Chapter 10 export assistance & incentives


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Chapter 10 export assistance & incentives

  1. 1.  Export promotion capital goods scheme Duty Drawback Exemption from Excise duty Exemption from VAT Marketing development Assistance Octroi & Rail Freight refund Market Access Initiative Duty free credit Special Incentives to EOUs Special Incentives to SEZ units
  2. 2.  DBK means refund of customs duties paid on the import of raw materials components & packaging material. DBK also involves refund of central excise duties paid on indigenous material used in the manufacture of exports products. The applications need to be made to the nearest customs house Applications must be made within a period of 60 days from the date of obtaining “let export order” from the customs examiner. There are 2 duty drawback : a) All Industry Rates (b) Special Brand Rates
  3. 3.  Marketing Research in India & abroad Export publicity in India & abroad Participation in trade fairs & exhibitions Trade delegations & study-cum-sales teams abroad Display of exhibits in showroom abroad Opening of showroom in India for the benefit of foreign buyers visiting India Setting up of warehouses / after sale services abroad Research & Development
  4. 4. BENEFICIARIES COMPONENTS Departments of Central & state  Market studies Governments  Marketing projects, which include : Organizations of central & state Governments  Opening of showrooms Indian commercial missions abroad  Warehousing facility Export promotion councils  Display in international departmental Commodity Boards stores Registered trade promotion organizations  Publicity campaigns such as ITPO  Product Research & development Recognized Apex trade Bodies Recognized Industrial Clusters  Participation in Trade Fairs Individual exporters for pharma  Participation in Buyer – seller meets products’ registration & testing charges  Any other activity notified by Dept of for engineering products abroad. commerce from time to time
  5. 5.  Supply of goods against duty free  The supplier can claim duty licensed issued under the Duty drawback Exemption Scheme Supply of goods to units located in  Refund of excise duty paid on EPZs, or EHTPs, or STPs, or to finished articles supplied to the 100% EOUs categories of deemed exporters Supply of capital goods to holders  The deemed exporters can of licenses under EPCG scheme import duty free import of Supply of goods to such projects in the power, oil & gas sectors inputs. notified by Ministry of finance etc
  6. 6. ACTIVITIES Purpose  Roads connecting production centers with the ports or docks Criteria for Allocation of funds  Setting up of Inland container depots & container freight stations Special Emphasis on NER  Creation of New state level export Private participation promotion industrial parks / zones  Equity participation in infrastructure State level Export promotion projects committee (SLEPC)  Development of minor ports & jetties  Assistance in setting up of common effluent treatment facilities  Stabilizing power supply  Any other activity as notified by dept of commerce from time to time