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Sage CRM 7.2 What's New!

Sage CRM 7.2 What's New!



Sage CRM 7.2 is an exciting release which comes with a host of new social, mobile and business collaboration features that will empower sales, marketing and customer service teams to better engage ...

Sage CRM 7.2 is an exciting release which comes with a host of new social, mobile and business collaboration features that will empower sales, marketing and customer service teams to better engage with colleagues and customers.

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    Sage CRM 7.2 What's New! Sage CRM 7.2 What's New! Presentation Transcript

    • Sage CRM 7.2Enhancing Productivity.Enabling Success.sagecrm.com/7.2
    • Launching…Sage CRM 7.2 Sage  CRM  7.2  has  been  designed  to  support  busy,  growing  businesses   who  want  to  foster  internal  collabora=on,  increase  sales  team   produc=vity  and  drive  business  wide  efficiency.    sagecrm.com/7.2
    • New Features…To Support Your Teams Award winning CRM software to manage critical sales, marketing and customer services activities every day. Customer Sales Marketing Service The only place you’ll need to look Generate more leads through Manage every element of your for everything you need to know highly targeted campaigns. customer relationships with ease. about prospects and customers in the office or on the road.sagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Feature Overview Mobile CRM Social CRM Smarter Business Business Wide–  Sage CRM Sales Lite for –  Sage CRM for Facebook Reporting Collaboration the iPhone –  Adds to our existing –  Enhanced reporting –  Sage CRM Collaboration–  Sage CRM Sales social CRM features functionality including powered by Yammer Tracker for Windows 8 including Sage CRM for cloning and –  Business collaboration–  Full support for the iPad Twitter and LinkedIn alphabetising of reports for individual users and OS –  Improved user-based teams of users allowing–  Adds to our existing reporting security them to collaborate with mobile features including Yammer Groups, across Sage CRM for iPhone, records using Yammer iPad & Android devices Topicssagecrm.com/7.2
    • What…Does This Mean For Your Business Mobile CRM Social CRM Smarter Reporting Business Collaboration Faster, secure, customised Enhance sales team Instant information about reports, quickly populated Drive employee productivity with two new customers and prospects collaboration and with the latest CRM sales apps using Social CRM knowledge exchange information. Improved responsiveness Increased speed in At-a-glance business Increase employee to customer queries from accessing the right insight and informed engagement through sales teams information decision-making shared informationsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Mobile CRMFeaturing 2 new mobileapps driving sales teamproductivitysagecrm.com/trialsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Empower your Sales Team…With Mobile CRM Did you know…–  By 2016, more than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally.–  Two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smartphone, and 40% of the workforce will be mobile.–  Two years from now, 20% of sales organisations will use tablets as the primary mobile platform for their field sales force.–  By 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics.–  82% of organisations will have a mobile By 2014, work style strategy in place and that 62% currently employ one–  Business need to adopt these technologies to enable mobile workers be more effective in their jobssagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Mobile Features–  iPhone App – Sage CRM Sales Lite–  Windows 8 App – Sage CRM Sales Tracker–  Full support for the iPad OS–  Ability to switch between optimised UI and full screen browsingsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRMMobile CRM Made Simple Our new mobile apps at a glance... Sage CRM Sales Tracker Sage CRM Sales Lite For sales users on the road Sage CRM Sales Tracker for who need up-to-date Windows 8 gives users information on their phone, access to their Sage CRM even when out of coverage. company, person & Sage CRM Sales Lite gives opportunity records from users mobile access to their their Windows 8 Tablet Sage CRM data, tasks and device. Users can even build appointments, and a watch list of opportunities integrates the iPhone key to their pipeline. Sage allowing users to track and CRM Sales Tracker can also log outbound calls, email be accessed via a Windows and SMS activities 8 PC.sagecrm.com/7.2
    • New Sage CRM iPhone AppSage CRM Sales Lite for iPhoneFeatures Include: –  Access vital customer information even when out of coverage. –  Read-only offline access to People and Opportunities –  Read-only access to Tasks and Appointments –  Native iPhone Integration: Ability to track and log outbound calls, email and SMS activities –  Read-only access to History / Favourites (Opportunities and Communications) –  Integration with native iPhone maps to track sales appointments –  Ability to add Notes and Photos to Contacts and Opportunitiessagecrm.com/7.2
    • New Windows 8 AppSage CRM Sales Tracker forWindows8 Features Include:–  Download Company, Person and Opportunity records to their Windows Tablet device–  View their Opportunities displayed in a pie chart broken down by stage–  View a list of the most recently added Opportunities, Companies and People that have access to.–  Build a Watch list - a list of opportunities, company and person records that are key to their pipeline.–  Drill down to record details to get a full picture of the opportunity they are working withsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM7.2 Mobile Features Benefits Snapshot–  Key customer information at your fingertips, with access to real-time information when on the road enabling more effective selling–  Timely input of accurate customer data when on the road (no need to update when back in the office)–  Improved responsiveness to customer queries from sales teams–  Enable your sales teams to manage routine tasks and better serve their customers by providing them with an enhanced sales experience where they can deliver real time information, answers and results.–  Native integration with the iPhone delivering a rich, familiar interface–  Ability to switch between optimised iPad UI and full screen browsing, offering increased choice for better mobile adoptionsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Social CRMSage CRM for Facebookcomplimenting the existingLinkedIn & TwitterFeaturessagecrm.com/7.2
    • Social CRMThe Statistics–  Social media revenue worldwide is –  34% of marketers have generated leads expected to reach $34 billion by 2016 on Twitter (HuffingtonPost) (Gartner) –  31% of consumers read online reviews–  By 2016, more than 1.5 billion people will before making a purchasing decision use social networks, an increase of 57% from 2011 (Gartner)–  Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users (Jeff Bullas)–  An average Facebook user has 130 friends (All Twitter)–  LinkedIn has 161 million members in 200 countries (All Twitter)–  Every second, two new members join LinkedIn (All Twitter)–  53% of people on Twitter mention products and/or services in their tweets (Qualmansagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRMFor FacebookFeatures Include:–  Light Facebook Integration–  View Company or Person Facebook details on the Person and Company screens–  Facebook Search on the Dashboardsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Sage CRM for FacebookBenefits Snapshot–  Brings customers’ Facebook profiles inside the customer CRM account giving you the information you need without leaving Sage CRM–  Instant information about customers and prospects - associate Facebook profiles with prospect accounts for more detailed information–  Better understand your customer base & recognise strong customers who can carry and share your messaging to their extended networks–  Obtain more relevant information for greater assessment of your opportunities–  Use this new found information to better understand the prospect you are pitching to, therefore helping you better customise the sales pitch to the potential customer–  Increased speed in accessing the right information–  Increased visibility on customer and prospect account informationsagecrm.com/7.2
    • ComplimentsOur Existing Social CRM Solutions Sage CRM for Twitter Sage CRM for LinkedIn The Sage CRM Twitter integration LinkedIn integration within Sage CRM enables you to efficiently establish, enables you to efficiently build a track, and respond to Twitter professional network of possible communication traffic in real time, and customers and partners, as well as can be used for a variety of critical providing sales teams with valuable marketing and customer relationship insight into prospective customers. requirementssagecrm.com/7.2
    • Company wide collaborationPowered by the all newSage CRM for Yammerfeaturesagecrm.com/trialsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Business CollaborationPowered by YammerFeatures Include:–  Business Collaboration for individual users and teams of users–  Collaborate with Yammer Groups–  Yammer feed in My CRM work area–  Collaborate across records using Yammer Topics–  Yammer feed will be available for Companies in Sage CRMsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Business CollaborationBenefits Snapshot–  Drive productivity through better team collaboration–  Sales managers can obtain better insight into team performance and the largest deals through employee conversations–  Monitor changes taking place across opportunities in the sales pipeline–  Better visibility and performance monitoring–  Increase employee engagement through shared information–  Facilitate peer-to-peer learning through quick and easy collaboration–  Digitally merge the geographic barriers keeping teams apart with web based collaborationsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Smarter ReportingAvailable through our newreporting featuressagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Smarter ReportingFeatures Include:–  Clone Reports–  Manage export on Reports for greater security–  All charts generated in HTML5 – Flash not required–  New chart types–  Full access to Fusion charts for further reporting customisationssagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Smarter ReportingBenefits Snapshot–  Faster, secure, customised reports, quickly populated with the latest CRM information–  Rich new graphic charts and report cloning capabilities enable users to quickly create visual reports with interactive graphs–  Save time and increase efficiencies with new clone reports functionality–  At-a-glance business insight and informed decision-making.sagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3Powerful Integrated CRMsagecrm.com/trialsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3Integration Features Include:–  Light synchronisation for high performance and stability–  Range of Real time data views (RTDVs) available for instant access to key company information including: –  Sales Quotes –  Sales Orders –  Deliveries –  Sales Invoices –  Credits –  Payments–  Direct access to quote, order, invoice and sales credit information from X3 into the hands of Sage CRM users.–  Opportunity for BPs to leverage the Sage ERP X3 web services capability to develop deeper integrationsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Positioning…Sage ERP X3 CRM & Sage CRM Sage ERP X3 CRM Core Sage CRM Advanced Features Features –  Support existing customers –  Lead to cash full process integration (customer care, support, helpdesk….) –  Advanced Marketing capabilities (e.g. Email Marketing) –  Full contact management system + –  Advanced queries capabilities (profiling, –  Support Sales Management (KPI’s, segmentation and scoring…) dynamic reports…) –  Great Mobility (SFA) & BYOD compliant –  Businesses that earn the majority of their revenue from contracts –  CRM Customer Portal –  Advanced analytical tools & proactive customer processes related automation –  Advanced collaborative functionssagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3Benefits Snapshot Real-time data Clean data views help create a across the entire complete view business of the customer Bring together isolated information Better Business creating a single, Insight customer centric viewsagecrm.com/7.2
    • Sage CRM 7.2Sage CRM & Sage ERP X3Benefits Snapshot–  Helping build better, longer lasting relationships with customers–  Helps drive productivity across your entire business–  Improve communication across departments, enabling access to accurate and comprehensive information that delivers a full customer view–  Improved customer communication, and improved customer loyalty through the delivery of excellent customer servicesagecrm.com/7.2
    • See for yourself thedifference thatSage CRM could make toyour businesswww.sagecrm.com For  more  informa=on,    please  contact  us  at     Sundae  Solu=ons  Co.,  Ltd.   Bangkok,  Thailand  Get Social with Sage CRM & stay up to date URL:  www.sundae.co.th   Email.  marke=ng@sundae.co.th   Tel.  +66  2634  8899  sagecrm.com/7.2