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Group discussions eng project






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Group discussions eng project Group discussions eng project Document Transcript

  • GROUP DISCUSSIONSAs a professional in the working world, there will be times when you will be required toparticipate in group discussions. This section offers helpful articles analyzing the rules forsuccess in group discussions. Your career and status within your field can improve if you learnsome guidelines and tactics that refine your group discussion skills.If you have trouble speaking out of turn, interrupting others or a lack of confidence aboutproperly expressing yourself, the techniques about handling yourself in a group discussion can beinvaluable. This is helpful advice for any individual working with other people in any industry.Discussing ideas in a group is one of the best ways to solve the problem. When a personbecomes a burden in group discussions due to lack of experience, an excess amount ofexcitement or a general lack of social skills, these factors can contribute to how you are viewedby your colleagues and superiors in the workplace.If you are in a managerial position, it is imperative to provide an open forum for discussionwhere your subordinates feel comfortable sharing their ideas. If a person participating ina groupdiscussion feels that their opinion will be ignored then the members within the group willhesitate to share what could be valuable solutions to business issues in group discussions.How To Prepare For Group DiscussionsIf you are participating in a group discussion, it is important to make sure youre prepared beforethe discussion begins. While small groups may not be good for the distribution of information,group discussions are excellent for situations where members need to learn concepts or solveproblems.To obtain a higher level of thinking, it is important for the group to focus on a specific goal.Being prepared before the discussion starts will allow you to effectively communicate ideas togroup.It is important for all the member of a group discussion to use reasoning. It is also important foryou to ask questions that will allow you to determine how much the other members know about aspecific topic. This is called analyzing their knowledge. Asking these questions will allow you tolearn more about the other members of the group. It is also essential to avoid conflicts. Conflictswill kill the group discussion, and will not allow it to be productive. You should not make astatement which gives your opinion about the accuracy of a comment that has been made byanother member. You should not even make statements like “I think that is an excellentquestion." The reason for this is because you may send a message saying that all other questionsare irrelevant.
  • When the members of a group discussion are prepared, this will allow the discussion to blossom.However, when they are not prepared, the goals of the discussion will not be easy to achieve. Tosuccessfully participate in group discussion, you must know how to work well with others, andyou must understand the topic or materials that are being discussed. When you are prepared for agroup discussion, you will be able to benefit from it.What Should Happen During a Group DiscussionIn most cases, the goal of a group discussion is to come up with ideas which will allow the groupto solve specific problems or learn a skill. The members must be able to summarize the primarypoints of the information they read, and they should also be able to determine their ownunderstanding of the material.If the group discussion has been held before, members will want to reexamine concepts that werepresented at the previous meetings. It is also important for the members of a group discussion tobrainstorm ideas or concepts that can be applied in the real world.It is important for all the members within a group discussion to learn these skills. They shouldknow how to make decisions, establish trust, and deal with conflict in a decent way. Not only arethese skills important in group discussion, they are helpful for employees.Group Discussion - Selecting Topics for a DiscussionThe topic that you choose should be one that allows the members to express their own questionsor statements. When you present these topics to the group, you will want to present it in the formof a question. In most cases, open-ended questions are best, unless the group needs to learn aspecific skill. The questions that you ask should be relevant on multiple levels, and they shouldengage the members of the group. It is important that the members of the group are able to buildon the questions, and everyone should be able to participate.When you ask a question which is related to a topic, give the members a bit of time to thinkabout it. This will allow them to come up with ideas or solutions that can be useful. During groupdiscussion, the topic that is chosen should be something that allows the members of the group tofall back on past knowledge they have gained. Most importantly, the topic that is discussedshould allow the members to think. When the group is able to ponder a certain topic, they will beable to come up with important ideas. In addition to the leader, the members should also beallowed to raise their own questions, as long as they are related to the topic.When a member is given a role, it is important for them to accept and follow it. When a groupdiscussion is held in this way, it will be beneficial to everyone who participates in it.
  • How To Speak Properly During Group DiscussionsSpeech plays an important role in our ability to communicate as humans. This is especiallyimportant when we get together in groups. During group discussions, the speech you use canhave a powerful impact on the way your message is received by those who listen to you.The cultural background of an individual will also play a role in how they speak. When groupdiscussions are held, there are a number of things you will want to remember about your speech.First, it is important to make sure you speak clearly and everybody should understand you.Because most group discussions are restricted to time, it will become tedious to both you and theother members if you have to repeat what you are saying because they do not understand you.This could be a major problem for someone who is speaking a language that is not their nativetongue. When you make a statement, it is important to make sure you speak clearly. It is alsoimportant to be concise. Speak in a manner that will allow the other members to understandexactly what you are saying. This should occur the first time you make a statement.It is also important to speak audibly. Everyone should be able to hear what you are saying. Ifsomeone has to ask you to speak up, you will be forced to repeat yourself, and this will wastetime. If someone makes a statement that you do not understand, ask them to clarify in a politemanner. During group discussions, it isnt just enough to speak eloquently. It is also important tomake sure you speak in a proper tone. If you speak in a harsh manner, you can send across thewrong message to others who are participating in the discussion. This could lead to conflicts, andit is important to avoid this. The tone of your voice and the way you speak will say a lot abouthow you feel about a certain topic, and it will also show how well you can speak.Dos and Don’ts in a Group DiscussionWhen you are participating in a group discussion, there are a number of things you will want toavoid. While doing the right things can allow you to become a valuable member of the group,doing the wrong things can cause you to disrupt the discussion.It is important to avoid putting down the ideas that are presented during the discussion. This isespecially important if the group is brainstorming ideas. When you put down ideas that arepresented by someone else, you are humiliating them in front of the other members, and you aredisrupting the brainstorming process. In addition to this, you can create conflict between you andthe person you are ridiculing. Never attack the idea of someone else. It can cause other membersto be uneasy about sharing their own ideas, because they may fear being ridiculed.If you dont agree with a statement or idea that has been presented by other another member,address the issue in a polite manner. Instead of attacking their idea directly, why not come up
  • with a better idea instead? It is also important avoid interrupting other members when they arespeaking. This is extremely rude. If you feel the need to interrupt someone while they arespeaking, try to interject as politely as you can. In some discussion groups, you may be requiredto raise your hands after someone has finished making a statement. If someone is interrupted byanother person why they are speaking, this could create conflict.When you are given a task to carry out, it is important for you to do it. Remember, the group is amachine, and every part of that machine must work if it is to function properly. The members ofthe group are the pieces that make up the machine. If you are given a task to perform that mustbe done before the discussion is held, you will want to make sure it is done properly. If it is notdone correctly, it can disrupt the flow of the discussion. It is important for you to offerencouragement to the other members. When you encourage the other members of the group, youwill gain their respect, and this will allow them to work harder. Encouragement can build up agroup discussion, while discouragement can tear it down.It is important for you to show respect to all the members of the group, and they should showyou respect as well. When everyone has a mutual respect for each other, this will stop theconflicts which can completely destroy a discussion. If you are the leader of the group, it isessential for you to make sure the right topic is discussed. It should be something that isimportant to you and the other members. When this is case, the participants will work hard tomake sure important issues are covered. If they are not interested in the topic, it will be hard toget them to focus on it. It is important for leaders to choose topics that will be interesting forothers.If you are having a brainstorming phase during the group discussion, do not dismiss any ideasthat are presented. Give everyone the time to present ideas that they think can be useful insolving problems. Once the brainstorming session is over, let the group decide which ideas arethe best.Strategies That Can Allow Your Group Discussion To SucceedGroup discussions are powerful tools that can allow an organization or company to come up withpowerful ideas that were not previously considered. Not only is it a powerful tool, but it is a toolthat has a low cost.The members of these discussions could be people who already work for you, or it could be agroup of customers who have brought large profits to your company. However, there are anumber of strategies you will want to use to make sure your group discussions are successful.First, it is important to make sure you dont reach for too much in one discussion.It is important to make sure you limit the number of questions that are asked. Focus on critical
  • questions and allow the members to think about them. When you present the group with toomany questions, it will reduce their ability to focus on any one of them, and you may not get theresults you are looking. If your company has time, it is possible for your organization to hold alarge number of meetings. Another thing that you will want to pay attention to is the size of thegroup. In most cases, the number of people who should be present in a group discussion shouldbe no more than 8 or 9 people. If you have more people than this, they will begin to relate to oneanother in a collective way. This is not something you want. They must be able to relate to eachother.Another problem with having a group that is too large is that certain people may not participate.In order for a group discussion to be successful, everyone must give an equal amount ofparticipation. In small groups of less than 10 people, it will be easy to spot individuals who arenot contributing to the discussion. In larger groups, this will be more difficult. Another problemwith having a large group is that many of the members will be superficial, and this is somethingthat must be avoided at all costs. It is also important to make sure the discussion is flexible.While it is important to make sure the discussion stays on topic, it should now be so narrow thatthe members are limited in the ideas they come up.One of the goals of a group discussion is to come up with in depth ideas or strategies. It is not inthe best interests of the group to limit the discussion in a way that will stop them from achievingthis. It is also important to make sure you use moderators who are qualified. The goal of themoderator is to work with the members on the group and make sure they stay on topic. A goodmoderator will seek to get input from people who are being too quiet, and they will politely slowdown the people who are outspoken. While this may sound easy, it is more challenging than itseems. The moderator should be someone who is skilled with handling this situation.It is also important to make sure the people that you invite to the discussion are qualified. Groupdiscussions will not be useful if they are composed of the wrong people. Picking the right peoplecan be difficult in a large organization that may have hundreds or thousands of employees.However, the people you choose should be connected to the topic that is being discussed. Forexample, if your company is holding a group discussion on a topic that is related to saving thecompany money, you will want to hire people who are qualified to speak on this topic. If you arehosting a group discussion on sales, you may want to invite 9 of the best sales people in yourcompany to come up with strategies that can be used by the other employees.Bring in the right people will make the discussion targeted and relevant. Bringing in the wrongpeople can make it irrelevant. If you are holding group discussion about customer retention, whynot invite some of your customers to the meeting? By choosing the right people for your groupdiscussion, you will allow your company to succeed.