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Brochure Eduserve

  1. 1. Session 2014-15 Session 2014-15
  2. 2. From the Chairman & Managing Directors Desk. ing Let us think of education as the means of develop e is a private our greatest abilities, because in each of us ther ed into benefit hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translat for everyone and greater strength for our nation. s of educating the next generation. The promoter It is a privilege to be entrusted with the task of in the of educational expertise with proven success Sunbeam EduServe Ltd. with almost 4 decades everything else which comes within the purview field of education, curricular activities, sports and ld now like to take this privilege and honour to of providing well rounded holistic education wou too can be associated with this honoured and like minded people the world over so that they sform youth and hence transform society by sacrosanct domain of education and help tran EduServe Ltd. opening Sunbeam Schools powered by Sunbeam pany promoted by people who have been in the Sunbeam EduServe Ltd. is a Public Limited Com p of been the visionaries behind the Sunbeam Grou field of education for the last 40 years and have also has an esteemed panel of advisors who are Educational Institutions. Sunbeam EduServe Ltd. al also associated with some of the best education experts with proven credentials. EduServe is m of the e additions to the academic delivery syste ancillary organisations giving professional valu schools. land on the fact that the Indian Education Sector is a Sunbeam EduServe Ltd. has been set up based the the leap from a developing economy to one of of opportunities and challenges. As India makes have gone up for and the value of education global leaders of the information age, the need high -economic landscape of India have placed exponentially. While the fast changing socio supply mismatch and the need to deliver quality premium on quality education, the acute demand e schools like education have highlighted the need for mor the educational Sunbeam to be established to cater to India . requirements of the students fraternity across minded people Sunbeam EduServe seeks the association of like ols and gifting who would like to join us in opening Sunbeam Scho the students fraternity of their city a Dream School which would irements. cater to their complete holistic educational requ DEEPAK MADHOK 1 Session 2014-15
  3. 3. minded Societies/Trusts/CompaniesSunbeam Eduserve Ltd. in association with like like to establish across India and abroad :(registered under sec. 25, Companies Act) would TM E)Sunbeam School - KG to Class XII (to be affiliated to CBS OUR SERVICES: tion efficiency. Sunbeam involves time, a well-drawn-out plan and execu Setting up a world-class school is a process that rve Ltd. is the only company ensure a successful venture. Sunbeam Eduse EduServe Ltd. will help you at every step to assistance to establish and lete educational transformation and turn-key offering consultancy and expertise for comp this field. run schools with our 40 year old experience in I. PRE-OPERATIONAL SERVICES:  Human Resource Planning  Teaching Methodology & Philosophy  Infrastructure Designing and Layout  Procurement and Material Management  IT Management  Financial & Cost flow Analysis  Marketing & Promotion II. POST OPERATIONAL SERVICES  Curriculum & Syllabus Support ent  Human Resources & Training Managem  IT Management  Marketing & Promotion  Facilities Management  Operations Management  Quality Assurance  Events Support · R&D Support · Affiliation Knowhow 2 Session 2014-15
  4. 4. Sunbeam Schools Education Optimized !! open, al, social, and emotional needs. They need an Todays new age learners have special intellectu have develop superior thinking skills. Students should enriched educational environment designed to the skills and peers and be encouraged to develop stimulating interaction with their intellectual ide ing members of the society. Sunbeam Schools prov character traits of creative, productive, contribut ol life. We take great that supports and nurtures scho a congenial, positive, enthusiastic school climate in well aware of personal responsibility and steeped pride in gifting to the society students who are ing, and respectful conduct. task commitment, self-discipline, independent learn iding you : The SUNBEAM association benefits you by prov less ¥ Well researched, structured curriculum broken down to monthly/daily schedule for seam implementation. tant ¥ Training, up-gradation and assessme nt of teachers on a regular basis along with cons ce levels and operation al effectiveness. professional inputs to improve quality, performan alent ¥ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP ) for implementing standardised systems prev amongst all Sunbeam Schools. ¥ Association with ancillary educational service providers to add value to your school. ¥ Affiliation know how. ¥ Impeccable reputation of The Sunbeam brand What we require from a Sunbeam Associate: nd 4-5 Crores over a period of 6 years and a land ¥ Total Investment to the tune of arou requirement of 2 to 3 acres. could vary tructure and quent funding is dependent on the level of infras Please note that the initial investment and subse based on location and other factors. The Sunbeam School Benefits busin ess venture, by being part of an established and ¥ Assurance of a successful respectable reputed brand. ¥ Acknowledgment as an educator who is doing his bit to change and develop society. ¥ Unlimited growth opportunity General Terms & Conditions ¥ Non-Refundable Signing amount of 5 Lakhs. d by 10% every five years. ¥ Annual Licence Fees of 4 Lakhs to be appreciate over. ¥ 7% royalty to be paid from your total monthly turn wed after that). ¥ Initial Agreement period of 30 years . (To be rene change. ¥ Taxes as per the Government policy & subject to 3 Session 2014-15
