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Ignacio´s presentation

  1. 1. A kiss is not always just a kiss
  2. 2. Parents kiss children Worshippers kiss religious artifacts or icons Couples kiss each other Some people even kiss the ground when they get off an airplane!!!
  3. 3. Kissing is a learned behaviour (baby feeding) Kissing is instinctive (bonobo apes)
  4. 4. Research suggests that mothers kiss their babies because of the way prehistoric mothers fed their children.
  5. 5. Many animal species exhibit kissing-like behaviors.
  6. 6. What an incredible smell! People in some cultures rub one another's noses or cheeks rather than, or in addition to, kissing. Anthropologists theorize that this “ Eskimo kiss " grew from people smelling one another's faces much the way animals do.
  7. 7. Whether, why and how people kiss depends largely on psychological , biological and social factors. The effects of kissing
  8. 8. Brain response to kissing Oxytocin , which helps people develop feelings of attachment, devotion and affection for one another Dopamine , which plays a role in the brain's processing of emotions, pleasure and pain Serotonin , which affects a person's mood and feelings Adrenalin , which increases heart rate
  9. 9. hormones rush natural endorphins euphoria heart rate increase blood vessels dilate more oxygen Biological reactions
  10. 10. THE HISTORY OF THE KISS This painting, called "Kiss," was painted by Francesco Hayez in the 19th century. Before the 19th century, kisses did not appear frequently in Western artwork.
  11. 11. There aren't many records of kissing in the Western world until the days of the Roman Empire. The Romans even came up with three different categories for kissing: Osculum was a kiss on the cheek Basium was a kiss on the lips Savolium was a deep kiss Kissing categories
  12. 12. The kiss at the end of a wedding probably comes from ancient Roman kissing traditions.
  13. 13. Kiss of Judas One of the Western world's most famous kisses is the kiss Judas Iscariot used to betray Jesus shortly before his crucifixion. This kiss had an influence on Christian spiritual practices.
  14. 14. Kissing under the Mistletoe
  15. 15. Kissing the Blarney Stone Tourists visiting Ireland often stop by Blarney Castle near Cork to kiss the Blarney Stone.
  16. 16. This famous photograph captures a celebratory kiss in New York City's Times Square at the end of World War II.