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Ecopreneur 2012 new rule

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 PLANET FIRST! One idea can change world!ECOPRENEUR 2012ForewordDuring past 20th century humanity striving for accomplishment technological era but environmentally issuescaused by human grow up and today’s society and economy necessary require it as priority things.Ecological issue is concern to everyone who we live who we are now in globalizing world and all country allnations combine in trend of environment friendly green economyNearly two decades ago, the Earth Summit in 1992 resulted in some positive environmental protection actions.The countries agreed to develop emissions inventories and action plans and to conduct cooperative researchwhere data and technologies are shared. Developed countries should be responsible for most of the economicburden for climate remediation and pollution prevention costs. The developing countries have been instructedto reduce their aggregate emissions, yet their discharge amounts are very small relative to the developednations.Thus world economy changing trend for to back up only technological industry and starting to pay moreattention in “ Resource saving clean industry ”. Terms such “Green industry”, “Green growth” “Invest green”“greening the economy” ”green business ” necessary come up in today’s society. Therefore, businesses whichis main force of economy have to work firstThus, increase corporate responsibility for environment: smart product design, eco friendly materialdevelopment, recyclable usage and standard , clean technology. The environmental challenges facingindustrial companies and governments throughout the world are numerous and complex. Most governmentsand industrial companies now clearly realize and embrace the paradigm that environmental issues areintertwined with social/ cultural and socioeconomic issues. In fact, social and cultural concerns may faroutweigh all other factors as industry and government make critical decisions regarding environmental issues.At the center of major global environmental challenges for industry are energy strategies, energy projects, othernatural resource exploitation, and designing manufacturing life cycles to minimize future impacts. The mineralresource industries (mining and oil and gas) have generally embraced the concepts of sustainable developmentand preservation biodiversity, but putting sustainability and biodiversity concepts into play is a “work-inprogress” for most companies MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012Looking to the future, national governments, nongovernment organizations, and business are making greatadvances in meeting the environmental challenges and determine following 12 priority things 1. Pollution reduction 2. Protecting biodiversity 3. Habitat restoration 4. Slowing climate change 5. Natural resource conservation 6. Recycling waste 7. Reducing consumption 8. Increasing energy efficiency 9. Alternative energy choices 10. Ecosystem monitoring 11. Green living, including designing and building 12. Ecological education for next generationsOur “Ecopreneur 2012” international green entrepreneurship program appealing world entrepreneurs on slogan“PLANET FIRST” and not only add value for finding outcomes of solution for restore after mining industry,clean technology, food safety, renewable energy resource, safe green city planning, environmentalmanagement, air pollution, expediently infrastructure, recyclable technology innovation, contribution ofinformation technology in environmental protection and put intellectual investment through benchmarkingopportunity for active sector - next generations good well in the future.REASON OF ECOPRENEUR INITIATIVEIn World human development report mentioned priority things of human development are knowledge basedeconomy, adaptation in climate changing, keeping ecosystem, food safety and human health . In Rio 27declaration of UN Environmental conference 1992 addressed that sustainable development is safe living insafe environment. Acknowledging that the last decade has been a period of significant global change andunderscoring the importance of the Millennium Development Goals and amongst those in particular the goal“to free all of humanity, and above all our children and grandchildren, from the threat of living on a planetirredeemably spoiled by human activities, and whose resources would no longer be sufficient for their needs.”Welcoming the conclusions of the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica, in August/September 2002, that deepened and strengthened the concept and principles of sustainabledevelopment, confirmed the importance of multilateral action at the global level and the principle of commonbut differentiated responsibilities as set out in principle 7 of the Rio Declaration on Environment andDevelopment, and endorsed as a critical priority the effective implementation of the WSSD Plan ofImplementation.Never in the history of our planet has the human species come so close to exhausting the natural resources ofthe planet that gives us life. Statistical evidence and scientific research point overwhelmingly to the urgent needfor business to produce, trade and consume responsibly. The Brundtland Commission’s 1987 definition ofsustainable development as conducting business “that meets the needs of the present without compromising theability of future generations to meet their own needs”, highlights the necessity of sustainability as a businessprinciple. On a planet where 20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of the natural resources, legislationhas become more rigorous in the enforcement of business ideals to also include a means to achieve a moresatisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual existence. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012In order to illustrate their commitment to green diligence, corporate need to come up with a social andenvironment responsibility strategy, employing a holistic approach to the interrelationships necessary in orderto bring harmony between nature and growth.Although there are some progresses in protecting the environment as result of the conference on Humanity andEnvironment in Stockholm before 30 years, the state of the environment is still an international criticalproblem. The concept of the sustainable development was formulated in Rio de Janeiro at the world Summit 10years ago. There is a need to resolve number of global problems in order to ensure the universal human right tolive in an ecologically secure environment and to enable the sustainable development environment. Clean waterand sanitation, energy, agriculture productivity, biological diversity and ecosystem management and health arecritical and also are the large problems at global dimensions. The author considered number of factors inconnection with these critical global problems and suggested appropriate policy recommendations.Concept of “ECOPRENEUR”There are many ways in which entrepreneurs and ecopreneurs are similar. Both embrace failure and are ideadriven, innovative, creative, risk tolerant, flexible, adaptable, freedom minded and independent.Ecopreneurs are the central actors in an incipient, bottom-up green revolution. Motivated by a myriad ofgovernmental incentives, a rising consumer demand for “green,” eco-friendly products, and a sense of personalinitiative, ecopreneurs are driving innovation through creative, environmentally friendly products and services,starting up new companies in order to catalyze environmental progress. An ecopreneur is an individual whoapproaches business with a mindset that profit and ecological mission both.Entrepreneurs become ecopreneurs when their spirit, boldness, courage and determination not only transformthe landscape but coalescence into a movement to transform global problems into opportunities for restorationand healing. Though, historically, business and environmental progress have had a tense relationship,successful businesses focused on protecting the planet promise to unite the creativity and financial interests ofindividual owners with ecological richness and the collective interests of society. Finally, green entrepreneuris “Ecopreneur” RULES TERMS AND CONDITIONECOPRENEUR 2012 is international business plan competition on eco friendly business for youngentrepreneurs. Difference of other business plan competitions it include prototype development,potential customer interview, 1minut commercial, and oral presentation and written business plan.And offering cash award, seed capital or investment opportunity, incubation, internship, training andamong other opportunities in global scale.Nominated finalists will be compete in Taiwan in August 2012 during Global TIC MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012Benefit for participants:  Dream come true for their eco business idea  Exposure talent and creative skills of young entrepreneur  Creation opportunity of eco start up  Increase entrepreneurial skills of individual  Establish new collaboration between potential investors, international organizations  Strengthen competitiveness of young entrepreneurs  Gain business experience and knowledge  Improve potential value of brainwork  Increase understanding of ecopreneural business Focus priority sectors Teams comprised of entrepreneurs from all countries which is interested in Ecopreneur 2012 are invited to submit business plans according to the following Rules and Terms of Reference in the following six sectors that is promote green and sustainable economy 1. Road and construction: To encourage ecology friendly architecture, design, land shaft, construction materials, methods, manufacturing and initiatives 2. Energy and mining: To encourage renewable energy resources and restoring technology innovation in mining sector 3. Agriculture: To utilize green agricultural capacity following by recycling possible ways 4. Information technology and communication – To contribute saving environment, green solution 5. Health: To encourage human health and health life style. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  5. 5. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 Nomination A. Team nomination 1. Clean technology - Recognizes a venture with products, services, or processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes and non impacts 2. Social ecopreneur – Recognizes a venture that promote and challenge environment saving initiatives with social actions and responsibility to impact locally, nationally, internationally 3. Green management – Recognizes a venture of green management, method that add valuable experience for saving environment and ecosystem by ecopreneural climate. 4. Health friendly business - Recognizes a venture with health friendly new consumer product products and services which is developed from eco raw materials, eco supply chain, eco packages, eco technology in well defined market. 5. Sustainable business - Recognizes a proactive approach to the long-term viability and integrity of a business by helping to manage resources, reduce environmental and social impacts, improve productivity and energy efficiency, manage risk and compliance, and develop/introduce innovative technologies/solutions without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness or profitabilityTeam advisors have to nominate his/her team for team nomination MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 B. Leadership nomination: 1. Elevator pitch award – Special award for team CEO who can good demonstrateexpected dedication and energy for potential investors. 2. Community Choice Award - Recognizes a venture that evaluated by people’s choice inonline and TV surveyJudges have to select leadership nominations from contestantsAwards:Cash award:  Each team nomination- 3000USD, certification  Leadership nomination- certification, sponsors offerOpportunity:  Certification and recognition  Global TIC participation  Other member TIC participation / TIC Americas/  International Internship  Incubation  Investment opportunity  Technical service  Education and consulting  Interaction with judgesAnd sponsors special awards and rewards offeringLanguagesEcopreneur 2012 is global competition and official language will be English. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 Eligibility Contestants • Men and women under the ages of 36 may be part of a team in the ECOPRENEUR 2012. All team members (excluding mentors. advisors) must not be more than 36 years of age prior to 11:59 pm of December 31, 2012. Proof of age will be required for winners.• Contestants must be citizens or legal residents of the country they are representing and be legally authorizedto start and operate a business in that country.• Young entrepreneurs , university, community college, post-secondary students, recent graduates, generalregardless of their physical location and nationality are the target group. However, any entrepreneur under 36years of age may enter regardless of their education status or level of completion.• Host, organizers and sponsors’ immediate family members are not eligible to participate. Teams The presenting team should include at least three students and not exceed five members Teams must include with the following: o Chief Executive Officer o Chief Financial Officer o Chief Technical Officer• A Team may not have more than five members, not including mentors.• Each Team is responsible for finding its own mentors and must have at least one but notmore than two mentors to be eligible to participate.• A maximum of three persons may present in the Ecopreneur 2012 forum. Any number ofmembers of the team and / or mentors may attend.• At least one member of the Team should be able to communicate adequately in English.• A Team with multinational contestants will be considered to be from the country where theCEO is a citizen. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  8. 8. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 ` Mentors  A Team can have one or two mentors.  There is no restriction of mentors’ age, education, or experience.  Mentors can be part of only one TeamWho can be a mentor? • University or other educational or instructional personnel • Private sector representatives, e.g., Chambers of Commerce and business associations. • Experienced business managers and technical or business experts • Successful young entrepreneurs. • Any adult meeting the criteria set out for mentors in these Rules, PractitionersWhat mentors do?  Answer questions or help find persons who can.  Provide industry and functional experience in the technical area of the business or its operations  Help teams focus on tasks, meet schedules, organize their time,  Criticize, identify deficiencies, and recommend improvements in the business plan  Evaluate a teams presentation during rehearsals.  Brainstorm on possible partnerships and long-term potential for development of the  business and the networks required for its long-term success.  Open their rolodexes and provide relevant contacts in the identification of sponsors and other resources to advance the project in the competition and its long-term prospects.  Advise on protecting intellectual property, obtaining and utilizing patents, etc.  Advise on incorporating, potential legal and regulatory issues, etc. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  9. 9. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 Outline of Business Plan Template Executive summaries must be limited to 6 pages of text (typed, double-spaced, minimum 12 pitch font, and 1" margins on all sides.) The Executive Summary should include information on: 1. Company summary  Customer/market analysis (market size and potential market share)  Product or service description  Intellectual property status (e.g., patents, licenses, etc.)  Competitive differentiation  Management team and/or advisors, including relevant experience  Financial highlights  Status and offering of the company (how much investment you are seeking)  A. Market Feasibility • Product / Service. • Marketing Research. • Design of Logo, Label, Package. • Product’s Life Cycle. • Target market and market niche. • Competitive Advantage. • Promotion and Advertising Campaign. • Distribution Channels. • Price Analysis. • Competitors Analysis. • Sales Forecast. • Short, Medium and Long term objectives. • Prototype Technical Specifications. • Components and elements of technology plan. • Product design and Process Flow Chart. • Production Strategy, Machinery and Equipment. • Quality control procedures, Supply and production chain.  B. Management and Organizational Structure • Organizational Chart: Logical and structured, well defined roles. • Mission, Vision and Objectives. • Human Resources Recruitment and Selection Process. • Training, number of employees Job Descriptions and Remuneration. • Internal Communication.MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 • Legal Constitution of the Business. • Intellectual Properties and Patents, if necessary. C. Financial Feasibility • Short, Medium and Long Term Objectives. • Cost Analysis. • Initial Investment and Return on Investment. • Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting: Scenarios. • Financial Statement and Balance Sheet. 1. In your executive summary, we expect:  The problem or need your company solves  The size of the accessible market & evidence that customers will buy your product/service  Your differentiation vs. competition and how you will sustain that  The experience of your management team and/or advisory boards  The current state of development (e.g., beta, customer trials, etc.)  Timeframes to achieve significant revenue and/or cash flow positive  The amount of funding you are seeking3. Innovation• The product/service demonstrates eco mission, green business.• The product/service demonstrates improvement satisfying a customer need. 1. Principle of ConfidentialityThe organizer, sponsors, judges and any other person involved in the competition will maintain faithfulenforcement of the Principle of Confidentiality of the projects presented by the participants, but only when theparticipants identify with clarity and before commencement of competition, which information should beconsidered confidential for the purposes of the Competition. Generally it is the participant’s responsibility todecide which and how much particular information should be divulged.The organizer is not responsible for any type of complaints or demands from a third party whom alleges workas their own regarding projects submitted and presented to the Competition. 2. Usage of the Personal Information and Pictures of the ParticipantsThe participant knows, and is aware, that all information submitted during their participation of theCompetition will be collected and saved in the database of the organizer of the Competition, therebyauthorizing the free use, reproduction and dissemination of the information that the organizer of thecompetition needs for the promotion and/or publication of the information with the objective to inform thepurposes and information of the competition.It is understood that the organizers of this Competition, as well as the participants or any person involved,cannot use or publish articles, propaganda or publicity or any matter in relation with this Competition withoutthe previous authorization of the ones involved. MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012This condition of use of the personal information and pictures of the participants does not violate the Principleof Confidentiality described in the previous clause neither does it generate obligation of payment or a lucrativeactivity in favor of the participant for such usage.Copyrights & Permissions: If a team uses copyrighted materials and/or images from a third-party in theirsubmissions or presentations, they must obtain permission and authorization in advance from the owners to usethis material. WRITTEN BUSINESS PLAN • Written Business Plan Submission: A complete written business plan from the invited and confirmed teams will be due to the Mongolian Entrepreneur Organization on or before noon CDT on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. Please submit an electronic version via email in Adobe Acrobat PDF. No otherformat will be accepted. Files should be named according to the following format:BP_CompanyName_Team name.pdf and should be uploaded to online registration• General Guidelines: Written business plans are limited to 20 pages of text (typed, double-spaced,minimum 12 pitch font, and 1" margins on all sides), and includes the executive summary and summaryfinancial data. Detailed spreadsheets and appropriate appendices should follow the text portion of the plan butwill be limited to 10 pages. Plans with fewer than 10 pages of appendices may not use the remaining pages toincrease the size of their business plan beyond 20 pages. In total, the maximum number of pages is 30.• Contents of the Written Business Plan: your business plan should include (max 20 pages)  Executive Summary  Product or service description (includin. current status of development – beta, prototype, etc.)  Customer/Market analysis (market size and potential market share)  Sales and Marketing Plan (how you will go-to-market)  Intellectual property status (e.g., patents, licenses, etc.)  Competitor Analysis (competitors and your competitive differentiation)  Management team and/or advisors, including relevant experience  Financial highlights (cash flow, income statement, & balance sheet)  Offering of the company (how much investment you are seeking, uses of funding, possible exits)• Business Plan Financial Data: Financial data should include a cash flow statement, income statement, andbalance sheet. This data should be included in a summarized fashion in the main section of the business plan.Include an explanation of the offering to investors indicating how much money is required, how it will be used,and the proposed structure of the deal, (i.e., stock, debentures, etc.) and possible exit strategies. Detailedfinancial data and tables should be included in the appendix. • Appendices: should be included only when they support the findings, statements, and observations in theplan. Because of the number of teams in the competition, judges may not be able to read all the material in theappendices. Therefore, the text portion of the plan (20 pages) must contain all pertinent information in a clear MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012and concise manner. All appendices must fall within the 10 page limit; any pages over this limit will not beposted or otherwise provided to the judges.• Special Awards: For certain competition awards, you must state how your business plan is applicable forthese specific prizes. You will enter this information when you submit your business plan online ORAL PRESENTATION Language In order to promote competitive business plans on an international scale, must be submitted in English. However international teams but they are responsible for all translations into EnglishOral presentations will take place on campus Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on Thursday 03 May 2012. Teamsshould arrive on campus between Noon 29 -30 Apr and plan return travel no earlier than Friday 04afternoonNote: Please remain that we will not have any practice before presentation. Team should provide allpreparation.Equipment: Teams should plan to bring a laptop and a copy of their presentation on a zip drive or CD. Eachpresentation room is equipped with a large-screen projector and a room PC to run your presentation. You mayalso connect your laptop directly to the projector to present.Presentation rule: 1. 5 min advertising film / promotional video 2. 15 min presentation 3. 5 min question and answerJudges will oversee members role equity on presentation MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012 Judges Evaluation Criteria  Judges will score each team that presents on a scale of 1 (excellent) to 5 (very poor). The teams with the best (i.e., lowest) overall scores will be the winners.  Judges should evaluate each team based on how convincingly they present their business concept, such that the judge would want to learn more about the company as a potential investor. The best teams are those teams that an investor would want to schedule a follow-up meeting for further discussion because they believe this company represents a strong investment opportunity.  