Kidney booklet launch at Kolkata Fortis Kidney Institute
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Kidney booklet launch at Kolkata Fortis Kidney Institute



Fortis Hospitals ( former Wockhardt Hospitals ) launch of Kidney Booklet at Kidney Institute

Fortis Hospitals ( former Wockhardt Hospitals ) launch of Kidney Booklet at Kidney Institute



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Kidney booklet launch at Kolkata Fortis Kidney Institute Kidney booklet launch at Kolkata Fortis Kidney Institute Presentation Transcript

  • World Kidney Day 2010
    • Better Kidneys for Better Health !
    Dr R K GopalaKrishna Fortis Hospitals and Kidney Institute Kolkata
  • Kidney : An Amazing Organ
    • A kidney is the size of a computer mouse or the human fist
  • Kidney: An Amazing Filter !
    • Unique blood purifier : filters, reabsorbs and secretes
    • 1 million nephrons in each kidney
    • Entire blood volume of 5 litres in our body circulates thru kidneys every 4 minutes
    • 180 litres body water filters out thru the nephrons
    • Almost all of this is reabsorbed, and only 2 litres passes out as urine !
  • Myths/Misconceptions
    • Myth 1: Only one kidney works at a time !
    • Reality : They always work together
    • Myth 2: People with a single kidney cannot take up strenuous work and should restrict their diet
    • Reality : They are as fit as anyone else !
    • If renal function is normal ,they eat normally
    • Myth 3 : Kidney failure means that they have stopped working completely
    • Reality: Even with a 20% kidney function, dialysis may not be necessary
    • Myth 4: with dialysis or after kidney transplant, life becomes highly restrained
    • Reality: Normal life is quite possible !
    • Myth 5: Kidney cancer means
    • ‘ end of the road ’
    • Reality: Kidney cancer is curable !
  • Kidney cancer
  • Statistics
    • Kidney cancer is the most lethal of urinary cancers
    • Childhood kidney cancer is different from adult kidney cancer
    • Children affected are usually before 4 yrs
    • Adult onset maximum between 50-70 yrs
  • Statistics
    • Men > women
    • Incidence in India : 4 per 1lakh populatio
    • in USA : 8.7 per 1lakh populatio
    • 4% have family history
    • 40% mortality for advanced kidney cancer
  • Risk factors for kidney cancer
    • Smoking
    • Obesity
    • Workplace exposure to asbestos,benzene
    • High blood pressure
    • Dialysis patients
    • Genetic factors like VHL gene
    • Family history
  • How do I detect early kidney cancer ??
    • Periodic health check up with ultrasonogram
    • Positive family history
    • Do not ignore back/ abdominal pains which does nt go away
    • Any blood in urine
    • Persisting ill health,anaemia, wt. loss
  • Advantages of early detection in kidney cancer
    • The cancer is curable
    • Only the tumor may be removed if small, preserving rest of the kidney
    • This is called ‘nephron sparing surgery’
    • Very suitable in patients with single kidney or in patients with low overall kidney function
  • Illustration of kidney preserving cancer surgery
    • 52 yr old ENT surgeon went for health check for diabetes
    • U/S showed 4 cm kidney tumor , confirmed on CT scan
    • Had partial nephrectomy done
    • Postoperative CT scan at 3 months shows nearly 70% preservation of kidney with normal function
  • 4cm tumor Kidney After operation
  • Can we prevent kidney cancer
    • Difficult – as cause is often not known
    • Avoid risk factors – smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, environmental pollutants,
    • Diet – high fruit and fibre
  • Whats new in Kidney cancer therapy
    • Nephron sparing surgery – for early cancer
    • Laparoscopic nephrectomy- removal of kidney tumor by key hole surgery
    • Cryosurgery for small tumors
    • Medications- targeted therapy
    • autologous vaccines
    • Questions
    • Thank You