Unit 3c student - info and advice


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Unit 3c student - info and advice

  1. 1. Service Standard – Information and adviceFocus Benchmark Criteria Criteria Comments Met (Y/N)display  Was the reception Y The reception was clean, tidy and was nicely set out; it was appealing to the displayed well? customers too.  Were the photographs, frames and Bourneville Y The photographs and frames were clean, and the Bourneville town model was model displayed well? nicely set up and you could see the items clearly and they were labelled.Leaflets  Is the leaflets eye Y Yes, the leaflets were eye catching as they had bright, colourful and glossy catching? images and text; the leaflets had a threefold design which was unique.  Did the leaflets contain y The leaflets had all of the details that would be required, such as Cadbury Cadbury world’s details? world’s address and phone number; it also had a map of how to get to such as address and Cadbury world by different forms of transports. The leaflets also contained the phone number different phone numbers for different departments.Staff  Did the staff give me Y/N For most of my questions the staff dealt with or answered me straight away, information when I but for others they had to ask others or research the questions. needed it? Jodie, the presenter who was doing the education talk went through  Did the staff present the everything like the customer services and marketing etc. she gave all the education talk well? y additional information which was useful. Her presentation was well and she was very enthusiastic.Menu’s  Did the restaurant y/n The restaurant had a separate section on the menu that was for vegetarians, menus have options or but Cadbury world didn’t cater for customers that wanted halal food. foods labelled that were suitable for vegetarians or were halal?
  2. 2.  Would the prices on the No, the reason being is that the food prices are quite expensive because there menu be suitable for a n are no other restaurants nearby, therefore they use a pricing strategy called large group such as 10 premium pricing which is a bit more expensive than other restaurants and people in a group? cafés.Optional:Website  Did the website have Y The website consisted of the relevant information needed such as opening enough information times, special events, discounts, map etc. Overall on the website you can get all provided the information on one space.  Was there a section for y There’s a separate section for contact details under the ‘contact us’ section, contact details? which has their address, phone number, and map etc. Under the ‘Cadbury world’ section of the website they have a list on the left hand side which has links to bookings, events.Phone  Did the staff give Y Yes, whenever a customer phones or makes enquiries for anything then the enough information staffs gives full details and give them the information needed. when a customer booked for a group booking? y Yes, staff deals with complaints properly as they take down factual information, and apologise to the customers.  Do the staff deal with complaints well?Service Standard – Specialist needsFocus Benchmark Criteria Criteria Comments Met (Y/N)Visually  Can guide dogs come y Yes dogs can come in but when the customer wants to go to the factory sideimpaired inside Cadbury world? of Cadbury world then the dog cannot come in therefore a member of staff comes and guides the customer and the dog is kept aside.
  3. 3. disabled  Does Cadbury world Y Yes Cadbury world have a few parking spaces for the disabled people. have disabled parking?  Does Cadbury world have disabled toilets? y Cadbury world do have disabled toilets in the ladies and gents toilet.Non English  Do Cadbury world have N/Y They don’t have interpreters who can guide them around but they Cadburyspeakers staff that are able to world do have headphones that are given to the customers, they then can interpret information select their preferred language and the voice will give the customers about Cadbury world? information about Cadbury world and the different sections. y  Are there any members Yes there are a few staff who can speak a few different languages such as of staff who speak a French, Japanese etc. foreign language?Different  Does Cadbury world N No, Cadbury world do not do anything special for people of different cultures.cultures hold events for people of different cultures?Optional:Business  Can other businesses N Cadbury world do not offer that service unlike others.person hire Cadbury world for a few hours or a day?  Does Cadbury world do N No, Cadbury do not do anything special for business people. anything in particular for business people?Families with  Was there a kids menu Y Yes there was a kids menu which contained a small variety, but as long as theybabies available? catered for families’ with young children.  Does Cadbury world y Cadbury world has arrangements for children’s seating as they have a few arrange for children’s highchairs for babies and young children. seating in the
  4. 4. restaurant?Service Standard – AppearanceFocus Benchmark Criteria Criteria Comments Met (Y/N)Staff hygiene  Did any of the staff N No, from what I could tell the staff cared about hygiene and other things smell unpleasant? around them too. A lot of the employee’s sanitised their hands or kept them away from  Did the staff in the unhygienic places, except for one lady, who had scratched her face slightly and factory department y/n touched the chocolate samples afterwards without washing cleaning her sanitise their hands hands. regularly?Doors  Were the doors rusty, or y/n Most of the doors were in perfect condition, but some like the doors in the damaged in any way? ladies toilets, had a few dents, and some of the doors had broken locks or no locks at all, but the main doors from where you come and go from were good  Were there any fire exit y as new. doors and did they have Yes there were fire exit doors at the front, back and a few other places around signs on them? the site. and the doors had signs were on the door to say fire exitFascia  Were the displays Y Yes the displays around Cadbury world were eye catching and attractive. colourful? Yes and no because some of the displays or posters were just pictures of  were the boards and Cadbury world and some animated chocolate which was attractive but they displays relevant to could of had something else like a few fun facts about chocolate. Cadbury world and the y/n customers
  5. 5. Staff dress  Are the female Y/N Majority of the ladies were dressed appropriately apart from a few, as this onecode employee’s dressed lady had a pair of multi coloured, long party like earrings which were not correctly? ( no long, appropriate for work. party jewellery) Yes, they do male and female staff, except the few mentioned above, but other than that they were dressed appropriately.  Do the employee’s look Y presentable and suitable for work?Optional:Windows  Were the windows, y/n Some of the windows had small cracks, and some of the paint around the cracked, broken or window was chipped but you would have to go close to the window to see it. damaged? Other than that most of the other windows were fine. y Yes all the windows were clean (except the ones mentioned above)  Were the windows clean?Lighting  Was it dull around the N No, the reception was appropriately lit, not too bright nor too dim. reception?  Was the theatre are y Yes the theatre area was dim for the customers to achieve a cinema dimly lit and not to experience. bright?Service standard – CommunicationFocus Benchmark Criteria Criteria Comments Met (Y/N)Spoken  Did the staff speak Y Yes the staff talked appropriately to all customers except their friends andlanguage formally to the other members of staff they talked in a joking and enthusiastic manner. customers? n No the employees didn’t need to speak any other language to the customers  Did any members of staff as there weren’t any foreigners at the time.
  6. 6. speak a different language to any of their customers?Body language  When on the phone do Y Yes, whenever a customer phoned in either to complain or ask for general the receptionists use enquiries then the receptionist’s would have good body language as they good body language weren’t slouching, or their facial expressions didn’t have an ‘I’m not bothered’ (even though the attitude. customer can’t see them)? y Yes, whenever a customer approached a member of staff then their body  When an employee was language was positive even when the customer was upset or angry and the talking to a customer employees didn’t get angry or impatient but dealt with the issue or gave the face to face was their customers their answers. attitude and body language good?Greeting  Were the customers y/n Yes and no, most of the customers were greeted but at times they weren’t greeted when they came because the employees were busy which was understandable. in Cadbury world? As Cadbury world dont really do anything particular for business people they  Were inspectors and n dont greet them any differently because those customers know that theres other V.I.Ps greeted wit nothing of their type at Cadbury world. anything special?Personality  Were the receptionists Y Yes, the receptionists attitude and personality was good, they were friendly, personality and attitude kind and ready to help. acceptable? y Yes mostly all of the restaurant staff had a good attitude, except one young woman who was acting a bit stubborn because she didn’t wan to take  Did the restaurant staff responsibilities behind the till. have a good behaviour?Optional:
  7. 7. Eye contact  Do the employees keep Y All the members of staff kept eye contact to their customers when talking or eye contact when dealing with any situation speaking to their customers? n No the staff didnt stare at customers or special needs customers, they treated them like normal.  Did the employee’s stare at customers?Listening  Were the members of Y Yes, whenever the customer had to make or ask enquiries or complaints about staff listening attentively Cadbury world, then the staff used to listen carefully and with full attention. when a customer spoke? y Yes, all of the staff who was delivered messages via radio, annoy, phone etc,  Were members of staff responded to their colleagues immediately and dealt with the issue. listening to their radios or messages through the tannoy and responding?Service Standard – Health, Safety and HygieneFocus Benchmark Criteria Criteria Comments Met (Y/N)First aid  Did Cadbury world have Y They had a fairly spacious first aid room with some technical equipment, a bed, a first aid room? lamps, thermometers, disinfectant and a few other products. The room was used more for serious injuries which haven’t happened so far as a fully trained  Did Cadbury world have y nurse told me. first aid kits in dangerous or normal areas located Yes Cadbury world had a few first aid kits in and around Cadbury world like for in and around Cadbury example there was one by the cadabra ride department, and one by the world? reception.
  8. 8. FireprecautionsNotices Floors  Were the floors clean or Y Yes the floors were cleaned regularly and were clean at the time of my cleaned regularly? presence.  When the floor was wet y As it is very dangerous and causes easy, quick fractures or fatal injuries it is was there a ‘wet floor’ important that staff have a wet floor sign present whenever the floor is wet, as sign present? someone can sue Cadbury world for such simple mistakes.Optional:Food  Was the temperature of Y Yes, at most occasions it was, for example a customer had ordered soup which Istandards the food customers had could tell was more than warm and the steam was rising from the bowl, ordered acceptable? because if it was cold the customer would complain and not enjoy their food. y/n Most of the cutlery and utensils used by the cook’s were clean for example the  Was the cutlery that the chopping board used for the vegetables were clean, the pots and pans were chefs used clean? clean, but the floor had some food stains and the sinks were a bit untidy and y/n had dish overloads.  Was there a separate Most of the spoons and other cutlery was used for the same dish as the dish chopping board, knife, was same or it wasn’t for vegetarians etc. But the chopping boards were used and spoon etc for each for different things like there was a chicken or meat chopping board and a dish? vegetable one too.Litter.  Was there litter lying N No there wasn’t any litter lying around as there were cleaners walking around in around Cadbury world? uniforms and a carrying a bin liner, regularly picking litter up (if there was any)  Were there items that y/n Some items like stationery pieces had fallen of the shelves but the workers were
  9. 9. had fallen of shelves picking it up so it doesn’t cause any harm, but other than that everythingfrom the Cadbury shop? around the shop was neat and tidy and in place.