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SPI Agency Presentation
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SPI Agency Presentation


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. One Source. So Many Solutions.
  • 2.
  • 3. Who We Are and What We Do
    Sunrise Promotions, Inc. (SPI) is a sales promotions agency, specializing in customer and employee acquisition and retention. We’ve been at it since 1995, with the same philosophy- “your success is our success”. This may sound cliché, but that’s just how we see it.
    Our aim is to develop marketing solutions and campaigns that deliver measurable ROI for you, the client. The approach may be creative, but remaining customer focused, meeting and exceeding our clients' business objectives is the goal.
    With many great long standing business relationships, we like to think that our philosophy and work are appreciated. Let’s get started on building a great relationship…
  • 4. How We Help Your Agency
    Whether a small or large agency, we can be your value added partner
    Big Bad Brander
    • Turnkey solutions you can (re-package) and offer to your clients- from concept to completion
    • 5. Al a carte selection (use us for the parts you need)
    • 6. Lower your overhead and resource expenditures
    • 7. Get different approaches and ideas
    • 8. Confidentiality
    Mighty Mini Marketer
  • 9. Our Services
  • Key Objectives We Address
    • Generate in-store, on-site or web traffic and sales
    • 20. Build a loyal, profitable customer base
    • 21. Acquire, retain and motivate productive employees
    • 22. Increase brand awareness and foster goodwill
    • 23. Collect quantifiable marketing data
    • 24. Event promotion (grand opening, product launch, tradeshow, etc.)
  • Some Methods to Achieve Objectives
    • Interactive Web based and On-site Promotions
    • 25. Custom Character Marketing
    • 26. Sport Licensing and Sponsorship Programs
    • 27. Digital Rewards Promotion
    • 28. Loyalty Program (Fuel Rebates, Travel and Premium Incentives)
    • 29. Creative Coupon Programs
    • 30. Dimensional Direct Mail Campaigns
    • 31. Contests, Sweepstakes, Games and Events Promotion
  • Place your WebDecoder here!
    Interactive Decoder Promotions
    Valuable contact data, feedback & experience collected
    Interactive decoders utilize patented-technologies to create interactive campaigns and engage customers across multiple advertising mediums. A unique approach to promote and enhance brand awareness, optimize engagement, and drive traffic to websites, retail locations, trade show exhibits, sporting and specialty events.
    Everyone is
    A winner!
  • 32. Interactive Decoder Promotions
  • 33. Why Interactive Decoder Promotions?
    • Interactive Decoders generate unsurpassed results!
    • 34. Proven response rates of up to 30% (well above typical DM rates of 1-2%)
    • 35. Lower costs per lead
    • 36. A solid mechanism for collecting customer data that can be used for future marketing campaigns
    • 37. A strong incentive to drive traffic to website, retail facilities or events
  • Interactive Decoder Promotions: Case Study
    Black & Decker
    Build electronic user database for additional email marketing purposes
    Strategy :
    600,000 pieces mailed / 50,000 product tip-in
    Results :
    New registered users – 33.51% response rate
    Product tip-in – 37.48% response rate
  • 38. On-Site / Interactive: TrafficTicket™ System
    • Interactive consumer promotion utilizing patentedsecurity ink and print technology
    • 39. TrafficTickets™ distributed to consumers through direct mail, newspaper insert, in-store or at events
    • 40. Customer visit specified location with POS display to insert game ticket and see what prize they’ve won
    • 41. Game piece activate lights on display to indicate winnings
    • 42. Turnkey service includes design, production, distribution and fulfillment
    • 43. Everyone is a winner!
  • Benefits of TrafficTicket™ System
    • Excellent Response Rates
    • 44. Low Frequency visits like Auto Dealers: 3% - 6% response rates
    • 45. Medium Frequency visits like Banks/Credit Unions: 10% - 15% response rates
    • 46. High Frequency visits like C-Stores or Department Stores: 10% - 35% response rates
    • 47. Value
    Consider the ROI with response rates as high as 35% and Cost-effective Promotion Materials… compare to traditional DM rate of 1%-3% or FSI’s 1%
    • Satisfaction
    More than 95% of those who have used the TrafficTickets™ System say they will use it again and are extremely satisfied with their results
  • 48. TrafficTicket™ System: Case Study
    Green Giant
    Increase Sales and build brand loyalty
    In-store promotion. TrafficTickets™ were handed to shoppers inside 750 grocery stores. Consumers were motivated to find the special display to see what they’d won
    Results :
    35% response = 350,000 out of every one million shoppers found the special display, played the game, and purchased product
    Sales rose 200% and remained at that level for nine weeks following the event, which proved brand shifting
    Game Card
    Floor Display
  • 49. Character Marketing
  • 50. Why Character Marketing?
