Emerging ICT in SOS Hermann Gmeiner Hegher Sec. School Surkhet
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Emerging ICT in SOS Hermann Gmeiner Hegher Sec. School Surkhet



This is the presentation prepared by ICT Teacher Mr.Man Bahadur Nepali & presented by Mr.Sandesh Shah (President of IT Club). ...

This is the presentation prepared by ICT Teacher Mr.Man Bahadur Nepali & presented by Mr.Sandesh Shah (President of IT Club).
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Emerging ICT in SOS Hermann Gmeiner Hegher Sec. School Surkhet Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Emerging ICT in SOS HGS Surkhet Presentation By : Sandesh Shah President, IT Club
  • 2.  ICT stands for "Information and Communication Technologies." ICT refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications.  Modern forms of ICT have made it possible for users across the world to communicate with each other in any time at any place. What is ICT ?
  • 3. About ICT in our School  Few years ago many of the students were not much familiar about the ICT Development in Nepal and abroad but nowadays uses of Internet, social media and other gadget had increase our area of knowledge.  In our school we are using latest software, secure system, Multipoint server system, high speed internet and latest updated Applications  Because of these system and ICT usage our school is one of the best school not only in Academic field but in ICT use also.
  • 4. Best Practices in our School  This is a set of computers with single powerful server and 11 monitors with hi-tech configuration and powerful application system.  11 students can use computers at a time. This system is also known as SIB (School in a box). Microsoft Corporation is also supporting in this program.  All the 11 computers can be controlled from 1 server, internet can be easily shared. All the live task can be viewed from server. Windows Multipoint Server System computer(SIB)
  • 5. Best Practices in our School  IT Club was founded in 23rd January, 2012 in order to increase the use of latest ICT and to increase creativity of students in field of Information Technology.  11 executive members committee has been formed to increase the use of ICT in school and to enhance the academic status in ICT.  Our IT club is the largest club in our school with more than 200 general members IT Club
  • 6. Best Practices in our School  We have encouraged the students to use ICT in their regular presentation and nowadays many students are preparing power point presentation and they are presenting their presentation using ICT.  Our club also used to conduct ICT training for different level students in our school.  We used to share our ideas and views in latest technology in group discussion regularly IT Club
  • 7. Best Practices in our School  We had also created the social networking page in facebook to show our creativity to the world. Our facebook page is www.facebook.com/sossurkhet  We had also developed Blog in order to store our program photos, videos and other ECA activities.  Anyone across world can see our regular activities in facebook and blog also. Our blog address is www.itclubsos.blogspot.com IT Club
  • 8. Best Practices in our School  Recently we became successful to connect 2 Mbps Wi-MAX internet in our school. This is one of the fastest internet service of Nepal Telecom. Only few of the school are connected in 2 Mbps internet in Nepal.  We are allowed to use internet in routine based system or after school time.  We are so thankful to school Administration for such a fast internet system in our school. Hi-Speed Internet
  • 9. Best Practices in our School  Our school is one of the few school of Nepal which is connected in Firewall system. This system allowed or disallowed the website access in computer Lab.  All websites are not watchable so this device can automatically filter the website surfing.  By Using this device we can also control the application and other system of computer. This device is very helpful for the right usage of ICT. Firewall System
  • 10. Best Practices in our School  In our school most of the students are connected in Social Networking site and already have their email address.  Students are able to extract the information from internet.  We can easily download the required videos and other information which are academically specified or needed.
  • 11. Best Practices in our School  We are so happy that teachers are also using ICT and many teachers used to teach us using powerpoint slides in Auditorium hall.  We feel interesting and easy to read through presentation system.  All the teachers are connected in social networking and already had email address so it became easy to communicate with them even after school time.
  • 12. Best Practices in our School  In junior classes ICT is being used to show different videos in presentation system and children seems so much excited while showing videos.  ICT is being used from Nursery class to Standard 12 and this is really a great thing that all are using ICT.  Within a few week our school is going to setup the whole account, library and exam system in a single LAN system. Nowadays all are being used in separate system .
  • 13. Best Practices in our School  Last year we have successfully tested the QUIZ system through computer and we applied it in Junior level Quiz competition.  This coming Friday IT club and GK club is going to conduct the Senior/Intermediate level QUIZ competition by using computer system.  In this system there will be 4 monitor and 1 server. Audience can see question in Big screen and other can play game through their screen. This system is developed by our ICT Teacher Mr. Man Bahadur Nepali.
  • 14. Conclusion  ICT is developing more and more day by day. If we can’t prepare us for new emerging ICT then there will be the question mark for our future.  So, I would like to request all dignitaries presenting over here to use ICT as much as possible in their own professional work and in their school as well.
  • 15. Thank You,  Thank you principal sir for creating such a good environment in our school to use latest technology.  Thank you all the teachers for supporting us in our mental, social and academic growth by using latest ICTs. Thank you all ! Have a good Day