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  • “A piece of paper with your design mockup. A customer in a shop or bookstore. Their finger is their mouse, the paper their screen. Where would they click? Do they know what these labels mean? Do they see the major routes out of the page? Any barriers.Congratulations, you just got feedback on your design, before writing a single freaking line of code or asking your developers to keep changing stuff.”
  • User centred design is the Agile technique we use to get stuff right, first time (click) You can think of the technology expression as being our online brand (click) that generates feelings about us (click)Being in the middle here makes you unique amongst your competitors. This is the sweet spot (click)We do continual improvements of our products - in a permanent state of designing and testing, just like Dyson, Edison and Jobs showed us.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. Not only could we collect this device data, but also look at conversion rates per device and where the opportunity lay in providing a mobile optimised site (mobile web app). This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in every market we operate in.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. Not only could we collect this device data, but also look at conversion rates per device and where the opportunity lay in providing a mobile optimised site (mobile web app). This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in every market we operate in.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. Not only could we collect this device data, but also look at conversion rates per device and where the opportunity lay in providing a mobile optimised site (mobile web app). This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in every market we operate in.
  • Lean UX and Optimisation - Userzoom : 24 jan 2012 - lean optimisation

    1. 1. Craig Sullivan Belron®January 2012
    2. 2. Naked promotional slide @OptimiseOrDie• Conversion Rate Optimisation • Contact deflection and online self service• A/B and Multi-variate testing • Site search analytics• Cross channel optimisation • Site, Page and Campaign• User centered Design optimisation• Usability testing • Test design and execution• Customer Research & Insight • A long usable site portfolio• Web Analytics • ROI on UX improvements• Browser and email • Over 19 years of slow death compatibility in really really boring meetings Group CX Manager for Belron® (Autoglass ®) I’ve done it with 28 million people.
    3. 3. Outline• Lean Optimisation• Insight and Customers• Walking the walk• A toolkit of techniques• Realtime optimisation• A/B and multi-variate testing• Mobile UX 24 Jan 2012
    4. 4. Lean UX / Lean Optimisation• Old but new in the way it’s packaged• It isn’t really Lean – more sleek• Combines UCD, Agile PM and tightly integrated teams• Econsultancy report part 2Usability Industry Definition:“A cross functional, principle driven processcharacterized by rituals that predispose teams to high-quality, high-velocity user experience outcomes” 24 Jan 2012
    5. 5. Lean optimisationLean startup:“For a particular vision, test your hypotheses against realityvery, very early. Learn, evolve and repeat.”Belron definition:“Using a tightly integrated team and an Agile PM method, wedesign products using lots of rapid prototypes, iterations, splittesting and consumer feedback loops. There are nodeliverables, releases or real products: Only continuallyimproving experiences with measurably positive outcomes forour business.”“It makes lots of money and delights customers”Edison, Dyson and Jobs – for websites. 24 Jan 2012
    6. 6. InsightResearch and insight 24 Jan 2012
    7. 7. Our killer insight sources…• Usability testing• Remote usability testing• Other usability techniques• Surveys• Customer feedback loops• Analytics and instrumentation• BU contacts and market research, local knowledge• Market research• Foolproof and our Optimisation team• Optimisers in industry, books, websites• Social networks• New for 2012? – Reviews/Ratings/Social/Bail surveys 24 Jan 2012
    8. 8. Usability testing• International scope : 35 countries, 19 languages• Over 300 tests in the last 18 months• Including 52 mobile handsets, 40 locations and 9 key products• Usability testing is a vital part of our strategy• Without this, our products would suck (for long periods)How does testing help?• Reduces development and ‘get wrong’ time• Faster iteration of product improvements• In flight adjustment not ‘like it or lump it’• We’ve built our development process around it• There is no IT team or department• Fast design of successful x-channel and platform products (mobile, app, website, call centre) 24 Jan 2012
    9. 9. Remote usability testing• What are the advantages here?• Cheaper, faster than lab based testing• Belron does this to get large viewing audiences too!• Participants, Team and Colleagues• Live audio, video and realtime translation• Normal test viewing ~3 people. Remote tests = 20+Userzoom remote testing - like:• Live prototyping and feature tests• Larger groups can be recruited for volume studies (say a new postcode lookup function)• International language support• Integration between surveys, behaviour and customer outcomes 24 Jan 2012
    10. 10. Other usability stuff of note:• Paper prototyping• Escape from the office prototyping• Card sorting• Diary studies and competitors• Linking UX work to analytics, NPS and ROI:• Lifetime value, downstream conversion, return rate etc. etc. “Good in test isn’t always good in pocket”Stop discriminating against customers:• Browser testing (Browsercam)• Performance : Turn off your wifi, take a train, flush your cache• Mobile device testing (Deviceanywhere)• “This store does not support Puma trainers” and the buggy test• Noble cause or actually just the Scotsman’s eternal sadness 24 Jan 2012
    11. 11. Surveys• A neglected art• Put 99% of your time into the design (RIRO)• Read Catherine Jarrett : http://slidesha.re/mZUeNoMy tips:• Test at least 3 times with small samples• Fix problems (e.g. Too many ‘none of the above’ responses)• Rinse and repeat• Use someone who has done it before• Design for outcomes• General service surveys are great (Lovefilm)• Are you surveying competitors? Your service? Think about 7 years of data!• Where else can we use these wonderful things? 24 Jan 2012
    12. 12. Surveys #2• Dropped basket survey (LF payment options, change impact)• Remarketing sucks without knowledge. Drops on the floor.• Bail survey (exit process)• Behavioural triggers• Page level feedback• Site exit survey (satisfaction, what purpose, completed?, why not?)• Onion layer survey• NPS – Belron runs a huge program• UX work = 35% filled responses, 4% dropout, 10% mobile fillout• Userzoom - likes : Trigger surveys, test prototypes and new product features, show video, adverts or mockups to people 24 Jan 2012
    13. 13. Customer contact• Live the customer• Buy their products, use their services, put together the flat-pack, wait for the delivery guy, call at peak time, return the goods. BE DIFFICULT (Tesco IT example)• Spend at least 1 hour a month listening to calls• Dip into customer emails regularly or take a slice to read• Be part of contact loops during launches• Make your contact centre part of the team – remove the machine thinking by making them part of product design• Userzoom and other tools will also help you to create live feedback loops by capturing user feedback, behaviour on page and the outcomes.• If you aren’t part of these loops, you will make bad judgements• Invest in an online call tracking system and capture web->phone outcomes 24 Jan 2012
    14. 14. Analytics and instrumentation• For our work, we use 4 tools for optimising outcomes: Google Analytics Insight, realtime, hypotheses Speed Trap Advertising response engine Autonomy Optimost Split and MV testing Clicktale Session capture, realtimeSo, what about instrumentation?• We invest time each week on (re)instrumenting the site• We’re getting richer behavioural data as time goes on• Slicing and Dicing data becomes simpler and outcome focused• We measure more phone and contact channel behaviour• We ask more questions 24 Jan 2012
    15. 15. Analytics tips• Invest in Talent.• A 35k hire versus a 55k hire is not a 20k saving lol.• Beware of bull ordure – hard to recruit• Try my analytics interview tips (email me)• Invest in instrumentation:• Ringfence development time for continual improvement of analytics. Give it some love.• Link behaviours to post conversion event activity (MVT, Segments)• Invest in call analytics (on your mobile site, you can do it for free)• Drive report monkeys out of your business 24 Jan 2012
    16. 16. How we build stuffFrom prototype to final product 24 Jan 2012
    17. 17. How do we build stuff?• We don’t know what the final end product will be• We do have some basics, previous product and insight• We start with a clay model (prototype)• We work out the basic shape• We then optimise the face in stages• Once we’re good enough, we go live• Then we tweak and optimise in place• The human face of Belron, not a robot• Emotional and customer centric, not designed by them• This is the sweet spot• This is also a key competitive advantage 19 Dec 2011
    18. 18. User centred Design Wireframe Research Concept Prototype Analyse Test
    19. 19. Multi channel and platform Washup Mobile Web 1 1 UX Insight Washup Design Washup App 1
    20. 20. Execution – getting stuff liveHow we deliver Agile service design 24 Jan 2012
    21. 21. Making it out the door…• All our work is driven off Pivotal tracker• This is a ‘story’ driven system• Not IT, technical or data driven = customer driven• Flexible, fast, communicative, lightweight• Allows a single point of project activity & comms• Sources : BU, Team, Optimisation, UX, CCC• Flexible prioritisation, at short notice• Low communications overhead = real comms• Less time sapping meetings where you play with your phone secretly under the desk 24 Jan 2012
    22. 22. Other tools• Other tools : IM, Join.me, Conceptshare, Balsamiq, Axure• All low cost or free, fast, easy, low footprint, work globally• Projects are managed outside of Pivotal• A combination of Excel, Google Docs, Microsoft PM• A nice example of agile production this lot! 24 Jan 2012
    23. 23. Optimisation - ProductsHow we optimise product builds 24 Jan 2012
    24. 24. OPTIMISATIONA set of techniques, implemented inorder to influence customer behaviourtowards these outcomes:• Increased revenue or profit• Increasing NPS (Customer Sat) scores• Lower cost for business or contact centres• Increasing productivity or labour flexibility• Simply delighting customersWe may fail with 90% of what we try.The 10% of winners let us shiftbehaviour hugely and measurably.