    • Strengthen brand awareness
    A custom character personifies a brand and brings it to life which elevates the response and recall rate
    • The mass appeal factor
    Character programs can create goodwill and ongoing brand relationships with a broad appeal to children, parents and the media
    • Some of our favorite advertising icons/ characters
    Aflac Duck
    Chick-fil-A Cows - Eat MorChikin
    Geico Gecko
    Smokey Bear
    Mr. Peanut
  • 51. Character Marketing : Case Study
    Snack Manufacturer
    Get end aisle display in key accounts which could increase sales by 300%
    Plush characters were created and mail-in offer implemented. Toys were featured on displays as dealer loaders (gift to store manager for authorizing off-shelf display). Consumers could get either plush character for a reasonable price with proof of purchase from product packages
    Result :
    100% of all displays were placed and sales exceeded all expectations
  • 52. Sports Licensing Promotion: Case Study
    Burger King
    Super Bowl Tickets Promotion-Gift with Purchase
    Increase sales of Coke with super size meals
    Free (self liquidating) NFL Super Tickets Poster with purchase. Additional POP and promotional merchandises also incorporated
    Over 500,000 posters were given away in the first two weeks of the campaign
  • 53. Digital Reward Programs
  • 54. How Digital Rewards Work
    Music Downloads
    Audio Books
    Gourmet Rewards
    Magazine Subscription
    Phone Time
    Photo Prints
    Movie Tickets
    Hotel Gift Cards
    Seed Paper Cards
    • Digital premium is chosen to best fit and appeal to target audience
    • 55. Method of distribution selected- direct mail, on-pack, at events, POS, etc.
    • 56. Consumer interaction on custom website- surveys, sweepstakes, directions, information, etc.
    • 57. Consumer is rewarded, educated or informed
  • Why Digital Rewards?
    • Expose more potential buyers to the brand
    • 58. Interact with consumers and collect valuable data
    • 59. High-perceived value but low cost premiums
    • 60. Consumer receives instant gratification which is tied to the brand
    • 61. Customers have the power to choose
    • 62. Selection of rewards appeal to multiple target markets
    • 63. Track promotions with real-time redemption metrics
  • Digital Rewards Promotion: Case Study
    MTV/ Herbal Essences
    Boost retail sales with youth market
    Herbal Essences partnered with MTV and implemented an on-pack campaign with a free Ringtone offer on specially marked shampoo and conditioner bottles
    A sizable increase in retail purchase plus they were able to create a customer database of teens and young adults for on-going marketing campaigns
  • 64. Digital Rewards Promotion: Case Study
    Communicate with and acquire customers in the Hispanic market
    Phone cards were produced in Spanish. Keeping in touch with family and friends in their native country is important in the Hispanic community. So Citibank distributed $10 International Phone Cards in select Direct Mail pieces
    The program has remained a successful new application tool and a staple of their Hispanic acquisition campaign
  • 65. Loyalty Programs
    Fuel - Gift - Grocery Rebates, Travel Premiums and Incentives Products
  • 66. Loyalty and Incentive Programs
    Compared to cash incentive/reward programs have proven to be far more effective for improved individual and team performance. Reward items are memorable and reinforce the relationship between reward provider and recipient(s). Cash rewards often have less long term impact, as it leaves the recipient's mind as soon as it is spent.
    Effects of a solid incentive program
    • 22% - 44% Increased performance
    • 67. Reinforced association with sponsor company which increases loyalty
    • 68. High perceived value due to increased emotional attachment
    • 69. Attractive to all levels of customers or employees
  • Coupon Promotions
  • 70. Coupon Promotions
    Creative Coupon Promotions can Outperform Typical FSI, Newspaper, Circulars, Etc.
    Just a few options:
    • Patented Peel-A-Deal® coupon wallet card
    • 71. Capture wallet real estate, no more leaving coupon flyer at home
    • 72. Coupons are removable and card kept for ongoing exposure (4-16 coupons)
    • 73. Experience 5% -30% and above redemption rate
    • 74. Coupon calendar advertising
    • 75. 98% of American homes use at least one calendar
    • 76. 83% of consumers patronize the business that provided their calendar
    • 77. 365 days of advertising for pennies per impression
    • 78. Magnetic coupon promotion
    • 79. Inexpensive marketing option with staying power
    • 80. The average American visits their refrigerator 22 times per day
    (8,030 impressions per year)
  • 81. Dimensional Direct Mail
    Direct mail has the ability better target your audience and measure a program's effectiveness. However what is the effectiveness if the recipient doesn't even open the mail piece?
    Advantages of Dimensional Direct Mail
    • Stand out amidst basic #10 envelopes
    • 82. Increased ROI over standard mail pieces
    • 83. Almost guaranteed to get opened
    • 84. Increased customer engagement
  • Sweepstakes and Games Promotion
    Games of chance promotions are a win-win for both businesses and consumers. The consumer is thrilled at the chance to win a “life changing” prize, while the business strengthens their marketing efforts. Our creative team has 100+ years of combined experience in collect & win games and promotions.
    Why sweepstakes, games and contests
    • Gain consumer attention and mind share
    • 85. Collect valuable marketing data
    • 86. Boost sales, excitement and brand awareness
    • 87. Cost effective risk-free marketing
  • Sweepstakes and Games Promotion
    Game Board
    Why sweepstakes, games and contests
    • Gain consumer attention and mind share
    • 88. Collect valuable marketing data
    • 89. Boost sales, excitement and brand awareness
    • 90. Cost effective risk-free marketing
    Popular examples of collect & win games
    • McDonalds’ Monopoly Game
    • 91. Subway’s Scrabble Game
    Collector Game Pieces
  • 92. Sweepstakes Promotions: Case Study
    ACT II Popcorn
    Increase sales in commercial vending channel
    Create an online game with a chance to win $1 million. The freshness code on each product package was used for game entry
    Increased sales from 12 million to 16 million units during a 9 month promotion period
  • 93. Thank you for your time and consideration. Let’s get started on your campaign…
    Contact us at: