Strategies to manage deforestation


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Strategies to manage deforestation

  1. 1. Strategies to manage deforestation
  2. 2. Lesson Objectives List the strategies implemented to manage the rainforests in Kalimantan Evaluate effectiveness of one of the measures taken to manage the rainforests in Kalimantan
  3. 3. What is Deforestation?  The permanent clearing and destruction of forests is known as deforestation.  This reduction in the area covered by forests is due to human activities.
  4. 4. Strategies to manage deforestationMinistry of CEO of Local Forestry Kalimantan Government of Timber Pte Ltd East Kalimantan
  5. 5. Managing the Rainforests in Kalimantan• The Ministry of Forestry(MOF) - MOF issues licences to timber companies and monitor their activities.• Community involvement - MOF involves local people such as local governments, native people and villagers.• Sustainable management - refers to the careful use of resources, such as forests to allow people to continue using the resources in future.
  6. 6. Four Main Policies of MOF • Afforestation and reforestation • Controlled logging • Conservation • Controlling forest fires
  7. 7. Afforestation and reforestation• Afforestation - planting trees on areas that were not covered withforests.• Reforestation - planting trees in formerly forested areas that havebeen cleared by logging.
  8. 8. Controlled logging- controlled logging involves careful management of forests that are being logged. (law enforcement & education) e.g. Selective cutting VS clear cutting
  9. 9. Conservation • - refers to the careful use of resources to protect forests from destruction. - e.g. setting aside as nature reserves.
  10. 10. Controlling forest fires• Forest fires 1. Law enforcement (make clearing forest by fire illegal) 2. Campaigns to discourage 3. Monitor forest fires through ‘Fires Protection System’ and ‘National Fire Management Plan’
  11. 11. Our Role in Forest Conservation• Simple actions such as making use of both sides of a piece of paper can help to reduce wastage of forest resources.• To help reduce deforestation in other countries, we can buy furniture made of timber from sustainably managed forests.
  12. 12. Four Main Policies of MOF • Afforestation and reforestation • Controlled logging • Conservation • Controlling forest fires
  13. 13. Homework In groups, work on the PEEE table of the 4 policies You may do it on Microsoft Word or Googledocs. Send your completed work to me at OR transfer it to me in a thumbdrive. Completed work will be graded and added to your CA marks.
  14. 14. PEEE Table: Evaluate the effectivenessof strategies implemented to managedeforestationPoint What is the policy/strategy?Explanation •What does this policy involve? •How does this manage the impact of deforestation?Evaluation & •Give a specific example of whereExample this has been effective(success)Evaluation & •Give a specificExample example of where this has limited effectiv(limitations eness