    25. 25. What do we use in optimisation cycles?• Autonomy (for split testing)• Data warehouse or reporting link (TNC/NPS)• Realtime Analytics• Google Analytics• User Research materials• Browsercam• Testing and lots more testing• CCC feedback• Surveys (e.g. video testing) 24 Jan 2012
    26. 26. New funnel cycle Analyse Go live Fix & 10% Improve Browser and Device Live 20% testingUsability Test and Fix & Instrument Improve test output Rinse and Live 50% repeat A/B test live
    27. 27. Usability & Optimisation process Final Usability Legal review Final changes Release build prototype issues left kickoff SignoffInstrument Marketing Cust services (Legal, Test Plan analytics review review kickoff Mktng, CCC)Instrument Offline End-End Launch Contact QA testing tagging testing 90/10% Centre Launch Monitor < 1 LaunchGo live 100% Monitor 50/50% week 80/20% Analytics Washup and New New test Rinse and review actions hypotheses design Repeat!
    28. 28. UX and Split testingHow we blend the techniques 24 Jan 2012
    29. 29. A/B test Control Version A Version B
    30. 30. Multi variate Pizza Ingredients Experiment Recipes =
    31. 31. What’s our testing mix?• A/B testing – Homepage, Landing pages, Funnels• MVT testing – High traffic landing or Home pages – Mini (less than 8 variables) – Midi (8-32) – Maxi (>32 variables)And 6 types of specialised testing:• Funnel testing – bedding in new funnels• Landing page optimisation• Cross channel testing• Iterative feature and product testing• Micro testing• Call Centre and Telephony tests
    32. 32. Lean optimisation : The roundup• Reduced ego and opinion (execs + others)• Faster time to market• Measurable ROI• Increased conversion in the pocket early• Iterative and rapid product lifecycles• Faster, smaller, focused, measured releases• Continual testing = continual improvement• SLED vs. Agile = faster return, better focus• Less reliance on anecdotal evidence• Introduces a testing culture for everyone• Large cross silo team now gets involved• Improved £ - but also drives business change
    33. 33. Optimisation - MobileWhy was our mobile stuff rocking? 24 Jan 2012
    34. 34. 35 Growth in Worldwide 29.9 Mobile traffic30 % of all unique visitors 25.825 23.9 Nov-11 Jul-11 Dec-10 May-1020 17.6 16.815 13.8 12.8 13 12.7 11.7 10.4 9.8 9.710 9.5 7.3 6.5 6.2 6.1 5.8 5.1 5 4.6 4.75 4.2 3.6 3.6 3.2 2.7 2.5 2.4 2.3 2.3 2.30 Australia USA UK Norway Sweden Spain Italy France Canada Netherlands Germany
    35. 35. Our mobile journey…• Launched Dec 2010• Mobile web in all countries• Apple and Android apps in key markets• Growth areas – iOS, Windows Phone, Android• Conversion is over 20% when including tap to call• Has delivered over 4M per month in revenue• Not driven by apps – mobile web 20-300x larger revenue• Search traffic (intent), a discovery route (SEO and PPC) and an optimised site = • Tablets, though growing, are still only 10-15% of all our visitors• Everyone needs a highly optimised site
    36. 36. Reasons…• Focus on user, device, context, location, performance, emotions.• User centred Design (8 weeks) for fast execution, high conversion• Deviceanywhere – remote rental• Total handset compatibility – an Optimal experience for all device capabilities, even 10 year old flip phones (95%+).• Uses HTML5 techniques on supported phones
    37. 37. Reasons…• Sensitive traffic routing and switching• High performance site, even in poor data conditions• Page weight 7-10 Kb payload for each page, after cache• Performance does not mean poor design• Contact options that customers want• Cheap mobile targeted PPC and Display advertising• Total compatibility with their handsets• Employed a dedicated copy specialist, Sticky Content• Listened to customers, not our inner geek
    38. 38. Autoglass UK – Putting it together• 12.4% from User centred Design• 12.5% increase from Multi Variate Testing• 3.5% increase in downstream conversion rate• 4% increase in online conversion from mobile optimised site• Reduced call time (1 second = > 10k per year)• Faster online booking time• 5.5% increase in NPS (Customer sat) score• Customer delight – feedback. Less questions and worries• Total increase in conversion (measured) = 32%• Actual increase in conversion = 41%• NO additional marketing spend needed• Web Channel : ROI positive within 2 weeks• Worldwide ROI : 15% increase in conversion during 2011
    39. 39. More reading. Slides and resources on slideshare.net Email : sullivac@gmail.com Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie : linkd.in/pvrg14 Slideshare : slidesha.re/nlCDm6