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Class 6 Cbse English Sample Paper Model 1
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Class 6 Cbse English Sample Paper Model 1


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Cbse Class 6 English Sample Paper Model 1 -

Cbse Class 6 English Sample Paper Model 1 -

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  • 1. w w w English Sample Paper Class 6 Max Marks:50 _____________________________________________________________________ This paper consists of 3 sections. A. Reading 15 marks B. Writing 20 marks C. Grammar 15 marks Section A – Reading We all love the very look of penguins. Penguins are a group of aquatic birds that live mostly in Antarctica. They are easily identified by the black and white plumage and their wings that have evolved into flippers. Though it is a commonly known fact that penguins are found in Antarctica, one species has also been spotted near the equator. At present, there are about 20 known living species of penguins around. Penguins are known for their swimming. Yes, for beings that are birds by birth, choosing to leave their ability to fly is quite surprising, as is choosing swimming. So, what makes them good swimmers? Well, they have some amazing physical features that make them energy efficient underwater. Here are some of the features that make them good swimmers. • Their dense wing bone makes them less buoyant. • Their bulky bodies keep them insulated from the cold waters, helping them dive further deep into the water. • Their wings are used to propel far below the surface. With such features, it is not surprising to see them being named as good swimmers. Answer the following. • Where can you find penguins? 2 marks • What do you think makes penguins good swimmers? 3 marks • How many species of penguins do you think are there today? 2 marks • In your own words, write as to what you like about penguins? 5 marks • What do you think is the crux of this paragraph? 3 marks
  • 2. w w w Section B – Writing • Complete the following story in your own words in not more than 200 words. 15 marks Princess and prince playing – kiss – prince turn to a frog. King and queen come – shocked – yell – ask questions. Princess replies – parents take the frog to court magician – turn back to prince. Everyone upset – go to vizier for help – vizier ask questions – thinks to give suggestions. Idea comes – asks princess to kiss normal boy – princess kisses – nothing happens – everyone rejoice. Suddenly queen starts crying – how will princess marry prince – kissing only changes to frog. Everyone thinks. • Read the telephonic conversation between mom and daughter. Since dad is not around, daughter writes a note to keep her dad posted. Write a note as how the daughter would have written to her father. 5 Marks Mom: Hi sweetheart, how are you? Daughter: Hey mom, am good. How are you? How come you called? Mom: Sweetie, I am stuck with work. Looks like I will not be able to move out till 10PM. I will not be able to make it for dinner tonight. Can you and dad cook up something for yourselves? Daughter: But mom…..we made reservations. Cant you come by 9 atleast? Mom: No dear. Its pretty tough. I don’t want to promise you something I cannot deliver. Daughter: Its ok mom. I understand. I will inform dad and we will wait for you for dinner with something that we will cook. I will go and get some groceries for us to cook. Love you mom. Bye Mom: Love you sweetheart. Thanks. Bye Section C – Grammar • Choose the appropriate option from the brackets and fill in the blanks. 5 Marks There is a wild fruit _____ (that, there, this) grows at the foothills of the mountain near Adelle’s home. She has always wanted to try ______( them, him, it), but was scared since ______( it, they, we) were not the usual ones. It was November and the tree of the wild fruit had started to bear new leaves that were a welcome sight. The flowers _____ (were, where, there) very attractive for anyone who looked at
  • 3. w w w ____( them, it). The bloom lasts for three ____(to, too, from) four weeks, making it suitable _____( for, at, on) landscaping. • Rearrange the words to form meaningful sentences. 5 marks • species are of there roses over 100. • freshwater an broken is piece glacier has a large iceberg of ice that off a . • naked a visible few are to eye constellations the. • dog adopt stella to the vet to a went. • Change the following to direct speech. 5 marks • He told her that she can keep the book. • Ram asked his son to maintain a healthy lifestyle. • Murali informed Raj that a dog bit him in the morning. • Rekha asked him to wait for his turn. • All the rats shouted in chorus as to who was to bell the cat.