Energy & Self Motivation by Sunil Godinho


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Subject: Energy & Self Motivation
Author: Sunil Godinho
Created: November 2011
Executive Summary:
 QUESTION: Have you ever felt like you were capable of more than what you are currently achieving?
 The key is to develop a strong level of ENERGY & SELF-MOTIVATION.
 This data has been collaborated & programmed together after extensive online research, Reviewing Interviews, case studies including statistics & OBSERVATION.
 The purpose of this material is to share specific strategies and techniques to help you make positive changes in your life, increase your inner drive, and help you to unlock your full potential.

Presentation Contents:
 1] A Challenge – Brainstorming Activity.
 2] What is Motivation – 2.1) Motivation Defined, 2.2) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, 2.3) The Expectancy Theory of Motivation, 2.4)Maslow Theory of Motivation, 2.5) Understanding Motivation , 2.6) Why is Self-Motivation Essential
 3] Personal Goal setting
 4] How Changing Habits Can Change Your Life
 5] Self Motivation Tips To Get Started
 6] Tactics to Boost your Energy & Motivation
 7] Five Essential Self Motivation Skills
 8] Develop & Nurture Motivation to Change Your Life
 9] Motivational Psychology Techniques
 10] Self Improvement & Motivation - Sharpen the Saw
 Conclusion
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Energy & Self Motivation by Sunil Godinho

  1. 1. Created: November 2011 Author: Sunil Godinho #Energy & Self-Motivation Author: Sunil Godinho Subject: Energy & Self Motivation
  2. 2. Author: Sunil GodinhoINTRODUCTION  QUESTION: Have you ever felt like you were capable of more than what you are currently achieving?  The key is to develop a strong level of ENERGY & SELF-MOTIVATION.. This data has been collaborated & programmed together after extensive online research, Reviewing Interviews, case studies including statistics & OBSERVATION.  The purpose of this material is to share specific strategies and techniques to help you make positive changes in your life, increase your inner drive, and help you to unlock your full potential..
  3. 3. Author: Sunil Godinho Introduction 1] A Challenge – Brainstorming Activity. 2] What is Motivation – 2.1) Motivation Defined, 2.2) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, 2.3) The Expectancy Theory of Motivation, 2.4)Maslow Theory of Motivation, 2.5) Understanding Motivation , 2.6) Why is Self-Motivation Essntial 3] Personal Goal setting 4] How Changing Habits Can Change Your Life 5] Self Motivation Tips To Get Started 6] Tactics to Boost your Energy & Motivation 7] Five Essential Self Motivation Skills 8] Develop & Nurture Motivation to Change Your Life 9] Motivational Psychology Techniques 10] Self Improvement & Motivation - Sharpen the Saw Conclusion
  4. 4. Author: Sunil Godinho[1] A challenge: Write one sentence on what is Motivation.  LIST DOWN TOP THREE FACTORS THAT MOTIVATE YOU TO WORK
  5. 5. Author: Sunil Godinho[2] What Is Motivation: At the most basic level, motivation is what causes us to take action Self motivation is the inspiration behind your behavior and actions.  It is an important mechanism that will help you to reach your goal, without external influence. Self motivation improves your confidence and self-esteem, as well as gives you strength to achieve your goal.
  6. 6. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.1] Motivation DEFINED  Motivation is defined as having three basic components: energy, willpower, and purpose ENERGY WILLPOWER PURPOSE
  7. 7. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.2] intrinsic & extrinsic motivation Intrinsic Motivation V/S Extrinsic Motivation  INTRINSIC MOTIVATION means you take action  EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION is probably much more because of the internal satisfaction you get from familiar to you. It involves receiving something acting, and not from any external rewards you from external sources in return for your actions. might receive.  Theses are the things that you do in return of a  They are the things that you do primarily for the reward. enjoyment of doing them.  You are acting because of the external  You are acting because of the internal satisfaction you receive from doing an activity satisfaction you receive from doing an activity.  EXAMPLE - The most common example of this is  EXAMPLE - Most hobbies and leisure activities working a typical job. - primarily for the money, are usually based on intrinsic motivation – recognition, rewards etc networking, learning, interacting…..
  8. 8. Author: Sunil Godinho PITFALLS OF USING EXTRINSIC MOTIVATIION- As soon as the rewards are gone your motivation will evaporate. ACTION PLAN: Ask yourself, do you really want to become dependent on outside influences for your motivation to act? IDEAL APPROACH - Try to balance the external rewards with the internal satisfaction you receive from acting.
  9. 9. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.3] The Expectancy Theory of Motivation – Victor vroom VALENCE - How much you value the Example - if you highly value money, ultimate outcome that may result from then the more you get paid for taking a your action. certain action, the higher your motivation. But if money isnt as important to you, then the amount you get paid will have little impact on your motivation. INSTRUMENTALITY - Your level of Example - you may feel fairly certain certainty that performing an action will that showing up for work and doing lead to the desired outcome. your job will mean you get paid, but you may not be as certain that putting in extra effort and time will result in a big raise. EXPECTANCY - Belief that you have the Example - belief that by working ability, resources, knowledge, etc. to harder or more efficiently, that you actually perform the action and achieve would end up producing more. It is the the expected outcome belief that your attempts to take action will be successful.
  10. 10. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.3] The Expectancy Theory of Motivation – Victor vroom  So how does this relate to self motivation?  INTERESTING OBSERVATION – all three elements are based on your perceptions - your perceptions of the outcome itself, how likely you are to get the outcome, and your ability to perform the action.  Changing your perceptions about any or all of the elements can increase your level of motivation.  ACTION PLAN - Re-evaluate what you value, Victor Vroom further explore the possibility of your effort, bring a reward, or rethink your ability to act.
  11. 11. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.4] Maslow theory of Motivation ABRAHAM MASLOW 1908-1970
  12. 12. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.5] understanding Motivation  CRUCIAL ACTIVITY - Find out more about your personal motivation by uncovering the primary reasons for why you do what you do (or why you dont do what you think you should).  Developing this understanding will make finding motivation easier.  SOURCE CODE - Every action you take is tied to a deeper motivation.  MOTIVATION & BELIEFS - Your motivation to act will be high if you believe that by taking action you will result in high rewards with little pain.  TAKE CONTROL - If you want to stop a behaviour, consciously create beliefs to associate more pain with doing the behaviour and pleasure with stopping it.
  13. 13. Author: Sunil Godinho[2.6] Why is Self-Motivation Essential  A greater determination to get things done  Create a better future for yourself  Build on and augment previous successes  Realize possibilities, new and old  Learn to dream again - with the thought of achievement  Start setting yourself goals and achieving them  Get excited by the road ahead  Take ownership of your own life  Build on small successes to really achieve  Leave behind those things holding you back  Make that first step into your bright future
  14. 14. Author: Sunil Godinho[3] personal goal setting  The personal goal setting process is a way to give direction and purpose to your life.  Having a clear purpose gives you focus for your effort and strong reasons for motivation.  Until you really sit down and decide what your goals are for your life, you will drift from one thing to another, probably without accomplishing anything significant.  Firstly, discover your strengths, your fortes and also your limits; only then, set your goals.  BLUEPRINT your plan.  Your action plan must be flexible, so that it lasts long.
  15. 15. Author: Sunil Godinho[3] personal goal setting TOP LEVEL - Life goal - What is the Your life goal is what you would greatest vision of yourself? If you were accomplish if you were acting at your utilizing your full potential, acting full capacity. Think about what what fearlessly, and able to overcome any would really give your life meaning; obstacle in your way, who would you what you could and would do if you be? What things would you do? were using your full potential. SECOND LEVEL - Expressive goals - . This Look at your life as it currently is, and second category are the big, concrete think about what immediate changes goals that are how you actually express and long term changes you need to your life goal. Once you have the vision make in order to get closer to your life of who you could be, what things do goal. What career changes would you you need to do to get there? What make, what relationships do you need changes or improvements would you to make, what resources do you need need to make in order to accomplish to acquire? your life goal? THIRD LEVEL - Foundation and Goals in this tier may include things Maintenance goals - These are the like diet, exercise, socials skills, basic maintenance and improvement personal development, and basic goals. The main purpose of these types spiritual practices. These goals help you of goals are to give you the foundation to function better by giving you all the and ability to accomplish your larger basic resources to achieve your higher aspirations and dreams. goals.
  16. 16. Author: Sunil Godinho[4] how changing habits can change your life  Changing habits can have a profound impact on your overall development and help to increase your personal effectiveness.  Change a few daily habits involving your sleep, exercise, and diet. & be amazed at how these basic changes will transform your life.  Most importantly, these changes will help you to increase your overall level of self motivation and give you a renewed drive to work on your goals.  ACTION PLAN – Review your current patterns and habits, and think about what things you could change or improve.
  17. 17. Author: Sunil Godinho[5] SELF MOTIVATION TIPS TO GET STARTED  Focus on What You Want, Not What You Dont Want  Keep your attention focused on the positive outcome you are trying to reach.  TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME - There is an old proverb that speaks to this idea: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  18. 18. Author: Sunil Godinho[6] Tactics to Boost your energy & Motivation
  19. 19. Author: Sunil GodinhoMUSIC FOR MOTIVATION Whether you work alone or in a room withco-workers, a quick one-song rock out loudsession is an effective way to beat backexhaustion.
