6 secret ways to make money ebook


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6 secret ways to make money ebook ,basic and most important concepts to make money, attract wealth and abundance

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6 secret ways to make money ebook

  1. 1.   1   6  Secret  and  Real  ways  of  creating  Wealth       If  you  read  through  this  ,I  guarantee  you  ,you  can  easily  triple  your   wealth  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Give  the  person  money  and  his  true  colors  will  be  revealed.  What   are  your  true  colors?  Money  is  an  enormous  illusion.  Only  4%  of  money   exists  on  paper,  rest  96%  is  on  numbers  in  computers.  Money  is  also  not   backed  by  anything  such  as  gold  and  is  working  on  trust.  Its  only   intrinsic  cost  is  the  paper  cost.  This  system  is  running  because  we   believe  in  it.     I  have  seen  in  life,Money  Losers  don’t  listen  to  Winners.  They  tend   to   take   their   advice   from   other   Losers.   They   frequently   take   their   financial  advice  from  well-­‐meaning  family  and  friends  who  do  not  have   complete  knowledge.  Go  see  professionals  for  advice  or  take  it  from   people   who   have   accomplished   the   goals   that   you   desire.I   remember  when  I  started  with  few  dollars  ,I  made  my  first  million   in  6  months.     Creating  wealth  is  really  not  that  difficult  .  Rich  people  really  do  think   differently  from  the  poor  and  even  middle-­class  people.  Yes,  money   does  not  buy  happiness  but  poverty  can’t  either.  Money  has  the   potential  to  exponentially  increase  your  happiness,  for  that  you  have  to   be  happy  before  you  start  making  MONEY.     The  very  first  important  rule  is     Rule  no.1   Have  a  Mentor:  Mentor  is  a  wise  and  trusted  counsellor  or  teacher.   Very  few  people  achieve  great  success  without  personal  mentors.  Here   are  some  important  things  about  mentors  you  need  to  know     1.  Every  successful  person  has  mentors,from  Bill  gates  to  Richard   Branson.   2.  Mentoring  is  a  powerful  form  of  leverage.   3.  Mentors  don't  need  to  be  people  (Anything  that  causes  you  to   Change  course  in  your  life  can  serve  as  mentor)   5.  Constantly  seek  out  mentoring  relationships.  
  2. 2.   2   6.  Assemble  a  dream  team  of  your  favourite  heroes,  present  and  past   7.  Set  a  goal  to  search  out  at  least  one  millionaire  a  month  and  read   about  the  person  eg.  Manappuram  Gold  Loan  in  India     Mr.  V.P  Nandakumar.     Are  you  aware  ,  to  be  financially  free  Money  must  come  from   expected  sources  and  you  will  learn  it  in  this  course  but  money   must  also  come  from  unexpected  sources  and  you  must  learn  how   to  expect  money  from  unexpected  sources.  This  happens  when  you   start  making  money  from  expected  sources  and  life  brings  an   unexpected  fortune.  All  rich  people  have  made  money  this  way  by  first   making  money  from  expected  sources.  For  this,  the  art  of  money   magnetism  must  be  learned.     Rule  no.2     Financial  Freedom  PASSIVE  INCOME      Monthly  Passive  Income  >  =  2.5  *  (Monthly  Expense)     Thus,  if  your  monthly  expense  is  Rs.100000  and  your  monthly  passive   income  is  Rs.2,50,000  than  you  are  financially  free.           Passive  Income    
  3. 3.   3   Passive   income   is   the   income   to   earn   which   you   don’t   have   to   work   hard.  Weather  you  work  or  NOT,  this  income  will  keep  flowing  into  your   bank  accounts  for  the  rest  of  your  life.     Different  ways  of  having  an  assured  income  and  becoming  financially   are  following:     1.Invest  in  GOLDEN  AND  SAFE  stocks  like  –  ITC  ,NESTLE  INDIA   ,GODREJ  CONSUMER  ,DABUR  INDIA  ,GLAOSMITHKLINE  CONSUMER   INDIA  ,MARICO  .They  will  easily  multiply  your  wealth  at  30%  per   year.Also  with  FDI  entering  india  in  Retail  sector  ,there  is  going  to   be  boom.These  stocks  grew  15  %  in  2008  stock  market  crash  even   when  all  stocks  even  TATA  stocks  fell  70%  .     2.Buy  properties  in  excellent  locations  and  refinance  them  to  buy   another  property  to  rent  it  out  or  to  do  business  in  that   property.Thereby  having  two  properties  in  place  of  one  as  after   few  years  ,both  the  properties  will  increae  in  price.Remember  to   buy  at  good  location.When  buying  property,criteria  is   LOCATION,LOCATION,LOCATION.        80%  of  the  millionaires  are  first  generation  so  a  new  person  can  create   wealth.   There   are   literally   millions   of   millionaires   in   the   world   over.   