Making money with fashion


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Highlight points of fashion business opportunities online.Overview of the benefits received when using WordPress as a foundation.

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Making money with fashion

  1. 1. Making Money with Fashion Webinar Creating Niche Fashion Income with a WordPress Blog Presented by: Uma Sumeros Sponsored by; Black Top August 5, 2012
  2. 2. Purpose of This Webinar Expose Hidden Income Opportunities for Fashion- Related Interests Review Traditional Fashion Job Sources Fashion Income and Business Options Resources for Getting Started Demonstrate the Process
  3. 3. Your Fashion Business What do You Love in Fashion? Describe what You Like in 5 Words; for example: “I love Handmade Bead Jewelry” Decide How Much Time You are Willing to Invest Weekly Choose Your Method; Part-time, Full-time Select Your Role; Independent or Affiliate Decide How Much Money You Want to Make
  4. 4. Profile Your Market Jobs: Online and offline fashion business, looking for managerial, editorial and technology support Agents: Fashion companies hiring advertising agents for products and services Suppliers: Fashion businesses looking for new products Sellers: Consumers looking for fashion items Editors: Publications looking for writers and photographers
  5. 5. Startup Requirements Fashion Jobs: Registration, Resume/Portfolio Creation Agent Assignment: Established Website/Blog Supplier Orders: Catalog of Goods, Website/Blog Seller to Market: Catalog of Goods, Website/Blog Editors: Agency Registration, Portfolio of Work
  6. 6. Average Income Potential Fashion Jobs: $40,000+ per year Agent Assignment: 3%-75% of sale, Supplier Orders: 50%-100% profit Seller to Market: 75%-150% profit
  7. 7. Average Income Potential Editors: $25-$50 per article Community: Sale price Minus Listing Fee Marketplace: Sales Price Plus 15% Revenue Share
  8. 8. Agent, Suppliers and Seller Options Create your Domain Name from your main idea, i.e., “” and register it Register for Hosting for Your blog or website Install the WordPress application Choose Your Design Theme to Match your Domain Name Create Your Content Market Your Idea
  9. 9. Cooperative Options Sign-up with an e-commerce management service, i.e. Big E-commerce Joint venture with others that have related ideas, i.e., custom made handbags Join a community site related to your idea, i.e. Etsy Register with a revenue-sharing marketplace, i.e. BTS Sellers Marketplace
  10. 10. Time and Money Domain Registration: $8.00-$15.00 / 1 hour WordPress Hosting: $5.00-$20.00 per month / 1 hour WordPress Application/Design: Free / 1 hour and up Wholesale Products: $4.00 and up / 1 hour and up Affiliate Products: Free / 1 hour and up
  11. 11. Time and Money Website Designer: $250 and up / 3 days minimum Ecommerce Management: $20.00 per month minimum Community Website: $0.20 listing fee per item Revenue Sharing Marketplace: $15.00 per month
  12. 12. Additional Considerations Social Media Accounts: Register with Facebook and Twitter Register with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Establish a Bank Checking Account Create a PayPal or Moneybookers Account for Payments Check Your City Regulations for Online Sales Tax
  13. 13. WordPress Demonstration Start with a Simple Design Admin Panel Settings Required Extensions/Plugins Basic Graphics Automate Your Blog Blog Maintenance
  14. 14. Other Considerations Security Search Engine Optimization Content Graphics Shared Web Hosting Customer Care
  15. 15. Conclusion The two easiest ways to earn money with fashion is to write about it or sell fashion items The fastest way to earn money writing is through an agency The fastest way to earn money through selling items is through a marketplace with revenue sharing The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get started is by using a WordPress Marketplace
  16. 16. ResourcesThis webinar has been recorded and will be available along with a transcript of the resources on August 7th. Details will be sent to every attendee via email.Black Top Shopping thanks you for attending the “Making Money with Fashion” webinar.For more information on the BTS Sellers Marketplace, please visit: