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Let’s cut through the hype you're probably seeing regarding Internet marketing of Naples area real estate. Sure, every agent worth her or his salt has a website. And, my website is better than most in presenting my seller listings to showcase them to their greatest potential. And, I'm really good at all of that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff because I have been involved with digital marketing for the past 15 years -- long before I was a REALTOR®. Anyway, SEO is the stuff I do on this site and my other real estate websites to get the most in search engine visitor traffic.

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  • Basically explaining the basics of pricing and value. They cannot control these factors.

    This should not need changes, unless you want to add a photo of a home that represents your market or area better. (like a ski home or beach home).
  • Should not need any changes here.

    Just explaining what a CMA is. You will prepare a CMA separate from this Listing Presentation. Talk through the entire presentation first, then consult them on a specific CMA and price strategy.
  • Great pricing theory chart. Should not need any changes here.
  • Great pricing theory chart. Should not need any changes here.
  • Great pricing theory chart. Should not need any changes here.

    This is one of the best pages to focus on to help you get the home priced right!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great chart. You can get new numbers from the National Association of Realtors each year if you want. They have be about the same for the last couple years, really high on internet use.

    Notice the colors of the pie slices. We use these again all throughout the Marketing Strategy section.
  • We learned on the pie chart page where buyers find the home they purchase. This is a statistic from NAR that over 90% use the internet in their home search. So if that’s the main place where buyers are looking, that should be the main place to advertise listings – not running expensive print ads that no longer provide much return. Because your MLS and/or brokerage probably already has many internet agreements (such as ListHub) you are already advertising your listings widely through many internet avenues.
  • We know the power of the MLS, but not everyone does.

    You should not need changes here. The MLS graphic is basic, really no need to change unless you want to. Change the “Yourcity” text in the description.
  • First thing is photos. It drives everything we do.

    You probably do professional photography. You can replace these with homes that look more like your area or market.

    Notice how the colored bars at the bottom of this page are the same as the Pie Chart we just looked at. Photos are important in marketing to all of the 5 outlets that produce buyers, so all 5 colors are shown here.
  • Your MLS or brokerage should be sending your properties to these major websites. Should not need any changes here, excpet where it says “Your City”.
  • Your MLS probably pushes out to all other competitor websites, third party websites, etc. That is a reach of hundreds or thousands of other websites.
  • Here you will replace our graphic with an image of your company website. Then you will need to adjust the text a little as well.

    To take a screen shot of your website on a Mac, the key command is: SHIFT-COMMAND(APPLE)-3.

    To take a screen shot of your website on a PC, here is a link with info on how to do that:
  • On this page you will drop in images of your personal website. If you don’t have one, you probably have a personal version of your company website. If you don’t have either, you should look into setting one up right away.
    Also adjust the text as needed.

    If your brokerage also has special agreements with other major sites like, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc., you can add more pages just for those. Again, the more you personalize based on your business model the better this presentation can be. Internet is huge, so show as much online strength as you can. You’ll just add another new slide after this page (a new CONTENT page/slide), and copy and paste this page as a starting point.
  • Your board and MLS probably has this option. These are automated emails to other agent’s buyer clients. Often called automated “Hot Sheets”.
    Probably don’t need changes here.
  • This can be a sample of video tours, or virtual tours. We use the term virtual tours here, in case you are not doing videos.
    A basic image, so probably don’t need to change this page.
  • Just like the yard sign graphic, you can edit this Open House sign. Or add an image of your open house sign.

    This is a good time to explain the difference of Realtor organized tours, or normal Open Houses.
  • Use our generic graphic, or drop in a sample of your brochures and flyers.

    If you have a PDF file of one of your brochures, you can place that PDF as a “picture” here.
  • Use our generic graphic for these postcrads, or drop in a sample of your postcards ( A pdf file will work). If you don’t send these out, you can delete this page.
  • Should not need any changes here.
    If your contract process is different, or if your area uses different names or phrases from what we use in our market, you can make changes here.
  • Should not need any changes here.
  • How i market your home - BC Team !