  20. 20. Author: Sunil GodinhoChange your socks forrefreshment It’s an amazing trick. Bring a change of socksto work, and change your socks midway throughthe day (say, after lunch). You’ll be amazed athow much fresher you’ll feel.
  21. 21. Author: Sunil GodinhoWork with your body’sclock. There is a natural ebb and flow of energythroughout the day. Once you understand thisnatural rhythm of energy throughout the day,you can work on the important tasks during yourpeak hours and avoid early afternoon snoozefests (meetings).
  22. 22. Author: Sunil GodinhoHave a piece of chocolate We get an endorphin buzz from chocolate(not to mention the energy boost from the slightbit of caffeine chocolate contains).
  23. 23. Author: Sunil GodinhoHave an afternoon powersnack A small healthy snack that is low in sugar andhas protein and/or fibre a couple hours afterlunch helps you finish off the day strong.
  24. 24. Author: Sunil GodinhoHit up the water coolerfor banter A little midday gossip and random banter is agreat pick-me-up for your tired mind. It worksbecause it gets your mind on zero-stressthoughts for a while. The mental break for just afew minutes will revitalize you
  25. 25. Author: Sunil GodinhoDress TO KILL Put just a tad more effort into looking your best for work, and you’ll get compliments from co-workers that will make you feel better — and make you a perkier, more energetic worker bee.
  26. 26. Author: Sunil GodinhoTake a power nap But do it in your chair. Don’t lie down on thesofa or you won’t get back up. Keep it short: 5-10 minutes max. Any longer and it will have theopposite effect of knocking you out for the restof the day.
  27. 27. Author: Sunil GodinhoWake up at the sametime everyday. Including weekends. This sets your bodyclock. The key is to go to bed at the same timeevery night.
  28. 28. Author: Sunil GodinhoDrink lots of water Dehydration is a sinister cause of fatiguebecause it slowly creeps up on you. If youconsistently drink less than 8 cups of water aday, you may be sluggish all the time.
  29. 29. Author: Sunil GodinhoUse caffeine wisely Coffee and caffeinated sodas can boost youralertness, but be careful about letting it be ahabitual crutch.
  30. 30. Author: Sunil GodinhoAvoid energy drinks Energy drinks provide a near-instanthyperactivity boost, but they always result in acrash. Energy drinks are like energy credit cards— you’re spending future energy to get short-term energy. The resulting energy deficit getsworse until you hit energy bankruptcy.
  31. 31. Author: Sunil GodinhoSplash some water onyour face Just letting the cool water hit your facewashes off the grime and stresses of the day.
  32. 32. Author: Sunil GodinhoStand up, stretch andtake deep breaths This will take 30 seconds and will be aninstant fix. When you sit back down, you’ll havethe clear head and fresh feeling needed topower through the tough/boring task in front ofyou.
  33. 33. Author: Sunil GodinhoGet your worldorganized When your world is organized, you don’thave to expend mental energy keeping track of amillion things. Organized desk = less stress =more energy
  34. 34. Author: Sunil GodinhoLook on the bright side A generally upbeat and optimistic outlook onlife will keep your energy level up.
  35. 35. Author: Sunil GodinhoTake a mini-vacation. Take one day and just do whatever you want.No work, no chores, no errands. Enjoy your onefull day of vacation, then come back to workmore motivated and energetic.
  36. 36. Author: Sunil GodinhoEXERCISEGet moving! Getting some exercise will liftyour energy levels all day.
  37. 37. Author: Sunil Godinho Healthy Flirting  It’s fun, it’s harmless (keep it innocent), and it’s effective. Nothing quite gets the heart pumping like a little flirting.V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissing a young nurse in a white dress on V-J Day in Times Square on August 14, 1945 to celebrate American victory & the end of World War 2.
  38. 38. Author: Sunil GodinhoGet a massage Loosen up those tight muscles and you’ll feelmore relaxed. A more relaxed you means ahappier and more productive you.
  39. 39. Author: Sunil GodinhoTake a walk outside Getting outside for some fresh air, a changeof scenery, and a quick walk to get your bloodgoing will do wonders for your mood andmotivation. Seeing the sun is a signal to yourbody that it’s not bedtime yet.
  40. 40. Author: Sunil GodinhoHave a laugh Laughter is great medicine for exhaustion.Make sure you laugh regularly to keep yourmood up.
