Disaster management terminology
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Disaster management terminology






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Disaster management terminology Disaster management terminology Presentation Transcript

  • Md. Nurul Alam
  • ◦ What is Disaster?◦ Idea regarding various terminology used in Disaster Management
  • "When anybody asks me how I can best describemy experience of nearly forty years at sea, Imerely say, uneventful. Of course there hasbeen winter gales and storms and fog and thelike. But in all my experience, I have never beenin any accident of any sort worth speakingabout. I have seen but one vessel in distress inall my years at sea ... I never saw A wreck andnever have been wrecked, nor was I ever in anypredicament that threatened to end in disasterof any sort.”
  • Floods EpidemicsSuper Cyclone Landslide
  • International Strategy For Disaster Reduction (2000 on wards…)◦ “The ISDR aims at building disaster resilient communities by promoting increased awareness of the importance of disaster reduction as an integral component of sustainable development, with the goal of reducing human, social, economic and environmental losses due to natural hazards and related technological and environmental disasters”
  • Disaster Management Terminology
  • Basic At the end of this session, you should be able to:Definitions Define disaster, hazard, & Terms risk, vulnerability, capacity, response, Learning relief, rehabilitation, Objectives reconstruction, development, mitigation, preparedness and prevention
  • The probability that in thea Reconstruction Prevention Preparedness Actions taken are Capacities community’s aftermath of a structureThe processprior those positive or Measures taken DISASTER HAZARD Risk Sustained to: to to disaster Permanent efforts by a undertaken Measures taken Rehabilitation Response Development Relief geographicimpact is a area is Actions taken repair Vulnerability to a to the victims of measuresto or condition repair • assist are disaster- intended to in Measures that or improve be theimmediately of damaged disaster Measures dwellings; avert takensets of The serious disruption of condition or minimize functioning Phenomenon or situation,or their a to and which has disaster or inaffected impact anticipation or which abilities material required replace a the disruptedsearch disaster maintain society, causing widespreadfrom by the essential the potential to cause disruption of human, following the if •its effects occurring, to whichcommunity damaged thatas to re-establish conditions dwellings rescue ofof aand a impact survivors, socialthat particular or environmental losses, increase the damage to people, their property, their when ensureexceedreferred of a disaster (sometimes services; (to well reducesaccount of appropriate people’s possible hazard, on the restore fully effective and infrastructure toeconomic basic meet and well- services the affected peopleexceptional and their environmentcope using theircommunity’sthe ability of Vulnerability to structural and •torevive key economic asHazard x needsand aresetathe pre- and actions itself water, impede a to in ability totaken Risk beingDisaster to of for shelter,hazard nature, prepare their own resources. measures are = healthbacklevel of social activities non-structural on with and that to deal ability does so disaster economyit care. construction, and foodfor, withstand ornot community meet the aftermath. Capacity proximity to a to required measures). functioning. course. to a hazards.harmful respondarea. hazard have any basic needs of the An event, either man-madehazardous or natural, sudden or survivors. effects). progressive, causing widespread human, material or environmental losses
  • Disaster Risk Management A broad range of activities designed to:  Prevent the loss of lives  Minimize human suffering  Inform the public and authorities of risk  Minimize property damage and economic loss  Speed up the recovery process
  • Can you describethese situationsnow?
  • is a condition or sets ofconditions that reduces people’sability to prepare for, withstandor respond to a hazard
  • The probability that a community’sstructure or geographic area is tobe damaged or disrupted by theimpact of a particular hazard, onaccount of their nature,construction, and proximity to ahazardous area.
  • Actions taken immediatelyfollowing the impact of adisaster when exceptionalmeasures are required to meetthe basic needs of thesurvivors.
  • Topic Covered Today◦ What is Disaster?◦ Idea regarding various terminology used in Disaster Management
  • Any Question?
  • References www.adpc.netwww.unisdr.org