  5. 5. Sunbeam Schools THE PAST is Filled with Glorious Legacies s THE FUTURE is Holds umpteen Possibilitie lling in ¤ Sunbeam Schools have carved a niche for themselves in all spheres of holistic education exce every conceivable facet of school education. e regions ¤ Sunbeamians across branches have topp ed CBSE exams down the years in their respectiv bringing laurels to themselves and to the school. rricular ¤ Sunbeam Schools have been winning National and International competitions in the co-cu and abroad. and extra curricular fields organised all over India several ¤ Sunbeam Schools have a proven track record in the field of sports having produced ts fields. international and national champions in their spor en field of ¤ Leisure Time Activity sessions provide an opportunity to all the students to excel in a chos interest and bring out their innate talent. ms thus ¤ Sunbeamians have the opportunity to interact with the best Role Models in various strea s to be successful. getting to have a first hand knowledge of what it take the same heights, is the conviction of our That all associate schools will one day attain delivery and support system. eam co- ¤ As associate schools, you will benefit when your students will participate in Inter Sunb curricular festival & Inter Sunbeam Sports festival. upgrade themselves through workshops (both ¤ Teachers regularly will have the opportunity to internal and external), newsletters and website. sheets , notices and activity time table schedules ¤ Schools will be provided with assignments, work culum delivery across schools. on daily/monthly basis to maintain uniformity in curri all the schools for thorough quality audits in ¤ Quality Control Group will be making visits to backs and suggestions. academic and administration avenues and give feed d over will be made available to all the schools ¤ All developments in the education front the worl through the Sunbeam EduServe R & D cell. nt body through indoor and outdoor media will ¤ Comprehensive marketing support by the pare help project all schools at their best. 4 Session 2014-15
  6. 6. MessagesGreetings!! The change ed technology empowered learning modules!!Happy to note that Sunbeam Eduserve has start g ower learning. The role of technology in integratindyna mics is ushering a variety of modern tools to emp information remarkable. Borderlessness, universal access tolearning and bridging space and time has been cted the an needs is something to marvel at. This has impaand the speed of information available to humlearning institutions and the learning process. ing its vast addressing to these emergent issues and bringI am happy to note that Sunbeam Eduserve is go a long ram all success and I am sure your efforts would resources to the learning domains. I wish the prog way in transforming the classroom learning.Yours truly,G. BalasubramanianFormer Director (Academics)CBSE workshops for Sunbeam administrators andMr. Balasubramanian has conducted several tutions.teachers and has been a guiding light for our insti ******************************** new endeavor. Heres wishing all the best to Sunbeam in this You have all our good wishes! Ashish Rajpal Director, idiscoveri ent and teachers training provider and in idiscoveri is Indias premier leadership developm workshops and teachers empowerment association with Wipro has conducted several programmes for the group. ******************************** Greetings!! called Group of Schools has launched a new venture It gives me great pleasure to know that the Sunbeam s tried and to schools across the country offering Sunbeam Sunbeam EduServe which will be reaching out tested educational pedagogy. mode of ing schools, we have always believed that this As individuals who learnt a lot starting and runn be a successful best mode. That is why I think this will creating, using and then offering others is the model and very useful for schools too. I wish the new endeavour all the very best. Sridhar Rajagopalan Managing Director, Educational Initiatives analysis based test called ASSET and Educational Initiatives conducts Indias biggest in English, Maths and Science for all the Sunbeam Schools conduct ASSET diagnostic tests students from Class III to X. 5 Session 2014-15
  7. 7. 6Session 2014-15
  8. 8. Address- B 25/3A, Jawahar Nagar Colony, Varanasi-221005Contact- 08874022228, 08874150173, 08874100003, 08874100006 Email- Visit us at