Google Apps 101
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Google Apps 101



This powerpoint presentation is for a Web 2.0 Tools for Media Specialists training.

This powerpoint presentation is for a Web 2.0 Tools for Media Specialists training.



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Google Apps 101 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Google Apps
    An Introduction
  • 2. Google Apps & Libraries
    “…the fact is that the Google Apps Education Edition is a useful tool that teachers and students can employ in almost any school.” – Suzie Boss, Edutopia
    “Buffy Hamilton's Unquiet Library, utilizes many of these resources. In Hamilton's January 27, 2010 LIS 5313 Library 2.0 Presentation , she said that the reason for her library's move to Google sites was because it was easier to interface with other Google applications, because of the option for having an announcement feed and because it was easier to embed widgets. The Unquiet Library has students collaborating through teacher pages on Google Docs, using a Google calendar and using Google Books. These tools provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with each other in what Hamilton sees as the essence of participatory librarianship: creating conversations, participation and knowledge building.” School Libraries Using Web 2.0 Collaborative Tools-LIS5313 Course Wiki
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 3. Apps We Will Cover
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 4. Step 1: Creating a Google Account
    • Point your browser to
    • 5. If you do not have a Gmail account, click the Create An Account box
    • 6. If you already have a Gmail account, click the Sign in here link below the box and skip the next slide.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 7. Step 2: Creating Your Account
    • Go through this screen and fill out the requested information.
    • 8. Use letters & numbers to create a good password
    • 9. Don’t check stay signed in here at the ISC building or at school
    • 10. Click “I accept. Create my account.”
    • 11. A Congratulations screen will appear – click “I’m ready. Show me my account.”
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 12. Google Apps Menu
    Found at top left of Google pages
  • 13. Google Calendar
  • 14. Why use Google Calendar?
    Easy to use
    Nice search feature for tracking appointments by keyword
    Ability to add Google Docs attachments to events
    Ability to share calendars
    You can have multiple calendars
    Accessible everywhere - on all data devices
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 15. Calendar Page Options
    Create Event/Quick Add
    Clicking on these will allow you to add an event onto the calendar. Inside you can choose date, time, which calendar to place the item on and you can invite others to the event.
    A mini calendar.
    There are left/right arrows that allow you to move between months.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 16. Calendar Page Options
    My Calendars
    Shows you the calendars that are set up. You can click the Add link to add more calendars. You might have a personal calendar, a birthday calendar, a media center schedule and more.
    Other calendars
    Here you can view the calendars that Google has available to add. There are sports schedules, television schedules, movie releases, and more. You can also add calendars from friends here.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 17. Your Calendar View
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 18. These are examples from my personal calendar. You can see that I have lots of different colors to differentiate things on my calendar from a distance. I can send out just the media calendar to my teachers.
    Monthly/Weekly View
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 19. Sharing Your Calendar
    1. Calendar Settings
    2. Choose Calendars
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 20. Sharing Your Calendar
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 21. Sharing Your Calendar
    3. Sharing Settings
    4. Choose the Calendar
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 22. Sharing Your Calendar
    5. Fill out information
    6. Grab the link
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 23. Google Docs
    The Google version of Microsoft Office
  • 24. Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 25. Why use Google Docs?
    It’s FREE!
    You can collaborate on documents and projects
    Multiple people can be working on the same document at the same time
    Mobile access to documents
    Can be used as a replacement for personal storage (Flash drives, CDRs)
    Ability to save any type of file into the storage area
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 26. Using Google Docs
    Google Docs in
    Google Menu
    General Layout
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 27. Create/View Files
    Create a new file
    Look at your files
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 28. Share/Delete/Rename Files
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 29. Folder Organization
    • Create new folders
    • 30. View your folders
    • 31. Drag items from the contents area into your folders
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 32. Google’s Version of Microsoft Word
  • 33. Creating a Document
    • In Google Docs, click on the Create New drop down box and choose Document.
    • 34. Functions like other word processing programs
    • 35. Under the File menu, you can download as many types of files, but most importantly you can download as a Word file or a PDF
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 36. Creating a Document
    • File Names – If you don’t give it a file name right away, Google will name it the first few words of your document. You can rename under the file menu.
    • 37. Save now link – Google automatically saves every few seconds.
    • 38. Sharing – Edit your settings to allow people access/editing privileges.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 39. Google’s Version of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 40. Add backgrounds under
    the format menu.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 41. Formatting Options
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 42. Adding Media
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 43. Google’s Version of Microsoft Excel
  • 44. Spreadsheet Layout
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 45. Google’s Version of Survey Monkey
  • 46. Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 47. Form Options
    Add items to your form
    Multiple Choice
    Choose from a list
    And more…
    Choose a theme
    Email the form
    See Responses
    Embed the form
    Edit the confirmation message people see after taking the survey
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 48. Google’s Version of Adobe Illustrator
  • 49. Drawing Layout
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 50. Uses of Google Drawing
    Make charts, diagrams, designs and more
    Create project timelines
    Collaborate on drawings
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 51. Google Reader
  • 52. Google Reader = RSS Reader
    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Reader
    An RSS reader allows you to collect information from your favorite sites and read them all in one place. It notifies you when you have new articles to read.
    Allows you to stay in touch with the day’s events
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 53. Why use Google Reader?
    Professional Use
    Allows you to stay up to date in the library field
    You can’t market yourself well if you aren’t versed in what’s going on!!
    Allows you to get ideas from your colleagues
    Allows you to interact with other media specialists
    Personal Use
    Others with similar interests
    And much more!
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 54. Adding a new blog
    You can add a new feed to your Google reader by clicking the Add a subscription box at the top right.
    You will then type in a web address for the blog you want to add
    Click Add
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 55. Viewing Your Latest Feeds
    Here you can see the latest blog feeds in my Google reader account that I have not read. I can read a short excerpt on this page and then click on the title if I want to read more right now.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 56. Organization of Google Reader
    This area is the area that divides the entries up into the starred items, items you share with others, and trends about your reading.
    This area has people that you follow – maybe a friend with a Reader account.
    Your subscriptions in Reader.
    Allows management of folders and feeds.
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 57. Blogs I recommend
    ALA Learning
    Awful Library Books
    Blue Skunk Blog (Doug Johnson)
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 58. Blogs I recommend Page 2
    Librarian by Day
    Love the Liberry
    Shelf Consumed
    The Edublogger
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 59. Blogs I recommend Page 3
    The Unquiet Librarian
    AND MY FAVORITE: Unshelved
    My Google Reader Shared Items:
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 60. Google Sites
    Google’s Website Creation Tool
  • 61. Starting a new site
    The entry page is very plain. You will see:
    Create new site button
    Sites you’ve already created
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 62. Create new site page
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 63. Filling out the site info
    Choose a template
    Name your site
    Give it a URL
    Choose a theme
    Review more options
    Enter code
    Create Site! button
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 64. Your New Site
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 65. Pages of Your SiteControlled by buttons on top right
    Creating A New Page
    Editing a Page
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 66. Created by Sundi Pierce
    Important items you can add to your site
    • Images
    • 67. URL or your computer
    • 68. Calendar
    • 69. Google Docs files
    • 70. Videos
    • 71. Gadgets
  • Other Site Options
    Page Layouts
    Formatting Options
    Created by Sundi Pierce
  • 72. Sundi’s Google Apps
    Giunta Media Center Site:
    Teacher link to media calendar:
    Google Reader Shared Items:
    Created by Sundi Pierce