Group 3: Striesand Keahi Peter


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Group 3: Striesand Keahi Peter

  1. 1. PlantsBy:Keahi Costa and StriesandGaldones
  2. 2. WhoThis plant project was done byKeahi Costa and StriesandGaldones (Peter Rygh was alsoincluded)Keahi was assigned to bringsoil, but than Ms. Sumida broughtit in. So than through the weekshe put soil in the pots andwatered it.Striesand was assigned to bringthe seeds and pots. She startedthe radish in her home over theweekend and brought it in schoolon Monday. Than when the dirtcame we transplanted it into asmaller pot. There were rocks sothan she put a little of rocks intothe pots. Than watered it.
  3. 3. What We worked on a variety of different plants. Plants like radish, rosemary, sage and more. Each plant had 8 pots or row with the same seed than the next 8 would have a different seed. The radish was on different pots. We transplanted them to different ones so that there will be more and maybe give it away to people in small pots.
  4. 4.  This project was done in the library and outdoors. Since there wasn’t that much sunlight in the library we moved it near the gate where there Where is more sunlight and it doesn’t have air condition. It is now by the gate and each morning or 3 times a week we water it with the watering can.
  5. 5. When We started this project towards the end of the first quarter. We started with a letter writing to Michelle Obama than after that we had groups to brainstorm ideas to get her attention to stop the fat foods in fast food restaurants. To promote healthy foods on the menu. With all our ideas we combined it and started a indoor garden in our school. After that we hope that it will get bigger so that we can make a bigger garden some where else and get others in it.
  6. 6. Why We did this project to promote healthy foods on the menus in fast food restaurants. There has been problems of people not getting that much nutrients and healthy foods on menus so than we started this garden. With the garden we are hoping to make it bigger and tell others about it too. Maybe one day we can show the fast food restaurants about these healthy foods and maybe they will promote it on their menus for a more healthy start.
  7. 7.  Well we started this project with little baby steps first. Than took big kid steps. We all had an assigned task to bring all the materials in. How With the materials we all gathered we made a small garden in our school. In the 5th period we planted all the plants and transplanted some into smaller pots. That class we mostly concentrated on the plants. Since then we started to water the plants by day and watch how it grew. This all wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t get the help from Ms. Sumida our PE/Health teacher. She is the one who encouraged us to do this and even gave up her own money to buy us soil, seeds, and pots. Thank You!