Some  of  these  people  took  Years  to  accumulate  their  wealth,  some  took   less  than  a  year,  some  even  less  than  90  days.       Wealth  exists  on  both  physical  and  mental  level.  On  the  physical  level,   Wealth  is  often  confused  with  money.  Billionaires  do  not  carry  billion   dollar   cash   with   them.   Their   wealth   lies   in   assets.   So   called   Money   is   misunderstood  with  wealth,  money  is  simply  a  tool  used  to  transact  the   exchange   of   goods   and   services   between   people.   To   other   entrepreneurs,  it  has  been  described  as  ‘energy.     Money   has   no   intrinsic   value   except   for   the   paper   cost;   it   is   not   even   backed  by  anything.   Successful  people  make  a  subtle  change  and  go  after  tangible  things  that   money  symbolises  for:    Investments:  Accumulating  shares  of  stock,  bonds,  Fixed   Deposits  with  banks,  Buying  GOLD/Silver  
  4. 4.   4    Real  Estate:  Owning  properties  in  their  name.  If  the  money  is  the   issue  then  employing  the  Law  of  Interdependence  3-­‐4  persons  can   buy  a  property  together    Business:  Marketing  and  selling  products,  services  or  idea    Internet:  Unlimited  possibilities,  Learn  internet  marketing,  SEO-­‐ Search  engine  optimization  to  improve  your  website  rank  on   Google.  An  internet  home  based  business  can  be  a  great  way  to   manifest  money.  There  is  no  other  medium  having  as  much   exposure  as  the  internet.  It  is  the  only  channel  that  allows  you  to   connect  to  anybody  and  everybody  across  different  nations,   continents.      Rule  no.3     The  power  of  compound  interest   Here's   how   much   your   money   would   grow   if   you   make   a   lump   sum   (one-­‐time)   investment   and   leave   it   untouched.   The   interest   rate   has   been  assumed  to  be  10%.   Amount  (INR/AED/USD)   Years   100000   200000   300000   400000   500000   5   161,051     322,102     483,153     644,204     805,255     10   259,374     518,748     778,123     1,037,497    1,296,871     15   417,725     835,450     1,253,174    1,670,899    2,088,624     20   672,750     1,345,500    2,018,250    2,691,000    3,363,750     25   1,083,471    2,166,941    3,250,412    4,333,882    5,417,353     30   1,744,940    3,489,880    5,234,821    6,979,761    8,724,701       The  real  power  of  compounding  comes  with  time.  The  earlier  you  start   saving,   the   more   your   money   can   work   for   you.   To   attain   a   certain   amount  of  corpus  within  a  set  period  of  time,  a  pro-­‐active  investment  
  5. 5.   5   style  is  preferable.  Thus,  no  matter  how  young  you  are,  the  sooner  you   begin  saving  for  the  future,  the  better  it  is.     With  time  and  consistency  on  your  side,  investing  $45.40  each  Month,   your  earning  potential  would  be:   @14%  to  16%   10  years:  $11,763  to  $13,284   20  years:  $59,084  to  $78,395   30  years:  $249,430  to  $397,500   36  years:  $580,050  to  $1,037,017   Now  you  may  spend  $49.95  here  and  there  but  if  you  can  invest  it  then   just  look  at  the  returns.     If   you   are   somewhat   startled   by   how   simply   you   can   multiply   your   money,  then  consider  this  rather  impressive  scenario:  Instead  of  saving   and   Investing   $49.95   each   month,   let’s   see   what   happens   when   you   invest  $90.86  A  month  and  it  compounds  itself  at  16%  before  taxes.     In  10  years  at  16%  you  would  have  $26,583.   In  20  years  at  16%  you  would  have  $156,870.   In  31  years  at  16%  you  would  have  $2,000,955     You  can  say,  I  don’t  want  to  wait  for  so  long,  but  your  net  income  is   increasing  in  the  process  also  and  of  course  time  will  pass  so  it  is   better  you  are  with  this  power  of  compound  interest  rather  than   with  0  balance  after  30  years.     Now  if  you  buy  one  unnecessary  item  as  a  liability  worth  $10000,   then  you  have  lost  this  opportunity  to  invest  it.  Then  at  a  modest   interest  rate  of  9%  you  are  losing  around  $  300,000  in  40  years  not   just  $10000.     This  is  because  money  grows  still  30  times  if  you  invest  for  40  years  at   compound  interest  with  modest  rate  and  even  more  at  a  higher  rate     Money   makers   are   good   at   calculations   (Rule   of   72)   especially   percentage,  multiplication.  This  is  a  very  powerful  secret  that  most  non-­‐ money  makers  do  not  know.  This  gives  them  the  ability  to  forecast  not   only  with  emotions  but  with  analysis  too,  so  sharpen  your  skills.  Learn   to  calculate  the  price  of  properties,  interest  rates,  and  profit  percentage.  
  6. 6.   6         Rule  no.4  –  80/20  LAW     Focus   on   a   few   good   things,   rather   than   making   many   investments.   80%   of   your   income   comes   from   20%   of   your   clients.   Focus   your   attention  on  those  few  good  sources  of  revenue  .This  is  Pareto  principle   by  Italian  economist.  Sometimes  lot  of  options  reduces  focus.   In  this  world  80%  of  the  wealth  is  with  20%  of  people.  This  is  a  clear   example  that  most  people  have  strange  beliefs  with  money.  Your  job  is   then   to   organize   your   workday   and   your   work   life   so   that   you   spend   more  and  more  time  doing  more  of  the  things  that  you  do  best  and  get   the  best  results  from  it.  This  is  a  master  principle,  if  you  apply  it  in  your   life  then  your  life  is  about  to  change.  Don’t  argue  with  people  who  ask   for   advice   but   don’t   want   the   advice   you’re   giving   them.   End   the   discussion  immediately  and  go  on  minding  your  own  business.  Why  few   businesses  find  it  hard  to  survive  in  this  world.  The  reason  is  simple;   they   concentrate   too   much   on   attracting   new   customers,   and   end   up   ignoring  the  existing  ones.  After  all,  it  costs  6  times  more  to  draw  a   new  customer,  than  to  retain  an  existing  one  FROM  WHERE  80%  OF   YOUR  INCOME  COMES.   EX-­6   Write  down  from  where  is  your  80%  income  coming  and  how  much  %   attention   are   you   giving   and   how   much   more   needs   to   be   given   to   increase  your  income.      
  7. 7.   7   Rule  no.6     Do  not  reinvent  the  wheel:  Entrepreneurs  do  not  waste  half  of  their   life   in   inventing   a   new   method   to   earn   money.   Nothing   is   invented,   when   ever   there   was   a   necessity   on   this   planet   a   new   method   or   principle   was   revealed   to   us.   Entrepreneurs   are   not   inventors   but   innovative   people   who   find   solutions   to   problems.   They   follow   principles  that  are  hit  and  innovate  and  improvise  as  they  go  along.  The   Law  of  Cause  and  Effect  says  that  if  you  do  the  good  things  what  other   successful   people   do,   you   will   eventually   get   the   same   results   other   successful  people  get.  It  is  a  universal  law.  The  simplest  of  the  easy  ways   to  make  money  is  to  copy  someone  who  has  a  proven  track  record  in   making   lots   of   money.   Many   of   these   people   want   to   share   their   success   and   will   mentor   you   your   own   success.   You   don't   need   to   reinvent  the  wheel,  do  something  that  is  proven  to  make  money.  It  is   highly  effective  to  copy  successful  people.   Vision  Statement:  Create  a  “Vision  Statement”  for  your  life  and  for   customers  of  your  product.  For  example,  for  many  years,  the  mission  of   AT&T  was  to  “bring  telephone  service  within  the  reach  of  every   American.”  It  took  almost  one  hundred  years  for  AT&T  to  complete  this   mission,  but  the  mission  never  changed  until  it  was  achieved.     Rule  no.6     Speed  of  execution:  The  difference  between  successful  entrepreneurs   and  others  is  that  the  former  implement  and  execute  their  ideas   immediately.  They  start  the  testing  of  idea  immediately.  The  longer  you   wait  the  more  doubt  you  create  and  lose  confidence  on  the  project.     According  to  research,  it  is  not  education,  experience,   background,  networking  or  intelligence.  The  critical  difference   between  success  and  failure  is  contained  in  the  habit  of  taking  the   initiative.   EX-­35:    Rate  yourself  out  of  10  in  the  speed  of  execution.     Be  a  value  generator  for  others  People  want  to  extract  value,  for  eg.   My   salary,   my   share   but   if   you   have   to   become   a   successful   entrepreneur   and   really   big   then   instead   of   becoming   value   extractor  
  8. 8.   8   you   must   become   value   generator   i.e.   one   should   create   value   like   entrepreneurs  do.  So  solve  people's  /customer's  problems  by  new  ideas,   it   will   create   value.   All   leading   companies   and   entrepreneur   generate   value   for   millions   of   people   and   people   in   return   pay   them   in   huge   amounts.   Create   value   for   others;   your   value   will   come   to   you   in   millions.  Think  of  any  product,  Nothing  is  sold  or  traded  that  does  not   satisfy   someone’s   problem.   So   start   thinking   of   solving   people’s   problems  and  having  a  helping  nature.  If  you  give  a  decent  structure  and   a  system  then  this  value  will  come  to  you  in  billions.     Go   out   in   the   world:   There   is   a   famous   joke   about   a   man,   who   kept   praying  every  day,  “Please  God,  please,  let  me  win  the  lottery,  oh  please   years  passed,  he  kept  praying,  and  finally  God  said,  “Hey  Mike!  Buy  a   Lottery  Ticket!”  Go  outside  and  use  what  you  have  learnt.                 I  trust  you  liked  the  content  and  knowledge  of  this  books  ,see   below  to  know  about  the  person  who  is  called  as  a  God  sent  Mentor   for  people.  He  is  a  “  Breakthrough  Man”  who  creates   breakthroughs  in  people’s  Wealth  and  Love  life.     You  can  also  logon  to  http://www.thetahealing.in      to  change  your   life.                        
