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Getting Others to say Yes: Influence & Persuasion Techniques
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Getting Others to say Yes: Influence & Persuasion Techniques






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Getting Others to say Yes: Influence & Persuasion Techniques Getting Others to say Yes: Influence & Persuasion Techniques Presentation Transcript

  • Sumit DharPractice Lead,BCP & Risk Management ConsultingGlobal Business Services, HP
  • A Question for the Audience…You have two requests to make of yourmanager.The first one is a large request: you need anapproval of USD 10,000 for a team event. Thesecond one is a smaller request: you need USD350 for buying something for the team.In what order should you make these requests.↘ Option A: First make the larger request& then the smaller request↘ Option B: First make the smaller request& then the larger request↘ Option C: The order does not matter
  • Success during the Depression……Influence using Stereotypes↘ Stereotypes areshortcuts for thebrain↘ Drubeck Brothersran a tailoring shop↘ Used “Costly isGood” stereotype
  • How Ellen Langer got greater……acceptance using just one additional word↘ Ellen Langer: Harvardresearcher↘ Researched gettingahead in a queue atthe printer↘ Increased theacceptance from 60%to 94%?
  • Question that now arises is……why are Influence Skills so important?Let us hear somethoughts fromthe audience
  • ScientificallyProvenOf Influence &TechniquesPersuasion
  • Technique 1: ContrastExample from the Retail Industry↘ How contrast works:a simple examplefrom everyday life↘ Extensively used byretail industry↘ Experiences buying asuit and a pair ofsocks
  • Technique 1: ContrastExample from the Real EstateContrast techniquehelps enhance the value of a property on sale
  • Technique 2: Reject-Retreat-RepeatExample from the Youth Counseling↘ Understanding theReject-Retreat-Repeat technique↘ Youth counselingexperiment↘ How researchersincreased acceptanceby 200%
  • Technique 2: Reject-Retreat-RepeatExample from the Encyclopedia SalesReject-Retreat-Repeatused regularly by tele-callers & salesmen
  • Example: Reject-Retreat-RepeatIncredible lessons from comic strips
  • Testing our Learning…… a quick Pop QuizYour store sells Billiards tables from$300 to $3000. Customer walks inand wants to buy a table. How willyou proceed?A. Start at $300 and go upwardsB. Start at $3000 and godownwards.
  • Technique 3: ReciprocityThe Dennis Regan Art Experiment↘ Humans inherentlyprogrammed to bereciprocal↘ Prof. Regan’sexperiment onreciprocity↘ Increased acceptanceby 100%
  • Technique 3: ReciprocityThe ISKCON MethodISKCON so successfulthat they were banned from airports
  • Technique 4: Social ValidationIncredible success of Albert Bandura↘ Bandura: psychologist atStanford University;described as the greatestliving psychologist↘ Immensely successful atcuring phobias in children& adults; e.g. fear of dogs
  • Technique 4: Social ValidationExample from everyday lifeSocial validation is why you never seean empty tip jar
  • Technique 5: Commitment & ConsistencySherman’s Cancer Society Experiment↘ Experiment by SteveSherman↘ Collecting donationsfor American CancerSociety↘ Managed a 700%increase indonations! How?
  • Technique 5: Commitment & ConsistencyImproved reservation at a restaurantMajor problem with unannouncedcancellations
  • Technique 5: Commitment & ConsistencyImproved reservation at a restaurantPlease call if youhave to cancelyour reservation
  • Technique 5: Commitment & ConsistencyImproved reservation at a restaurantWill youPlease call ifyou have tocancel yourreservation?
  • Technique 6: ScarcityHuge increase in Beef Sales↘ We value what isscarce↘ Story of how a beefimport companymanaged a 600%increase in sales!
  • Technique 6: ScarcityThe inspiring story of Sir Earnest ShackletonSurviving in the Antarctic onSeal meat
  • Technique 7: AuthorityHow Stanley Milgram shocked a nation!↘ Extremelycontroversial study:the MilgramExperiment↘ A behavioral study ofobedience↘ How far would YOUgo in such a case?
  • Technique 7: AuthorityHilarious error from health-careHave you ever heard ofRectal ear ache?
  • Quick Summary…… of all the Techniques↘ Justification (Ellen Langer)↘ Contrast↘ Retreat-Reject-Repeat↘ Reciprocity↘ Social Validation↘ Commitment & Consistency↘ Scarcity↘ Authority
  • With greatpower……comes greatresponsibility!Use these techniques ethically andbecome a powerful agent ofpersuasion and influence.
  • ReferencesThe Mindfulness Chronicles - On thepsychology of Possibility by Cara Feinberg;Harvard Magazine. URL: http://goo.gl/5BHIShackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons fromthe Great Antarctic Explorer by MargotMorrell, Stephanie Capparell & AlexandraShackleton. URL: http://goo.gl/5AnxThe Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard.URL: http://goo.gl/iGdWGet Anyone to do Anything by DavidLieberman. URL: http://goo.gl/k60nHarnessing the Science of Persuasion byRobert Cialdini. Harvard Business Review.URL: http://goo.gl/7UTaThe Call of the Mall by Paco Underhill. URL:http://goo.gl/3rIZFrogs into Princes – Neuro LinguisticProgramming by Richard Bandler. URL:http://goo.gl/zbTPWhy we Buy: The Science of Shopping byPaco Underhill. URL: http://goo.gl/SNTqPersuasion Engineering by Richard Bandlerand John La Valle. URL: http://goo.gl/seTKStanley Milgram Experiment: Replication byBBC on YouTube. URL: http://goo.gl/4Ymj