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  • 1. DEBATE AGREEMENT Rev. Tony Costa and Mr. Angelo Austria (collectively referred to as “the debaters”) agree and accept to debate on the topic of “Are Christians Obligated to Observe the Seventh-day Sabbath?” to be held at 7:00pm on January 9, 2010 at York University’s Curtis Lecture Hall L. This event will be hosted and moderated by Mr. Joe Yiu, Mr. Sumair Mirza, and Mr. Glenn Mariano (collectively referred to as “the moderators”). This event will commence with an introduction to the York University Morningstar Christian Fellowship by Chaplain Michael Minder. The debate format is agreed as follows: 1) Opening statements – 15 minutes each 2) Cross-examination – 15 minutes each 3) Rebuttal – 10 minutes each 4) Concluding remarks – 5 minutes each Following a short intermission, a question and answer period will be held for approximately 30 minutes with the questions from the audience being directed to the debaters in an open microphone format. The moderators will exert judgment in performing a check to verify the questions to be asked, and will also use judgment in allowing counter-comments and in determining any required extension to the duration of the question and answer period. This event will be recorded using voice and video recording equipment in which all parties agree for the use and distribution of this recorded media for educational purposes within our churches and made available to the public over the Internet. There shall be no tampering or altering of the recorded speech from all parties, except for the sole purpose of editing for sound and video quality. The intermission after the debate and preceding the question and answer period may be omitted from recording. By signing, we hereby acknowledge and accept the terms of this agreement as dated below. Debaters: _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Rev. Tony Costa Date _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Mr. Angelo Austria Date Hosts/moderators: _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Mr. Joe Yiu Date _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Mr. Sumair Mirza Date _______________________________________________ ___________________________ Mr. Glenn Mariano Date