  9. 9.   9     About  SUMANT  KAUL  :     The  three  brothers  Rajan  Mittal,  Rakesh  Mittal  &  Sunil  Mittal  were  small   time   businessmen   of   400000   dollar   in   1995   who   are   now   worth   4.9   billion  dollars.    Mr.  Kaul,  Founder  IHF  also  helped  them  reach  this  stage.       Mr  Sumant  Kaul    along  with  Delhi  Police  Commissioner  Mr.Kakkar    along  with   Former  Vice  Chairman  of    Congress  Seva  Dal    &    famous  Gandhian  philosopher   Navin  Bhai  Shah,  Mr  Rajan  Bharti  Mittal  Vice  Chairman  and  Managing  Director   of   Airtel   world’s   second   largest   Mobile   telecom   company   (125th   richest   person   along   with   his   brother   Mr.Sunil   Mittal   according   to   Forbes)   inaugurating     AIRTEL   SHOWROOM   in   India   owned   by   Mr   Kaul   founder   INTERNATIONAL  HEALING  FOUNDATION       Mr.S.K.Kaul    Founder  of  International  Healing                    Mr.S.K.Kaul  hosting  Delhi   Police  Foundation  and  Create  Wealth  through                                                                            Commissioner  
  10. 10.   10   Mr.Kakkar  Law  of  attraction  with  Mr.Tommy  Erickson                                                        at  the   inauguration   launch   party   of   Airtel   Mg.   Dir   of     Erickson   Telecom                                             Cellular    showroom  in  India.   during  the  dealer  Conference    Of    Mobile  phone                                        (2nd  largest  mobile   Dealers  in  India.  Under  Hi-­Tech  Brand  owned  by  Mr.S.K.KAUL,                            company   in  the  world)   which  revolutionised  the  sales  of  mobile    telephones  in  India,  dealers  were  highly           motivated  to  increase  sales  and  think  big.                 Mr.S.K.Kaul and his wife Mrs .Neeta Kaul Mr.S.K.Kaul with CEO of BPL with Film star Aditya Pancholi at launch Cellular (now Vodafone) of first BPL franchisee in Maharashtra, India Mr.Samuel Silvakumar during the inauguration of BPL showrooms owned by Mr.S.K.KAUL. This resulted in a mobile boom in Maharashtra bringing other investors in mobile telephony.                          
  11. 11.   11     Our  Marketing    FRONT  PAGE  ADS    WORTH  CRORES  for  Airtel  and   BPL  MOBILE  TODAY  AS  VODAFONE  the  only  2  succesful  Telecom   companies  in  India.Mr.Kaul  was  the  first  person  in  India  to  give   free  Incoming  calls  in  1998  ,when  even  the  Telecom  companies  and   governmant  of  India  had  not  hought  of  free  Incoming  calls  until   2006                
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  22. 22.   22     OUR  TRAINING  AND  SEMINARS  ALL  OVER  WORLD         First  World  Thetahealing  Congress,  Mr  &  Mrs.Kaul  with  Founder  of   Thetahealing  Vianna  Stibal  along  with  husband  Respected  Guy   stibal.     (Left  to  Right  –  Founder  of  Thetahealing  Respected  Vianna  Stibal,  Mr.Sumant  Kaul   Founder  International  Healing  Foundation  &  Administrator  Thetahealing  Institute  of   Knowledge  India,  Mrs.Neeta  Kaul,  Respected  Guy  Stibal  (President  Rolling  Thunder   Publication,  Goran  Karna  Thetahealing  Serbia  &  Croatia  Representative,  Hiro  Miyaki   Thetahealing  Japan)        
  23. 23.   23       A  GLIMPSE  OF  THE  VARIOUS  CLASSES   TAUGHT  BY  SUMANT  KAUL                
  24. 24.   24                    
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