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Mc donald's ppt

  1. 1. By:Emilyanne Smith, President of McDonaldZhicheng Wang, Director of Culinary InnovationSumana Prasai, Senior Director of NutritionGabriela Cevallos, Marketing DirectorAdam Kazawic, Head Architecti’m lovin’ it!
  2. 2. HistoryMcDonalds was founded in 1948 by brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald.Together they opened up their own burger stand in San BernardinoCalifornia. Today McDonalds has grown from that little burger stand to aglobal fast-food chain. McDonalds has more than 30,000 locations in 118 countries.
  3. 3. What do we Offer?McDonalds has a wide variety of menu options that arehealthier and more nutritious compared to their leadingcompetitors.Our meals provide daily servings of fruit, vegetables,whole grains, calcium, vitamin D, and protein.
  4. 4. What do we offer?What we have that stands out from otherplaces?Healthy menu optionsFoods from different countriesOpen 24/7Delivery to anywhere on campusVariety of different food
  5. 5. How we will benefit ean University? We will be able to employee 40% of our student body that’s6,400 students who will be employed. Bring in revenue to the school; the average McDonaldsmake about $8000 a day. Locally on campus so it is easy and convenient Accepts Kean’s Cougar dollars, or Flex Dollars.
  6. 6. Zhicheng Wang - Director of Culinary Innovation
  7. 7. Main Menu• Breakfast• Drink & Desserts• Salads & Snacks• Burgers & Sandwiches
  8. 8. Multinational Menu
  9. 9. Vegetarian MenuKean Special MenuKean Special Menu
  10. 10. Perceptual Map of Fast Food IndustryHigh PriceLow PriceLimitedChoiceWildChoice
  11. 11. McDonalds: Valuable & Affortable55-Cent ProgramMcDonalds will surrender parts of profits and lowerdown the original price by 55 cents.
  13. 13. Does McDonald give Obesity? Find out truth!“SUPERSIZE ME”Morgan Spurlockgained 30 pounds andsaw his healthdeteriorate.5000 calories a day foodfrom McDonald.Deliberate selection offood with high calories.No physical activity!
  14. 14. “Salad Without Dressing Me”It proves that loss of body weight and lowercholesterol is possible from our food menu.Experiment was done by Jared Caputo; a filmmakerEating only McDonalds salads sans dressing, andrunning a reasonable five miles a day for a month.Results: a decimated, frail and exhausted Caputo“Salad Without Dressing Me proves that to everyaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
  15. 15. It’s not about classifying foods as“healthy” or “unhealthy.” It’s all aboutintegrating balance and moderationinto your diet.Fruit N YogurtparfaitEgg mcmufffinhamburger
  16. 16. Evolving food menus: NutritionprogressAbout 80% of mcdonald’s national menu choices are400 calories or less.Since 2011, our menu innovation team has reducedsodium across our national menu of food choices by11%.Since the introduction of McDonalds oatmeal line inJan, 2011, the company has served up more than 427million servings of whole grains.McDonald’s uses a Canola blend cooking oil where allfried menu items in McDonald’s U.S. restaurants arenow 0 grams trans fat per serving.
  17. 17. Nutritional ManagementThe first fast food restaurant to make complete nutritionalinformation available to customers (1970’s)Detailed nutritional information on the reverse side of trayliners and in Nutrition Fact BrochuresEmployee ‘participation in an e-learning program aboutnutrition and calories on company’s menu.Offer more nutrition-minded menu options and includenutrition and active lifestyle messages in our marketinginitiatives.
  18. 18. Who are our Suppliers?Lopez Food Inc. - 100% inspected beef no additives, nofillers, no extenders for more than 25 yearsTyson Foods and Keystone Foods - Chickens USDA-inspected suppliers in Australia and New ZealandThe fish in our Filet-O-Fish sandwich is 100% wild-caughtAlaskan Pollock responsibly sourced from an MSC-certified sustainable fishery.All of our egg products come to us through our world-classsupply chain experts, such as Cargill Kitchen SolutionsThe McCafé Espresso coffee beans come from Central andSouth America and the mountainous regions ofIndonesia, while the Premium Drip Coffee blend comesfrom the mountains of Columbia, Guatemala and CostaRica
  19. 19. Sustainability Support Kean Motto of “Going Green” Three approach: reduce; reuse, and recycle Committed to diverting as much waste as possible from the solidwaste stream. come up with countless small ways to make a big impact Switching to unbleached paper napkins made from recycledmaterials 82% of McDonald’s consumer packaging is made from renewablematerials, and we’re aiming for higher percentages in the future.
  20. 20. Marketing DirectorGabriela CevallosMarketing Strategy
  21. 21. PromotionsFlex Plan SystemStudents will be able to spend their Flex dollars atMcDonald’s restaurant as they do at any other campusfood service location.Rewards ProgramPunch card: Once a student gets the required number ofpunches, he receives a reward3 Punches = 1 free drink5 punches = 1 free sandwich10 punches = 1 free meal15 punches = surprise gift including cash
  22. 22. Job Opportunities40% of our staff will be formed by Kean StudentsJob Positions Available for Students:CashiersKitchen helpersDelivery guysSalaryCashiers and kitchen helpers = $8.50 per hourDelivery guys = $ 9.00 per hourEmployee’s IncentivesMcGold card and other discountsOperation HoursOpen 24/7Positions available for all three shifts
  23. 23. InternshipsMcDonald’s offers college-levelinternships usually designed for:Business studentsIT undergrad studentsMBA-level studentsInterns must make a 2-yearcommitment and work 20 hoursduring the school year to receive aneducation income
  24. 24. Scholarships “If we are going to goanywhere, we’ve got to havetalent. And, I’m going to putmy money in talent.”– Ray Kroc Every academic year,McDonald’s selects oneoutstanding student-employeeapplicant from each state toreceive a $2,500 scholarship Three students judged todemonstrate the highestcommitment to school, workand community service areselected and named “Scholar ofthe Year” with a $5,000scholarship.
  25. 25. Head ArchitectAdam Kazawic
  26. 26. Location
  27. 27. LocationRestaurant will be a totally separate building built onthe “Cougar Walk”In between the CAS, TEC, and University CenterMost convenient location on campusWill take approx. 4 months to build
  28. 28. DesignState of the Art Facility, will be two storiesKitchen & tables on 1stfloor, Lounging area withadditional tables on 2ndfloorWill also have an outside patio with overhang foroutside enjoymentEquipped with Walk-Up window for fast studentconvenience
  29. 29. DesignCameras will be installed in all areas of the restaurantfor securityWill be furnished will the most comfortable furnitureon the marketPlay Palace will also be built to provide fun activitiesfor children from Kean University’s Child Care Center
  30. 30. Budget & StaffingMcDonald’s will be providing all of the funds in orderto construct and build the restaurantStaffing will include 40% of the student populationand 60% will be staffed by Gourmet DiningMcDonalds of Kean University will be open 24 hours7 days a week
  31. 31. ConclusionApproximately 16,000 students attend KeanCurrently only have three restaurants to choose fromConstructing a McDonalds will be extremelybeneficial to the Kean communitySince we provide a large selection of delicious foodwith valuable prices that people love, we KNOW thatMcDonalds is the best choice for an additionalrestaurant on campus.
  32. 32. Thank You!