrior-communities the meaning of the stanza is exactly opposite that is “non-violence is the real religion”
    Note1- Therefore for the concluding we can say that there are two methods of extracting the meaning from the compressed Sanskrit-format. i)the dev-nagri or Prakrut-method of decompression and the script is written from left to right other is (The language spoken and acceptable by most human kingdom)ii)the Urdu method of decompression, that is why urdu script is written from right to left(The language spoken and acceptable by the past or dead ghost, godly-hood-attained, saint-hood-attained dead-people-kingdom)
    Note2- There are still two more methods of decompressing the compressed-Sanskrit in addition to the above mentioned two methods which shall be discussed in the coming editions of this book iii) the Sino- Japanese or dragon or from up-to-down method of decompression
    (The language spoken and acceptable by animal –creature kingdom)iv)the almighty-time or kaal -bhairav or down-to-up method of decompression (The language spoken and acceptable by plants-animal-human-living-kingdom various activities such as age- time-clock-mathematics-algebra-growth-etc)
    Note 3-Why the above four method of extracting the meaning of Sanskrit is necessary that I am telling to you.
    When dev-god-maratha-warrior starts his ultimate final death journey to kill the specific danav for the well-being of the human race or to save the earth from danav created activities, that time the supreme god gives four above-mentioned orders addressed to four entities i) to the particular dev-maratha-warrior whom the supreme-god entrusted the danav-killing job. That how to perform and finish the killing job of particular danav by the left-to-right-dev-nagri language
    ii) The supreme-god issue order to all dead-ancestors of the said duty-entrusted-god-dev-warriors-family-gods, gods, goddesses, ghosts, the dead world to protect the god-maratha-warriors from any unforeseen calamities, accidents, black-magic etc,
    The door-keeper gods-of- the- dead- world is ordered not to accept the soul of dev-maratha-warrior in case the dev-warrior is badly-deadly injured by the danav- weapons-attack until the danav is killed by the the order is issued in urdu- right-to-left- form
    .(in the war the dev-maratha-warrior is given constant healing by the various dead world ,gods goddesses so that the dev-maratha-warrior should not die without finishing the job)
    iii) The supreme-god issue order to the dragon (the god-of-animal-kingdom) that, any animal or creature should not obstruct the maratha-dev-warrior until the danav –killing-process ends. In this case, the horse or lion or any animal on which the dev-maratha-warrior rides badly beaten by the maratha-warrior but the animal has to bear the pain, sorrow, and torture. The snake should not bite the warrior. The order issued in dragon-language format from top-to-bottom that the animals can read.
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  • The ebook/PDF edition of GodsDictionary is now available on for Rs 0/- only
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  • As with evolution, the development of language is an irresistible force - though traditionalists invariably attempt to build barriers against change. The useful word 'hopefully' (long available to Germans as hoffentlich , and meaning 'it is to be hoped that') has in recent years been steamrollered into the English language by the public against howls of protest from the purists.
  • The pidgin English flourishing in New Guinea is baffling to an outsider; originally devised as a practical business language, reduced to its simplest elements, it has evolved its own rich character.

The first book of the world that teaches you the Gods phonetic language "Gods dictionary" Author SunilPalaskar The first book of the world that teaches you the Gods phonetic language "Gods dictionary" Author SunilPalaskar Presentation Transcript

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  • English & all world’s languages,animal’s, bird’s, substance’s, musical- instrument’s languages are all Gods Phonetic & cur-vatic Marathi Language After learning the Maratha God’s & goddesses’phonetic Marathi language the blind people will get benefitted since they can listen any sound andextract meaning from the sound so no more to rely on Brail script Since God Marathi is also a cur vatic language so dumb and deaf people will also get benefitted by studying the curvature of the phonetic alphabets All the Phonetic & Cur vatic LANGUAGE TEACHING part is covered in my book ‘GODSDICTIONARY’
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  • Linguistic Evolution The ongoing struggle between languages is a process very similar to evolution. English is more than just a combination of Germanic and Romantic roots. What other words which have infiltrated our language?
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  • Whom the God love the most? The God being Maratha warrior loves only Marathi Language, God speaks in Marathi and Loves only to Marathi Manus (Marathi Manus =Marathi speaking people ,Maratha man, Marathi woman and Marathi children) for their sacrificial non-greedy nature and martyrism against world’s Danavs since lacks of years.
  • Who were Romans, Sumerians,and Mesopotian Hun Japanese samurai warriors? Only the name differs. but all of them were Maratha warriors, Marathas protects controls the famous silk route from lacks of year together and collected taxes and maintained the route in proper condition the silk route was spread across Europe, Asia, Africa ,that is why this Maratha language which I have reinvented is so rich in all fields of knowledge and commerce and technology.
  • Does all worlds’ languages originated from Sanskrit? No, Maratha language is the one and only mother of all worlds’ languages. Even Sanskrit originated from Maratha language. Maratha warrior GODS and goddesses invented by the specific reasons. When needs aroused, later on it was kept preserved by manuwadi be herds stanza or commands of Sanskrit language since there was no printing technology Available, due to the reason that Manu wadis hijacked the language and grammar was miss- spelled and miss- interpreted, thereby extracted miss-meaning by manu-vedics. Manuwadis made the Sanskrit too stringent. So making human head dull and dump.
  • Maratha language is the one and only mother of all worlds’ languages. So Maratha Gods and goddesses tried to explain the manu-vedics that the Sanskrit is not a language but it is a zipping & unzipping utility of Marathi language but Manu-vedics did not agreed this fact. So god maratha left convincing that Manu Vedics. Manu-vedics took over Sanskrit as a language. Become robust minded. Thus, the Manu-vedics became ONLY RITUALISTS. (कर्मर कर्ांड परिडत) without knowledge & lazy ं & free lunch eaters. Whereas Europeans and Japanese stuck to the Gods Maratha language and become world leaders and open minded in every field. That is the power of Gods’ Maratha language.
  • END