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The Battle of Kruger Lesson to Learn
The Battle of Kruger Lesson to Learn
The Battle of Kruger Lesson to Learn
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The Battle of Kruger Lesson to Learn


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  • 1. “The Battle of Kruger – Lessons To Learn…..”This explanation/interpretation in this analysis document is just my independent view.BY, SUNDEEP MOHANTY.Date: 17th Nov 2010 The Battle at Kruger– Lessons To Learn…..Please see the video:Go to: [check “the video” section and then click on “See the video”], On youtube, search for video: “Battle at Kruger” [This is real life video on animals- Lions, Buffaloherd and alligator][Note: The website- and the video not belongs to me, I found it on theweb. Here I just want to summarize my independent view on the content of the video. If you are notchecked the video, then there is no point in reading this article further]This is a classic amateur video. The content in this video communicates very strong message dependingon how the viewer encoding the underlying message. Also, the video suggests various characteristic wethe living beings (Of course not the trees) play in our life span.Let me first put the characters from the video here… 1. Lions: The Rulers or the power house. Go and get it character 2. Buffalo cub: The Struggler or the weaker individual. 3. Alligator: The Opportunistic individual. 4. Buffalo herd: Weak individuals but strong and united as a team 5. Cameraman: The Independent and unbiased author. Almost all of us know, the Lions are the dominator or the ruler of Jungle and we heard lot of timethat “Lions never returns empty hand”…but let’s take a pause… here in this case the fact is somethingelse…. Lions did their part….”attacked the weaker one”. Lions targeted the weakest of all- the buffalo cubfrom a large group of buffalo herd. But the Lions are over confident and ignored to foresee the end planand struggled to take total control of the plot – May be it is because of too many leaders and less teamplayer even though the Lions are in group. On the other hand, the opportunistic Alligator- Waiting forright opportunity to enter into the plot…. And when the cub and Lion fell in water, the alligator tried toget easy yet strategic path of success and tried to get hold of Buffalo cub, if you will focus on the video,one of the Lion was also in the water and then near the water for brief period of time, but alligator notattacked the Lion, but it attacked the Buffalo cub and this is the reason I mentioned alligator opt for
  • 2. “The Battle of Kruger – Lessons To Learn…..”This explanation/interpretation in this analysis document is just my independent view.BY, SUNDEEP MOHANTY.Date: 17th Nov 2010easy yet strategic decision. Once the alligator came to action, what you think, who got the advantage– The Lion(s), the alligator or the Buffalo cub…without any doubt I can say- “the Buffalo cub, simplybecause, even though he is between two mighty killers, he is still alive, Lions are trying to pull thebuffalo cub out of water as lions don’t want to share and for their pride. On the other hand the alligatoris trying to stay in its comfort zone and trying to take advantage of opportunity. Ultimately, the lionswon the fight and get rid of alligator.A pause movement for the video viewers, now the question comes to mind what is going to happen tothe buffalo cub…but something strange going to happen now …o yes… the plot’s strongest and strategicpart - The fight back, the group movement, the team achievement, standing tall from the group, leadingfrom front. Yes, I want to go back to the herd of buffalos…what happened to them, do they acceptedthe defeat…I can say a big “NO”, not at all. They formed a strongest group, they returned back to rescuethe cub. The buffalo’s with “United we stand” attitude wants to fight back the mighty Lions. Now theyhave lots of synergy to accomplice their goal and to rescue the cub. But if you will notice this section ofthe video carefully, when the herds of buffalo returned back, for very brief time they just stood withoutany action, then suddenly one of the buffalos- the leader and the source of inspiration (on the right ofthe screen) started charging the lions.. that’s it… buffalos are in charging mood now, they pushed backthe lions and on the other hand…even though the lions are reluctant to accept the defeat, the lions areforced to accept defeat and buffalo’s finally saves the cub and took back the cub with them…Well for some, this is a perfect movie style end of story…but the only difference is it is 100% real… afight for survival, certain group and individuals display of power and energy to dominate others, thecon’s effort to take advantage of opportunity and finally unity and togetherness to fight all odds. Inreal world, some of us act like lions try not to share with others and dominate others, a large sectionof people are like the alligator, don’t do our part of job/responsibility and very opportunistic and someof us like buffalo’s- cooperate with each other to make the work done and these are the people whoseeffort makes Organization successful whereas there are still few of us are like buffalo cub, in daily lifejust try to survive for the day..Summarizing few actions and reactions as lesson learned:Attack the Weaker (Well this is the truth…)Struggle to survive (Part of life...)Try to get advantage of Opportunity (well with little ethic please)Team Work/Standing united [The success mantra]
  • 3. “The Battle of Kruger – Lessons To Learn…..”This explanation/interpretation in this analysis document is just my independent view.BY, SUNDEEP MOHANTY.Date: 17th Nov 2010Role of a Leader [Corporates need leader(s) to lead the initiatives and then managers to help continuethe initiatives taken by the leader(s)]Accepting defeat and learning from it (Defeat are like investment…try to get profit from it)Strategy to fight back [Up and down are part of life, so it is essential how strong you are in fighting backfor your success]Thank you for reading the article. I will appreciate your feedback.Regards,Sundeep Mohanty.