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solar water heating system,accessories and so on

solar water heating system,accessories and so on



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Catalog -sunhome Document Transcript

  • 1. Ⅰ.Company ProfileJiangsu Sunhome New Energy Co.,Ltd is one of the top professional manufactures inChina since 1998. We engage in research,development and application of solar energyproducts. We are also an excellent exporter and have established long termrelationships with many overseas customers. Sunhome products could perform under allweather conditions. Therefore, our products are sold to more than 76 countries andregions such as Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia, and so on.Our products are produced under advanced equipments with top raw materials. Full-timestrict quality control covers all steps of the production process and make sure no finishedgoods with manufacturing fault.We provide timely after-sale service and solar waterheater technology consultant. Sunhome closely follows the steps of the developedcounties to research more high-tech solar products to meet the Environment-Friendly andenergy-saving.Sunhome solar product has been produced according to European EN 12975 standards.And we have already been awarded ISO9001,ISO14001, CCC and CE certifications.We are experienced in offering OEM service to different customers from many countries.We able to produce any Solar Water Heater according to your detailed specifications.All enquiries are welcome. 1
  • 2. Ⅱ.Solar Collector1.Heat Pipe Solar Collector●Used in split solar heating system for water heating, Solar collectors withdifferent quantity of vacuum tube can be assembled with a water tank ofdifferent capacity.●Perfectly designed, suitable for any architectural style, and harmoniouslyintegrated with owner’s building.●Collector can be installed in a single house as well as a commercialbuilding with a centralized hot water system!●The collector’s integrated and modularized design is optimized for bothinstallation and operation.●Economical, affordable, energy saving, environmentally friendly!●Models available:SHHPC58 and SHHPC47 series with required no of tubesCharacteristics:1. Easy installation Quick start2. Connected to tap water, working under pressure3. Average daily heat efficiency> 60%4. Vacuum tube separated from water, high thermal stability, no tube blast5. No water running in the vacuum tube, this eliminates the low heat transfer efficiency ofwater6. Collectors can be connected either in series or in in parallel to increase utilization andflexibility of the installation.7. Single broken vacuum tubes do not affect the operation of the remaining system.8. water jackets protect the rubber rings and dust-proof rings from aging and falling off9. The high-tech treated vacuum tube and super heat pipe release the pressure onproper time10. Waterless vacuum tubes also solve any issues related to calcification of the tubes andthe associated reduction in efficiency. 2
  • 3. ◆ Technology:Model Type SHHPCManifold casing material Aluminum painted un-oxygen layerFrame material (Aluminum or Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel) and painted LayerHeader pipe material CopperHeat pipe material CopperInsulation Polyurethane 55mmRubber seals and rings UV stabilized high temperature silicon rubberTest pressure 9 barCollector mounting Plane roof/slope roofAngle of operation 10℃-80℃Inlet Outlet Φ22 or 3/4 inch male 3
  • 4. ◆ Specifications: Ligthing Heat pipe Supply hot 20/40" GWMODEL (m2) water(L/ ℃ ) container KG diameter length No. SHHPC47/12 1.26 12 70/60 133/276 28 SHHPC 47/18 1.80 18 110/60 120/249 42 Φ47mm 1500mm SHHPC 47/20 2.10 20 125/60 110/227 46 SHHPC 47/30 3.15 30 180/60 76/158 69 SHHPC 58/12 1.73 12 110/60 118/244 40 SHHPC 58/18 2.57 18 150/60 84/175 60 Φ58mm 1800mm SHHPC 58/20 2.88 20 175/60 77/160 64 SHHPC 58/30 4.32 30 260/60 52/106 98 4
  • 5. 2.U Pipe collectorThe liquid (usually a glycol-water antifreeze mixture) ) in the U pipe heats up, andconducts the heat energy to the water inside the storage tank through plate exchanger orinternal spiral coils. 5
  • 6. Feature: 1.Can operate with water pressure up to 6 bar; 2.Can be combined with existing energy source 3.Storage do not need be installed above the collector◆ Specifications:Model SHUPC58/12 SHUPC58/15 SHUPC58/18 SHUPC58/20Type of Class Tube ø 58 x 1800mmNumber of Tube 12 15 18 20U Pipe copperHeader tuber copperInsulation Polyurethane or Rock woolFluid Type pure water or 50/50 propylene glycol and water mixtureTested Pressure 10Bar 10Bar 10Bar 10BarSystem Pressure 6Bar 6Bar 6Bar 6BarCut Lenth of ≥50% ≥50% ≥50% ≥50%efficiencyLigthing Area(m²) 1.71 2.14 2.57 2.86Absorb Area(m²) 0.99 1.24 1.48 2.03Packing Demension 2050X1160X110 2050X1326X130 2050X1556X130 2050X1726X1303.Flat Plate Solar CollectorSpecial Anodized aluminum alloy frame to ensure handsome appearance and can accepthigh pressure without leakageOperation Temperature -33℃~120℃Patterned temper glass or low iron temper glass (4mm thickness) is not easy broken withvery high transmission and low emission Black chrome or Magnetic blue sputteringcoating has very higher absorption rate to ensure the high efficiency. 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. SHFPC-2.02 DESCRIPTION (solarkeymark certificated) )Size(mm)out line 2000 x 1010x 95mmCopper riser tubes Ø10mm x0.5mm 8pcsCopper header Ø22 x 0.6mm 2 pcsCopper Absorber Fin 125mm wide, 0.15mm thickSurface coating Black chromeInsulation material 50mm Glasswool, 24KFrame Aluminum alloy in 1.3mm thickFrame color bronzed, white color, blackGlass 3.2mm tempered & patterned glass with transmission 92% (anti-reflection)Sealing profile EPDMBacking sheet aluminium material 0.5mm M Collectors (Model:SHFPC-2.0M)AbsorberType Flat plate tubeAbsorber fin material CopperAbsorber fin dimensions 1,970mm×970mmSputtered surface Black chromium,having selective surface decalescenceFeature Absorptivity & Emittance are according to BC091Absorptivity α=0.93(±0.05)Emittance ε=0.12(±0.02)Tube ArrayRiser to heat layer joint Supersonic melting solderHeader to riser joint Copper Silver solderHeader material Type C-copper tube, to AS 1432-1973Header size Φ 25mm OD, 0.71 mm wall thicknessRiser material Type C-copper tube, to AS 1432-1973Riser size Φ 12 mm OD, 0.40 mm wall thicknessNumber of risers 7 8
  • 9. Collector socket material Free machining brassCollector socket thread size 20mm(3/4” BSP)Maximum torque 0.03 kN-mConnection pip size 19.1mm OD ( 3/4”)Weights & MeasuresWeight empty 38kgWeight full 40kgStructural pressure test 800kPaBT Collectors (Model:SHFPC-2.0BT)AbsorberType Flat plate and tubeAbsorber fin material CopperAbsorber fin dimensions 1,970mm×970mmSputtered surface TINOX® high selectivity coating,Made in GermanyFeature Absorptivity&Emittance are according to BC091Absorptivity α=0.95(±0.05)Emittance ε=0.04(±0.02)Tube ArrayRiser to heat layer joint Supersonic melting solderHeader to riser joint Copper Silver solderHeader material Type C-copper tube, to AS 1432-1973Header size Φ 25mm OD, 0.71 mm wall thicknessRiser material Type C-copper tube, to AS 1432-1973Riser size Φ 12mm OD, 0.40mm wall thicknessNumber of risers 7Collector socket material Free machining brassCollector socket thread size 20mm(3/4“BSP)Maximum torque 0.03 Kn-mConnection pipe size 19.1mm OD ( 3/4“)Weights & MeasuresWeight empty 38kgWeight full 40kgStructural pressure test 800kPa 9
  • 10. 4.All Glass Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorFeatures:Reliable,efficient,Twin-Glass Vacuum tubeEasy plug-in installation and Features:An economical solutionCould be either vertically or horizontally positionedEspecially suit large commercial or industrial applications, such as farm, restaurant, hotel,factory,etc.frame : Imported color steel and aluminum-zinc plated steel, coated with hi-tech corrosion-resistant layerMODEL Absorbing vacuum tube Area (m2) diameter length tubeSHGTC47/60 6.00 Φ 47mm 1500mm 60SHGTC58/50 7.14 Φ 58mm 1800mm 50 10
  • 11. Ⅲ.Solar Water Heater1.Direct Thermosiphon solar system1).Features●Inner tank: Food Grade Stainless Steel(SUS304/2B) by argon protect welding;●Outer shell: Galvanized Steel coated anti-corrosion layer or stainless steel●Insulation layer: 50-60mm import polyurethane integral foaming●Frame: Galvanized Steel coated with anti-corrosion layer, both installed on inclinedand flat roof.● Vacuum tube:47*1500mm and 58*1800mm with AL/N/AL selective surface orCu-Ss-Al●High Pressure Cold Water In:6 bar cold water to tank from Feeder or Electric Auto Valve. 11
  • 12. ●Automatic Heating Element free●1% spare parts are free●5 years quality warranty●All installation document are free Lighting vacuum tube Cubage GW Qty.per20/40 MODEL (m 2 ) diameter length No. (L) (kg) Container SHDTS47/18 1.89 Φ 47mm 1500mm 18 100 62 60/116 SHDTS47/20 2.10 Φ 47mm 1500mm 20 111 68 56/108 SHDTS47/24 2.52 Φ 47mm 1500mm 24 133 76 47/91 SHDTS47/30 3.15 Φ 47mm 1500mm 30 166 86 34/65 Lighting vacuum tube Cubage GW Qty.per20/40 MODEL 2 (m ) diameter length No. (L) (kg) Container SHDTS58/18 2.59 Φ 58mm 1800mm 18 150 84 41/79 SHDTS58/20 2.88 Φ 58mm 1800mm 20 165 90 37/71 SHDTS58/24 3.46 Φ 58mm 1800mm 24 200 110 32/61 SHDTS58/30 4.32 Φ 58mm 1800mm 30 250 130 25/48Quality Control >>> 12
  • 13. 2.Indirect Thermosiphon systemsThermosiphon solar collectors provides mains pressure pre-heating via a highefficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the solar collector tank.The way in which the Mains Pressure solar collector heats water is the sameas the Non pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tankdirectly, as the Non pressure does, the type uses a 45 ~ 60m copper coil 13
  • 14. SpecificationCopper Coil Heat Exchanger SpecificationsHE Material 14mm×1.0mm copper pipeHE Surface Area 2.5m² for 30 tube water heaterHE Testing Pressure 9 barHE net weight 22kg for 30 tube water heater MODEL Lighting vacuum tube Qty.per20/40 Container 2 (m ) diameter length tube SHITS58/20 2.88 Φ 58mm 1800mm 20 32/65 SHITS58/24 3.46 Φ 58mm 1800mm 24 30/62 SHITS58/30 4.32 Φ 58mm 1800mm 30 24/503.High Pressure Compact Solar Water HeaterSolar collector evacuated tubes collect and convert sunshine energy intothermal energy, which is transferred to the central heat pipes in the tubesthrough the aluminum fins bridging the tube inner surfaces and the heat pipes.The copper heat pipes have tiny amount of purified water sealed in them atdepressurized condition. When heated, the water inside the heat pipesvaporizes at low temperature (about 30˚ C). The vapor (steam) rises to thepipe tips inserted into the water contained in the tank. Vapor is cooled down 14
  • 15. and becomes condensate falling to the bottom of the pipes. By continuouslycirculating this way, heat is carried from outside to the water inside the tank.● Heat Pipe Plus Vacuum Tube structure, no any water in tube, if one tube broken, noleakage● High pressure storage tank(Testing pressure=9 bar)● Highly efficient heat pipe technology● No sealing rubber is needed and hence no leaking problem● Easy plug-in installation● Anti-freeze 15
  • 16. Inner Tank 304 Stainless steel Outer Shell of Tank Galvanized steel Sheet, Surface plastic painting Supporting Frame Galvanized steel Sheet, Surface plastic painting Insulating Layer Foaming polyurethane, Thickness:55mm Working Pressure Normal working pressure: 6bar Test pressure: 9bar Electric Booster 1500W Absorb Tank Heat pipe Qty.per20/40MODEL Area capacity Container (m2) diameter length No. (L)SHPTS58/18 2.59 Φ 58mm 1800mm 18 150 41/79SHPTS58/20 2.88 Φ 58mm 1800mm 20 165 32/65SHPTS58/24 3.46 Φ 58mm 1800mm 24 200 30/62SHPTS58/30 4.32 Φ 58mm 1800mm 30 250 25/50 Ⅳ.Active Solar Water Heater Systems 16
  • 17. 1.Active Open Loop Solar Water Heater SystemsAn Open Loop Water Heating System provides many advantages It is the simplest andtypically the least expensive active system to install. There is no heat exchanger, whichallows efficient heat transfer directly to the water.The system Operates at standard line pressure.When there is not enough energy for sun, anelectrical back up element will be automaticallyswitched on by controller.1).Models availableModel Cubage(L) Heat pipe solar collector Lighting (m²) Diameter(mm) Length (mm) No.SHOLS100 100 47 1500 20 2.22SHOLS200 200 58 1800 20 3.00SHOLS300 300 58 1800 30 4.292).Systems Running Principle:1. Solar Collector 5. Tempering Valve 9. Circulating Pump2. Manual Air Valve 6. Collector Return 10.Roma Valve3. Hot Water to Taps 7.Collector Supply 11. DHW Electric Tank 17
  • 18. 4.Cold Feed 8. Non Return Valve 12. Immersion Heater2.Active Closed Loop Solar Water Heater SystemsA 50/50 propylene glycol and water mixture from the collectors through a coil of pipe in thesolar tank, and then is pumped back through the collectors. The potable water is warmedby heat transfer through contact with the pipe. These systems are pretty much the onlychoice in very cold climates. When there is not enough energy for sun, an electrical or gasback up element will be automatically switched on by controller. 1). Feature:● Simple Installation,No Maintenance,Effective operation● Easy Retrofitting To Existing systems● Suitable for single and multiple solar heating Application systems,● Preferred option for extremely cold areas and questionable water quality.● Incoming potable water is routed to the solar storage tank● Porcelain Enemal or SUS304 Stainless Steel Storage Tank With Electrical or gas BackUp● Double-walled Copper Coil heat exchangers in storage tank prevent contamination ofhousehold water. 18