The best teams should communicate the following:  Clear explanation of their product/service and the problem it solves  How their company is unique and differentiated  Sizable market opportunity and ability to penetrate that market  Current Development Stage  Viable business model  Clear measures of success and potential exit opportunities  Understanding of how much money is needed and how it will be usedScoringA. Business Plan Technical Review 65%1 Innovation Creativity and Originality 15%2. Market Feasibility Response to Clear Market Needs 15%3. Management Feasibility Human and Technical Resources 15%4. Financial Feasibility Start up and Sustainability 15%5. Overall Business Plan Presentation Technical / Presentation Professionalism 5%B. Consistency with Award Priorities 35%Total Percent 100%Evaluation Scale: 1-5Business Plans will be evaluated on the following criteria with points assigned on this rating scale:0 = Does not meet the criteria at all or attempt to – Unacceptable1 = Meets some criteria but unacceptable - Very poor2 = Meets the criteria minimally - Poor3 = Meets the criteria but does not exceed it - Adequate4 = Meets criteria and substantially exceeds it - Good5 = Meets criteria and demonstrates highest excellence and superiority - Excellent MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012A. Business Plan Technical ReviewMaximum 65 points – Maximum 5 points each sectionBusiness Plan Final Presentation (Maximum 65 points)  Points1. Business Plan– Maximum points = 10, i.e. 5 points each  How feasible is the business idea in real market conditions  How well does the overall business plan present the idea and its elements2. Presentation– Maximum points = 15, i.e. 5 points each  How effectively and compellingly does the team present the project  How well does the presentation demonstrate personal teamwork and cooperation  How clear is the verbal presentation of the business idea and activities3. Promotional Video – Maximum points = 10, i.e. 5 points each  How effective does the promotional video sell the product / service  How well does the promotional video present an image of quality for the business4. Exhibition– Maximum points = 10, i.e. 5 points each  How much attention the Team’s booth attract in the exhibition  How professional and creative does the Team’s booth appear in the exhibition5. Prototype– Maximum points = 15, i.e. 5 points each  The prototype demonstrates the product/services features/characteristics.  How well does the Team present a credible and / or functioning prototype  How well does the prototype demonstrate innovative design / functionality6. Elevator Speech– Maximum points = 5 points total  How well does the Elevator Speech summarizes the business idea1. Innovation  The product/service demonstrates eco mission, green business.  The product/service demonstrates improvement satisfying a customer needSubtotal Innovation – Maximum points = 152. Market Feasibility  Demonstrates the market for the company’s product/ service  Understands the market and identify the customers  States that it product/service will be competitive to achieve a leadership position in  Its marketSubtotal Market Feasibility – Maximum points = 15 MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 20123. Management Feasibility  Integrates the resources with its development strategies  Clearly defines the organizational structure  Combines technology with the production processSubtotal Management Feasibility – Maximum points = 154. Financial Feasibility  States its funding strategy  Justifies the return of investment  Analyzes its financial forecastSubtotal Finance Feasibility – Maximum points = 15Weights  Business Plan Presentation 65% 1. Business Plan Feasibility/ Overall Quality 10% 2. Presentation Professionalism / Teamwork 15% 3. Promotional Video Originality / Creativity 10% 4. Exhibition Attractive / Attention-getting 10% 5. Prototype Functional / Realistic 15% 6. Elevator Speech Compelling / “Short and Sweet” 5%Suggested Guidelines  Product and service offering (e.g., the problem and your solution)  Brief description of offering  What problem or need does it solve? What are the benefits of your product?  Unique Differentiators  Why is this unique or different from competition?  Is this difference sustainable (e.g., patents, intellectual property, etc.)?  Market Opportunity & Target Customers  Who are the targeted customers?  What is the size of the market?  Is there evidence they will buy the product?  Current Development Stage  What is the current status of technology/venture?  What are key next steps?  Business Model – how will the company generate profitable revenue?  Milestones and Success Metrics  What are the success metrics?  What is the exit strategy?  Capital Needs  How much funding is needed to move forward?  How will the money be used? MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©
  16. 16. INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD 2012  Why is your business an attractive investment?Common Mistakes  No energy and passion in the presentation  Too much technical language; focusing on the technology rather than the customer need  Failure to explain what customer problem you are trying to solve  Too much discussion about the idea and product and not enough explanation about the market, business opportunity, and revenue models  Listing too many names of clients or partners. Indicate how many clients and name a few big names to spark interest KEY DATES  Application due: 20 Apr 2012  Announce teams: 25 Apr 2012  Competition dates: 1-4 May 2012 Contact us: Mongolia@ecopreneur.mnAddress:New MGL office 2th floor, Bayanzurkh, Peace Ave 57, Ulaanbaatar MONGOLIAFax – 976-70186353Tel Secretariat : 976- 9999-0941 976-9910-2656Program manager: 976 – 9666-6743 976-9990-6883 Calling all entrepreneurs! MONGOLIAN ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION TIC MONGOLIA 2012 Rules,Terms,Conditions©