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Personalized Medicine World Conference 2011 Medivo
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Personalized Medicine World Conference 2011 Medivo


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  • 1. bringing personalized medicine into practice Sundeep Bhan, CEO January, 2011
  • 2. What is Personalized Medicine? Consumer   Empowerment   Health  IT   Genomic   Medicine  Personalized medicine is at the trillium of:•  The growing trend in Consumer Empowerment•  The use of Health IT to personalize care, and•  The growing use of Genomic Medicine
  • 3. The $300bn/year problem “One  size   Higher  Costs   Late   Low   fits  all”   and  Lower   Interven=on   Compliance   Medicine   Quality  Care  • Costs  for  consumers  and  the  industry  are   • Half  the  drugs  do  not  work   • Lack  of  compliance  increasing   on  people  that  take  them   and  wrong  therapies  • Access  to  care  is  decreasing   • Genomic  medicine  is   cost  the  healthcare   promising  but  lacks   system  over  $300Bn  • Shi5ing  to  “outcomes”  based  medicine   • Trained  physicians   per  year     • Physicians  lack  tools  for  popula=on  health   • Clinical  Support,  and   management   • Established   reimbursement   policies  
  • 4. Opportunity Medivo’s  Addressable  Market   (at  approx.  10%)  =  ~$3.4b   =  ~$5-­‐15bn  
  • 5. Solution: Medivo Lab Data Analytics•  Identify Gaps in Care•  Virtual Screens•  Prospective Patient Targeting
  • 6. Solution: Medivo Lab Testing Platform Managed   Care/ Pharma   PBMs   Wellness   Cos   Partner  MD   Network  Lab   Opt-­‐in  MD  Partners   Network  •  Diagnos=c/ Medivo     Gene=c   Consumers   Physicians   Pla[orm   Contracted  MDs   •  Web Based Lab/Genomic Testing •  Physician Ordering •  Resulting •  Reporting
  • 7. Solution: Accelerating the AdoptionAdop=on  of  New  Tests   Tradi=onal   Marke=ng   None   Time  
  • 8. Technology Clients   Repor>ng   Targets   Educa>on  and   Medivo Platform Medical   Counseling   Educa>on   Clinical  Services  Consumers   Physicians   Lab/Gene>c   Lab  Test   Tests   Results   Lab  Tes>ng   Medivo     Educa>on    Engagement   Analy>cs   Personalized   Module   Module   Module    Module   Pop  Health   Med  Program   Tools   Medivo  Support  Services   Incen>ves   Decision   Unified  Pa=ent  Database   Support   Clinical  Informa>on                            Medical  Treatment   Lab  Orders   PHR   EMR   Lab  Data   Labs  
  • 9. Competitive LandscapeCompany   Online  Care   Physician   Lab  Data   Genomics   Analy>cs/ Funding/Stage   PlaPorm   Network   Feed   Exper>se   Marke>ng   Services    Medivo   X   X   X   X   X   Pre  Series  A  American   X   X   Series  B  ($34mm+)  Well  Teladoc   X   X   Series  B  ($15mm+)  DNA  Direct   X   X   X   Series  B/Acquired  by   Medco  Genera=on   X   Series  A/Acquired  by  Health   CVS  Caremark  
  • 10. Go To Market Strategy Consumers   Pharma   Cos  Labs   Revenue  Model   Transac=on  Based   Physicians   Managed   Care  Cos   2010   2011   2012   BD  Team   3   7   15   PBMs   DIRECT  SALES   $3Bn  Market  
  • 11. Our PeopleManagementSundeep Bhan, CEO – Entrepreneur, Visionary, 15+ years of leadership, management and technology experience,former CEO of Medsite, Inc., sold to WebMD, Inc. in 2006.Destry Sulkes, MD, EVP – Healthcare executive, 10+ years of healthcare sales & marketing experience, former ManagingDirector of 2 medical communication agencies.Jason Bhan, MD, EVP – Practicing physician, 10+ years of healthcare technology experience, former CMO/cofounder ofOzmosis, a physician social media service.Rick Chung, JD, General Counsel – 15+ years of legal and regulatory experience. Previously, GC and senior roles atEPIQ, Bloomberg and ProskauerKian Beyzavi, PhD, VP of Business Development – 15+ years of healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing experience.Previously VP at Abbott, Director Medtronic and Manager at MckinseyStrategic Advisory BoardVita Cassese, MBA – prior CIO of Pfizer Worldwide Pharmaceuticals, present Operating Partner at Exigen CapitalMike Packard, MBA - prior Chief Administrative Officer of Lenscrafters, and prior Senior VP at Proctor & GambleAlan Sokolow, MD - prior Chief Medical Officer of major payors including: Ovations, a subsidiary of United, Blue Shield ofCA, and Oxford HealthDave Stack – Partner at MPM Capital, CEO of Pacira Pharma, Ex-CEO of Medicines Co, ex-Roche ExecutiveMedical Advisory BoardTed Eytan, MD MPH - current Director at Kaiser Permanente, focused on ensuring families take an active role in their careusing health ITGeorge Lundberg, MD - prior Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, prior President of the AmericanSociety for Clinical PathologyPhilip Marshall, MD, MBA - prior Senior Vice President at WebMDRoshini Raj, MD - Today Show medical contributor and Medical Editor of Health Magazine. Regularly on TV and quoted inMedia.
  • 12. Current StatusLaunched: January 2010, angel fundedAcquired Physicians Wellness Network: March 2010Product Status•  Best-in-class” HIPAA compliant, protocol driven clinical platform•  Over 1mm transactions this year•  National network of credentialed physiciansSelect Clients and PartnersOver $3mm in sales opportunities/pipeline
  • 13. SummaryProven Leadership Team•  Strong core leadership team•  Strategic and medical advisors add extensive health care and business experience•  Industry access and credibilityProven Business Model•  Proven and tested products with over 1 mm transactions in 2010•  Proven sales through pilots with key clients•  Strong revenue modelGreat Opportunity to Build Value•  Large market opportunity of ~$5-15 bn in personalized medicine services•  Well positioned for fast growth, right services at right time•  2% share can lead to $100mm to $300mm in revenues
  • 14. For more information please contact:Sundeep Bhan, CEOsbhan@medivo.com917-512-4049Or email