  • 19. 2).High pressure tank specification:Items 100L 150L 200L 250L 300L 400L 500Linner vessel diameter φ368 φ438 φ542 φ613water tank dimension φ450 φ520 φ620 φ710material and thickness of BTC340R 1.8 BTC340R 2.0 BTC340R 2.5the inner vesselmaterial and thickness of galvanized sheet 0.5the shellinsulation thickness 40 40 40 40 40 50 50Surface area heat 0 0 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.5 0.5exchanger top(m2)Surface area heat 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.8exchanger bottom(m2)installation size of water NPT3/4"piperated heating power 1.5KW 2.5working pressure 0.7MPaOverall φ450×1105 φ450×1 φ520×1 φ620×1 φ620×1 φ710×1 φ710×1dimension(references) 570 530 280 530 580 715Packing case size 480×480×120 480×48 550×55 655×65 655×65 740×74 740×74 0 0×1665 0×1625 5×1375 5×1625 0×1675 0×1800Weight(references)(Kg) 46 58 68 75 95 112 122Note: inner tank can be made of sus304/2b with thickness from 1.5mm to 2.0mm 19
  • 20. 3).Systems Specifications:Model Tank Heat pipe or U Pipe Collector Work Station Capicaty Φ58X1800 No.SHCLS150S 150L Φ58X1800 24(1 collector for 15 tubes) A circulating unit system that gatherSHCLS200S 200L Φ58X1800 30(1 collector for 20 tubes) controller and pump stationSHCLS300S 300L Φ58X1800 30+20 (2 collectors)SHCLS400S 400L Φ58X1800 30X2 (2 collector for 30 tubes)SHCLS500S 500L Φ58X1800 30X2+20X1 (2 collector for 30 tubes, and 1 collector for 20 tubes) 20
  • 21. 4).Systems Running Principle:1. Collector 7. Check Valve 13. Pressure Gauge2. Collector Sensor 8. Hose Bibs for Filling and Draining 14. Collector Supply3. Manual Air Valve 9. Expansion 15. Heat Exchange Coil4. Hot Water to Taps 10. Air Scoop & Air Vent 16.Solar Storage Tank5 .Tempering Valve 11. Circulating Pumb 17. Immersion Heater6. Collector Return 12. Pressure Relief Valve 18.Controller Ⅴ.Application 1). Close loop system with electrical/gas back up Closed Loop Solar Heating Systems are suitable for single and multiple solar heating Application systems, e.g. domestic solar water heating, solar water heating hot tub, solar Swimming pool heating or solar space heating systems. The Closed Loop Solar Systems suitable for areas with questionable water quality and all climate conditions. The Closed Solar Heating Systems are the preferred option for extremely cold areas. When there is not enough energy for sun, an electrical or gas back up element will be automatically switched on by controller. 2).Pool Heating If you have taken steps to retain your pool’s heat but are still not happy with your heating bills, or if you plan to install a new pool, a solar pool heater may be a good investment. Such heating systems are one of the most cost-effective applications of solar energy. It is relatively simple to integrate a solar water heater since most pools require a 21
  • 22. pump, filter, and plumbing.With a solar energy system, the pool’s water is pumpedthrough the filter and then through a solar energy collector(s) instead of directly back tothe pool. The sun heats the water in the collector(s) before it returns to the pool. If you add a solar heater, you may need a pump larger than your present one, or aseparate, smaller pump to pump the pool’s water to and through the solar collectors.Adding any heater, solar or otherwise, will preclude selecting the smallest pump.Nevertheless, you also may reduce pumping time to help cut costs.3).Space-HeatingThe solar collector System is capable of contributing significantly to space heatingrequirements in many areas. The best use for solar energy is to heat a building by radiantunder floor hydraulic heating, which requires water at a temperature of around 60C. Thissystem usually uses a concrete floor slab with special water pipes running through it, toprovide a pleasant, even, low temperature radiant heat. The floor slab will also provideheat4).Project六、Contact usJiangsu Sunhome New Energy Co., Ltd.Add:No.4 North Taihe Road,Houyu town,Changzhou city,Jiangsu Province, ChinaTel: 0086 519083680935 Fax:0086-519-83689920Web site: 22