Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2
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Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2



Cbse Class 7 Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2 -

Cbse Class 7 Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2 -



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Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2 Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 2 Document Transcript

  • MATHEMATICS SAMPLE TEST PAPER (SEMSTER II) CLASS VII Class:7 Max Mks:45 Time :2hrs No of pages: 3 General Instructions: Ò All questions are compulsory. Ò Questions 1to 4carry 1mark each. Ò Questions 5 to 13 carry 2mark each. Ò Questions 14 to 18 carry 3mark each. Ò Questions 19 to 20 carry 4mark each. I. Fill in the blanks 1. 59 % in decimal is _____ 2. Draw a parallel line of 3cm. 3. Find the number of line of symmetry for the given figures 4. The area of equilateral triangle can be calculated by the formula _________ 5. If the price of a bicycle increases from 1250 to Rs 1650. what is the percentage increase in the price? 6. In the given figure name adjacent angle, vertically opposite angle
  • 7. In how many years will Rs 2025 amount to Rs 3580 at 7.5% per annual 8. Construct a triangle ABC with AB = 6 am, AC = 8 cm and angle B = 1050 9. Find the perimeter of the shape 10. A rectangular park of length 150m and breadth 100m is surrounded externally by a round of width 2m. Find the area of road. 11. The area of a triangle, whose base and corresponding altitude are 6cm and 7 cm, is equal to the area of a triangle whose one of the sides containing the right angle is 4.5 cm. Find the other side of the triangle 12. Find the value of x,y,z in the figure If PQ is parallel to BC . 13. Two side of triangle are 9 cm and 1 cm long. What can be the length of its third side ? Justify ? 14. Find the value of x
  • 15. Circle C1 is congruent to circle C2, if the radius of C1 is 6 cm, find the diameter of C2 16. In the given circle, o is the center and p is the midpoint of its chord AB. Prove that OP is perpendicular to AB. 17. Draw polygon that have a rotational asymmetry off order 2 and 3 18. In the given figure find angle ACD, ADC DAC 19. Construct a triangle PQR QR = 5cm, PQ = 7 cm and angle Q = 1400. Draw PM perpendicular to QR. 20. The data given below shows the average rainfall in a city from Jan to May of certain year . Draw a bar graph to represent this information. a) what is the ratio o f the rainfall in the month Feb and May b) what is the total amount of rainfall from month Jan to May.