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Some basic knowledge of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing

  1. 1. Hi, @sumochi.doan doanthikimchi1 (+84)903 780 128
  2. 2. CONTENTS TOOLS GENERAL Website, Microsite Display Ads Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing DIGITAL MARKETING Vietnam Digital Trend INTERACTIVE PROCESS Market Research Plan, timeline & Budget Executing Evaluate, CPA, ROI
  3. 3. What’s GOING ON???
  4. 4. VIETNAM DIGITAL TREND Vietnam Internet Population is very Young They spend a lot of time online/ TV & Print is losing their attention Reading News, Listen to the music, Facebook, writing Blog & Visit Forum online Social Network is very familiar Almost of them have high speed connection
  5. 5. AISAS A new consumption behavior Model Search Engine/ Social Marketing ATTENTION INTEREST A I SEARCH ACTION SHARE S A S Word of Mouth Print, TV, Events Display Ads Organic Search Referrals Social Media Collateral Paid Search Direct Email Website People search what they want in the internet or from the friends before they decide to buy something
  6. 6. 4P IN DIGITAL MARKETING PRODUCT CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS PRICE CUSTOMER COST PLACE CONVENIENCE PROMOTION COMMUNICATION Definition of Marketing is changing, it’s time to connect more with customers because the talk of them put more influences on others
  7. 7. DIGITAL MARKETING is very effective & cost saving Internet User and Smart Phone in Vietnam have increased rapidly Easy to measure, tracking Captivated, Young Audience It’s wave of the future Most of home penetration in 4 key cities in Vietnam
  9. 9. IN VIETNAM Website/Microsite Social Network Email Marketing Forum Seeding PR Online Paid Media Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Zingme, Twistter, Intergram Getresponse, Mailchimp Webtretho, VOZ, DDTH, hihihehe Vnexpress, 24h, Dantri,, Vietnamnet Admarket, Banner, Opp Up, Opp Under, Google Adwords, FB Ads
  10. 10. WEBSITE & MICROSITE Microsite of Sunsilk
  11. 11. WEBSITE • • • • • • The Process Website Design Trend 2013, 2014 Interactive of Website Quotation & Proposal Technique SEO
  12. 12. MICROSITE • Using for Event, Campaign, Contest… for a brand. Simple. Interact with users. Attractive Design. Flash. Short term. • Microsite Design Trend 2013, 2014 • Interactive of Website • Technique: High; It should be followed by an apps on smartphone
  13. 13. PAID MEDIA > Display Ads: Admicro, Vietad, Admax, Innity > Google Display Network > Google Adwords: CPC, CPM > Facebook Ads • Budget • KPI
  14. 14. PAID MEDIA
  15. 15. PAID MEDIA / Ad Network Advertising Network is the host collecting all publishers and help the customer get easy to booking advertising GOOGLE, CHITIKA, INFOLINKS, ADMAX AMBIENT, INNITY, ADMARKET….
  16. 16. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING SEO On page Source Content is the king Sitemap Off page Backlink
  17. 17. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Video sharing: Youtube, Daily Motion, Photo sharing: Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket,,… Music sharing: Zing Mp3, Nhaccuatui,,… Social Network: Facebook, ZingMe,, Linkedin, Myspace, Google+, Twitter Forum: Webtretho, otosaigon, voz All in one:, Others:,, Yahoo Ask, Google Ask Facebook is the domination in Social Market. Flickr is the largest Photosharing Community Youtube is the king of video sharing
  18. 18. EMAIL MARKETING • • NOTE: . Database . Key message & how to get interaction? . Design & HTML . Subscribe and unsubscribe
  19. 19. FORUM SEEDING ---THE PROCESS-- Analyze and define target audiences & objectives  Selecting the suitable forums  Communication Message  Action Plan (Account Register, post, follow, admin comments…)  Risks & Crisis management – Anticipate the good or bad comments & response plan – Manage some negative comments of competitors  Measure, evaluate – Use Google Analytics to estimate Traffic – Estimate Comment, Like, Vote, Thanks… – Evaluate Comment
  20. 20. COMMUNITY • A group of people talking/sharing about their interest attached to your brands /products /services • Two ways: Follow the customers Make a place for them: Your own Website, forum Or using the existing platform
  21. 21. DIGITAL MARKETING is a part of IMC Advertising Public Relation Sales Promotion Trade Marketing Direct Marketing INTERGRATE MARKETING COMMUNICATION Brand Activation Digital Marketing
  22. 22. HOW TO MIX UP ALL TOOLS Brand Awareness: Display Ads, Paid Media, Social Network, Forum Seeding (Launching new brand) Sales target: SEO, Google Adwords, Event online & Promotion, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing
  23. 23. Hi, @sumochi.doan doanthikimchi1 (+84)903 780 128