Hawaiian games


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Fourth Grade Powerpoint project

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Hawaiian games

  1. 1. Hawaiian Games By Mrs. Burian's Fourth Grade Class Produced in Ms. Sumida's Computer Class
  2. 2. Wrestling(HAKOKO) by Miles Snider   Wrestling was a competition to see who was the best wrestler on the island. They mainly used their feet to trip each other. The loser was the person that fell down. The chiefs loved to watch wrestling There were other kinds of wrestling. Somtimes the men used their hands like arm wrestling, those where all the types of wrestling on the island.   
  3. 3. <ul><li>Hawaiians played ring and ball with a stick and handle. The handle had a small circle at the end.  In the circle was a ball made of kapa tied with string. Children and their parents played ring and ball. This is how you played:You toss the ball and try to catch it in the circle. You count how many times you can catch the ball without missing. While the Hawaiians were playing this game they sang a special chant.  It took lots of skill to play this game. Some Hawaiians were able to catch the ball over one hundred times. They were good at ring and ball. </li></ul>Ring and Ball - PALA'IE By: Cienna Corpuz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  4. 4. Sledding- HOLUA by Bryn Wilcox   <ul><li>    Most people think of sledding as something primarily during Christmas and in snow. The Hawaiians of old didn't. To them sledding was a year round activity. Sledding was down a grassy slope. Ordinary  civilians rode on coconut fronds or the leaves of a plant called ti. Only young chiefs rode on sleds, which are actually closer to modern day skis. These sleds are long, wooden,and slender. Before riding, a chief oiled his sled and took it to a large slope. Sledding was a hazardous activity. But it was fun! </li></ul>
  5. 5. String Figures - HEI By:Alyssa Faletoi <ul><li>Some children today like to make figures with strings. They make things like the Cat's Cradle, Jackob's Ladder, and the Witches Broom. Men and women in old Hawai'i also made string figures too.  They made their own  olona cords. They also where clever in using their fingers. Men and women made over one hundred different kinds of figures. Some of the games they had to use two people, like the Cat's Cradle. With some of the games they had to use their toes or teeth to make some figures. As they started to make the figure they chanted. The figure that they were making had a story and the chant told the story. The rule of the game was to try and make the figure.The second time you tried to memorize it.  </li></ul>
  6. 6. Spears- KAKALA'AU By: Mary Campbell <ul><li>Kakala'au is a old Hawaiian sport almost like fencing. Two people would hold spears and see how many times they could poke each other ( more of a light tap). One person threw spears while the other tried to catch or doge the spears. It was suppposed to help them in battle. They also threw spears at a banana stump or each other. A pretend battle is what you could call this game. This was how they praticed for battle or just a fun game. Once Kamehameha I played this game and six spears ere thown at him. With his hands he he pushed two aside, caught three, and doged the last one. Anyone could play this game, but it was usually played by chiefs or warriors. </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>
  7. 7. Boxing-MOKOMOKO     by: Siam Thomas <ul><li>Boxing was a popular sport in old Hawai'i. During the Makahiki, each ahupua'a had a boxing contest. People came from all over to watch the boxing contest. Chiefs sometimes boxed against each other. The boxers made faces at  each other because they did not like each other. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>Hawaiians made their darts on their own. The Hawaiians played this game in November during Makahiki. First they found two stems and twisted them together. They wet the pointed end in their mouths and stuck it into the dirt. Now the point is heavy.Then the thrower skipped his or her dart up a hill. The thrower threw the dart and it would goup in the air. The other opponets would throw their darts and measure the fathest. </li></ul>Darts- KE'APUA By: Dylan Costales
  9. 9. Bow and Arrow-PANA 'IOLE by Xavier Elizares <ul><li>The Hawaiian chiefs used the bow and arrow for a sport. They used it for one thing it was used for shooting rats. The Hawaiians made the bow out of wood. The bow was about four feet long. It had an olona cord tied to it. The arrow were made out of a sugar cane stem. The Hawaiians put a wood or bonepoint to it. Some of the Hawaiian chiefs could shoot about sixteen feet in distance. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Checkers - KONANE by Olivia Ensey <ul><li>Konane is a game like checkers. The Hawaiians played it on a board called papamu. The board had many small holes in it to put the rocks in. The players put small black and white rocks in the holes. One player had black rocks and the other had white rocks.Two people played the game. They took turns. They had to jump over stones to get a point. Whichever stone they jumped over they took off. Whoever had more stones at the end won. </li></ul>