    1. 1. T h e B C T e a m Home Selling SystemA Multi-Media Marketing Strategy Designed to Sell Your Home © 2014 William M. Cloutier, PA - All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. By working cooperatively and collaboratively, will we be able to sell your home quickly and at the highest price. This is not about empty promises -- We show you the resources and the plan we utilize to successfully guide you through this very important process. We want you to know the WHAT, WHEN and WHY of what we do. Introduction
    3. 3. The BC Team Home Selling System • National Assoc of Realtors Certified ePRO • Naples Resident since 2008 • Extensive multi-media and digital/social media marketing experience • Attended SUNY/Empire State College • Graduate of Larson Educational Services real estate course • Publishers Clearing House Finalist (recipient on numerous occasions) BC Cloutier Licensed Realtor® Introduction A Little About Who We Are Gina Cloutier Licensed Realtor® • Extensive accounting and business administration experience • Naples Resident since 2008 • Graduate of Larson Educational Services real estate course
    4. 4. The BC Team Home Selling System RL Caron has with many years of experience as an architectural photographer. He is noted among Interior Designers and property sales professionals for producing compelling, highly detailed photographs that showcase the subject matter in the most flattering manner possible. RL Caron Architectural Photographer Diane Torrisi Professional Decorator Diane Torrisi is one of Naples first Home Stagers. Today Diane is a published and award winning residential interior designer who brings her vision and talent to The BC Team to insure that the first impression a buyer has is the best impression! Diane fully understands the importance of staging a home before it is listed and works hand in hand with The BC Team to help accomplish a quick sale! Introduction A Little About Who We Are
    5. 5. Selling Your Home in 7 Steps Step 1 - Selling Consultation Step 2 - Develop Pricing Strategy Step 3 - Develop Marketing Strategy Step 4 - Implement Customized Marketing Plan Step 5 - Understanding Your Role Step 6 - Negotiating the Purchase Contract Step 7 - Managing the Transaction Through Closing
    6. 6. The BC Team Home Selling System In Florida, there are three types of Brokerage Relationships between parties in a real estate transaction: • Seller’s Agent - An agent who represents the Seller (Single Agency.) • Buyer’s Agent - An agent who represents the Buyer (Single Agency.) • Transaction Agent - An agent who is exclusive to neither Seller nor Buyer and provides limited representation due to potential conflicts of interest. (Florida law prohibits dual agency.) When you engage The BC Team to promote the sale of your property, we work exclusively on your behalf and we are focused solely on your best interests. Working for You as Your Seller’s Agent
    7. 7. The BC Team Home Selling System Physical Characteristics: • Location • Square footage and lot size • Architectural design and floor plan • Age and amenities • Community • Condition and, of course, how others view it Market Conditions: • Current mortgage interest rates • National and regional economic conditions • Buyer demand, seasonal demand • Similar inventory scarcity • Prices of recently sold and currently listed properties The Factors That Affect Your Home’s Market Value
    8. 8. The BC Team Home Selling System Using a Comparative Market Analysis as a Guide The market will always determine the true value of real estate. Accordingly, one must examine existing market conditions to determine asking price. As a member of the Board of REALTORS® with access to the Multiple Listing Service, we have researched comparable properties. Using this valuable information, we can assist you in determining an attractive, yet realistic price for your home. A Comparative Market Analysis highlights similar homes in your area that are: Active Listings - Homes that are currently competing with yours for the attention of buyers. Under Contract - Homes that have received and accepted an offer and provide a good indication of realistic pricing. Sold - Looking at the prices paid for recently sold homes provides the best foundation in determining your home's most accurate market value
    9. 9. The BC Team Home Selling System The Excitement of a “Just Listed” Home When selling your home, time is not your friend. When a new home is listed for sale, we market it extensively to other agents and to potential buyers via various websites. Working agents and prospective buyers will see it quickly after listing. Interest will build over the first 2-6 weeks and then slowly wane. If you are not priced right, you may miss showing opportunities, or showings that do occur will not produce an offer.
    10. 10. The BC Team Home Selling System The Risks of Pricing Too High An asking price that is beyond market range can adversely affect the marketing of a property and may, in fact, cause you reduce the price below market just to sell it. Realistic pricing will generate strong activity and a good amount of buyer interest.
    11. 11. The BC Team Home Selling System The Problem with “Testing the Market” • A common mistake sellers make is pricing their home high in the beginning to “test the market.” The reasoning? “We can always lower the price if we don’t receive any offers” or “We need to build in a cushion for negotiation.” • But remember…most of the showing activity occurs when the home is first listed. • Buyers typically feel that they should pay less for a home the longer it has been on the market. At that point you have to face the real possibility of being forced to sell it for less than if you had priced it at fair market value from the start.
    12. 12. The BC Team Home Selling System
    13. 13. The BC Team Home Selling System Internet 37% Over 90% of Buyers are Searching Online The Internet age assures that today’s buyer is educated and knowledgeable before they begin the viewing process. They have a good idea of current inventory, asking price, days on market, recently sold and sold price. With the importance of online exposure, we develop a strategic marketing plan that focuses strongly on the exact locations where buyers are looking the most yet does not overlook more traditional means of marketing.
    14. 14. The BC Team Home Selling System • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an extensive on-line database that includes all southwest Florida listings from all participating brokerages. • It is the single most important tool that brokerages and agents use when searching for available properties for their clients. • The instant a property is listed on the NABOR MLS, thousands of southwest Florida agents have immediate access to all relevant data their buyers need. Your Home’s Information Listed on the MLS
    15. 15. The BC Team Home Selling System You only get one chance to make an emotional connection with a potential buyer and that’s probably going to be on the Internet. An important step in the marketing process is to have your home photographed professionally. These photos will appear online and in all printed materials. The BC Team provides custom professional photography for your listing at our expense. Online, homes with multiple photos get viewed over five times more than homes with amateur photos. Beautiful Professional Photography
    16. 16. The BC Team Home Selling System Nationally, these are continually the top 5 real estate websites. If you Google “Naples Homes for Sale” these sites come up at or near the top. Featured on the Big 5 Real Estate Websites Yahoo! Real Estate
    17. 17. The BC Team Home Selling System We cannot guarantee that third-party websites will display all listing information at all times. We strive to update and expand our network frequently. Please notify us immediately if your listing is presented incorrectly. Additionally, Your Property Will Appear on Hundreds of Realtor® and Broker Affiliate Sites
    18. 18. The BC Team Home Selling System Over 90% of buyers use the internet when searching for a new home! A strong web presence is like having a constant open house with no inconvenienc e for you. Your Home Will be Featured on the BC Team website
    19. 19. The BC Team Home Selling System is a live example. With just a simple link you can broadcast the sale of your home to friends and family around the world as well as your neighbors. Since your property’s street address is embedded in the URL, a Web search of the address by a prospect will most often produce this link. Your Home Featured on a Dedicated Website
    20. 20. The BC Team Home Selling System Many potential Buyers for your property have already teamed up with a local Realtor, and have been set up on an automated “Hot Sheet” system. When a new property that meets their search criteria becomes available, or has a price reduction, that property is automatically emailed to them. Automated Email Notifications
    21. 21. The BC Team Home Selling System We offer every one of our listings a custom online virtual tour. As both buyers and their agents use the Internet to browse possible home choices, the added benefit of a virtual tour allows the buyer to better understand the layout, finishes, views, design, etc. This captures the buyer’s attention and allows them to imagine themselves in your home. Showcasing Your Home with a Virtual Tour
    22. 22. The BC Team Home Selling System An open house is a great way to promote your property. Public Open House Tour OPEN HOUSE
    23. 23. The BC Team Home Selling System Custom Designed Property Brochures It takes strong marketing tools, such as our full color brochures, to entice buyers to make that important first phone call. Our custom designed color brochures provide maximum impact with an emphasis on adding “value” to the product, thereby obtaining the highest possible price for your home.
    24. 24. The BC Team Home Selling System Direct mail marketing has proven to be one of the most successful ways to create an awareness of new home for sale. We send a beautiful, custom designed “Just Listed” postcards directly to the neighborhood in which your home is located. Just Listed Postcard Mailing Campaign
    25. 25. The BC Team Home Selling System Marketing Plan Execution Listing on MLS and all other online websites Install lockbox Photography Create glossy brochure Create virtual tour Create dedicated home website Send Realtor® mass e-mail Set schedule of open houses Create “Just Listed” postcard mailing campaign Schedule showing appointments Follow up with buyers agents after each showing Provide periodic updates on showings
    26. 26. The BC Team Home Selling System • Providing the Seller's Disclosures • Following Up On Contingencies • Conflict Resolution • Coordination with Mortgage Bank • Settlement (Closing) Getting the Deal to the Finish Line The devil is in the details. We work for you right up until the deal closes
    27. 27. Lots of Agents Can Sell Your Home… The BC Team Can Sell it for MORE! The BC Team at MVP Realty Associates • 239-595-1300 • © 2014 William M. Cloutier, PA - All Rights Reserved