  41. 41. Author: Sunil GodinhoGet a good night’s sleep If you’re getting enough sleep, it should takeyou up to 30 minutes to fall asleep. If you’refalling asleep as soon as your head hits thepillow (or while sitting at your desk), that’s asymptom of sleep deprivation
  42. 42. Author: Sunil GodinhoSocialize Turn off the Internet and go socialize withfriends. Humans are social animals, and we needregular socializing to keep ourselves in peakhealth and energy.
  43. 43. Author: Sunil GodinhoGet on your toes Roll up and down on your toes. Thisstimulates your circulatory system, which willdeliver much-needed oxygen and fuel (glucose)throughout your body. You’ll be more energizedand sharper. You can do this right now.
  44. 44. Author: Sunil GodinhoIncrease Energy byEating BetterEat low glycaemia (low or complex carb) foodsEat lots of berriesEat more soluble fibreGet your Vitamin CEat smaller, more frequent meals.Eat a satisfying breakfast but a light lunchRotate yogurt into your dietEat EggsMASTER TIP - WATER
  45. 45. Author: Sunil Godinho[7] five essential self motivation skills Actively Make Choices  The first self motivation skill to develop and strengthen is to actively make choices. It is all too easy to feel stuck in a job or life situation and to blame factors outside of ourselves for keeping us stuck. But every day we make choices, those choices create your reality.
  46. 46. Author: Sunil GodinhoTake Action Once you have made a choice on what youwant, the next step is to immediately take actionto start implementing your choice. It does nogood to decide on things unless you also takeaction to accomplish them..
  47. 47. Author: Sunil GodinhoSelf Discipline Self discipline is the ability to get yourself totake action, even when you may not have astrong desire to do so immediately.
  48. 48. Author: Sunil GodinhoCreate Deadlines Rather than wait for a last minute deadline,you can create a sense of immediacy by holdingyourself to an artificial deadline, one that maybe much earlier than is really required. Holdingyourself to a deadline you have created can helpincrease your motivation to get things done.
  49. 49. Author: Sunil GodinhoMaintain a PositiveAttitude The last of the self motivation skills is learningto maintain a positive attitude in spite ofobstacles and failures. This can be one of yourgreatest assets to keep your self motivationhigh.
  50. 50. Author: Sunil Godinho[8] Develop & Nurture Motivation to Change Your Life Take Responsibility For Your Situation  PROACTIVE v/s REACTIVE - Once you realize you are largely responsible for the issues in your life, you then have the power to take control and make changes for the better..
  51. 51. Author: Sunil GodinhoFind the Patterns If you find the same problems coming up inyour life, there is probably some internal issuethat you need to recognize and resolve beforeyour external world will change. Until you changed my inner patterns, itdoesnt matter what environment you are in,you would start encountering the same type ofproblems .
  52. 52. Author: Sunil GodinhoDecide to Change Its not enough to just want a currentproblem to go away, you need to clearly decideto deal with the root cause. Recognizing thepatterns and resolving to change will give you asignificant boost in your motivation and helpyou to change..
  53. 53. Author: Sunil GodinhoVisualize your Outcome Take the time to see in clear detail what itwould be like to resolve the cause of your issue,how it would improve your life, make thingseasier, better, etc.To develop motivation to make a change youneed to have a strong alternative to replace yourcurrent situation.The comparison between where you are andwhere you could be creates an incentive for youto make changes.
  54. 54. Author: Sunil GodinhoImplement changes Start taking action to replace your currentpattern of thought and behaviour with thoughtsand actions that align with your preferredoutcome.Use your ideal outcome to make an actionplan to start moving from where you are towhere you want to be.Seeing positive results from your efforts willserve to reinforce your new patterns and keepyour motivation high.
  55. 55. Author: Sunil Godinho[9] Motivational Psychology Techniques Dream: Without having a dream, you cannot achieve anything. You must have observed how obsessed great men are with their dreams.
  56. 56. Author: Sunil GodinhoLearn to Live in theMoment Live in the moment and channel your energyin the right direction. Do not worry about futureoutcome of results.
  57. 57. Author: Sunil GodinhoCreate mini rewardsReward yourself, even if you make any singleaccomplishment.
  58. 58. Author: Sunil Godinho
  59. 59. Author: Sunil GodinhoMake a commitment tosomeoneGet a wingman who would be a source ofconstant motivation, feedback & support.
  60. 60. Author: Sunil Godinho[10] Self Improvement & Motivation - Sharpen the Saw One great idea for increasing self motivation is the "sharpen the saw" philosophy put forth by Stephen Covey in his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People“.