eMetrics Stockholm - What the F*** is wrong with my conversion?


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My slides from eMetrics Stockholm - dealing with the most common reasons your conversion rate sucks!

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  • I chose this picture because it’s a Netsuke. In 17th century Japan, they had a real major problem – Kimonos and other clothes didn’t have pockets (like, that’s a serious early stage usability problem, if you ask me). But anyway, being fiendishly clever and intricately creative, the Japanese invented miniature sculptures called Netsuke to help out. They’re beautiful.My favourites are the small boxes that people designed and carried around – that have a drawstring like this one. You can see some cool Netsuke at the V&A if you’re interested. So – what’s the connection? My team is about optimising experiences - NOT in some ‘huggy warm and fuzzy’ £2000 a day charge out rate kinda way. We build stuff that looks good, works with customers and converts more people this month than last month. We also sweat *everything* that comes up, including all the tiny little details. Our mantra is “Everything makes a difference to the overall experience” These little marvels remind me of the work that my team puts in on every field, form, page and widget. I hope that during today you feel some of this customer love ANNND our ruthless use of psychological trickery on unwitting visitors.
  • And just to show it’s not all fluffy kittens in the world of user experience...
  • Today I’m going to talk about all the problem areas in conversion. The bad stuff. I’m not going to show you 25 A/B test results and ask you to guess the winner. I want to show you the places where conversion goes to suck – and suggest ways to help here.PROBLEM 1 : Not enough immersionWhen these guys designed this product, they made everyone put in their registration number. It’s so badly designed, the queues take ages and all because they were too mean to let you share or give a parking ticket to someone else. The emotional message – “Screw you, people”. I’ve seen these parking meters being slapped, kicked, booted, defaced or even indeed ripped out of the ground.This is the lesson – get in the shoes for the journey of the customers. These magic slippers of customer experience will take you to new places – but you have to wear them first. There isn’t a chauffeured customer experience limo here. Tesco makes its IT managers go and work in the departments that use their software. Belron people go out with the van drivers, listen in the call centre, talk to customers and everyone involved. Get immersed.
  • Actually use the whole product, all of you, that you are optimising. I’ll come to web journeys later.You should be disruptive, difficult and demanding - make things happen and see what shakes out:Like:Order 12 pairs of shoes and send eleven back.If you make flatpack furniture, order it an put it together.Send the products back. Ask for a refund. Complain about stuff.Buy 3 products by mistake. Try to get the order changed.Try to do everything on your mobile and then switch to a desktop site to finish it. What happens?
  • If you want ideas of levers to use on people, persuasive tactics to set up or just what might be preventing them bailing on you, then do some testing. All you need is a £40 bit of software, a laptop and two people with a pulse. It’s not expensive or hard.Most of our pivotal, disruptive or game changing insights come from user testing.
  • User centred design is the technique we use to get stuff right, first time (click) The quality of the experience with technology IS the online brand (click) that generates feelings about us (click)Being in the middle here makes you unique amongst your competitors. This is the sweet spot (click)We do continual improvements of our products - in a permanent state of designing and testing, just like Dyson, Edison and Jobs showed us.
  • And the future for us is multi-platform. We’ve designed our web, iPhone, Android and tablet experiences to be in that sweet spot I mentioned. Most importantly, by improving them in concert, the entire product suite is aligned and optimised for user experience and contact methods.
  • Enough said on the slide!
  • All the work I’m doing these days is designed to avoid this : A ceaseless, never yielding robotic response to an experience that’s all too human. And that’s enough slagging off my IT department for one day. [PAUSE] but here’s a confession – we don’t actually have an IT department in the mix, which is another story entirely!Emotion examples : Leave for parking, leave keys, levels of urgency, registration number, work & costs, forms emotion messagesDo things like : VOC feedback, crowdsource testing, remote testing etc., surveys, bail surveys, emotional remarketing
  • The problem here is that people don’t read the way you want to. The problem here is that not many companies are taking advantage of the scan/peck/hunt way of content consumption and the behaviours that go with it. Using text decoration, layout, bullet points and paying someone who isn’t from the Muppets to write your words. All this stuff really works on conversion and micro tests we’ve done show it’s true. With shrinking screen sizes, copy expertise is vital for mobile sites and apps. Every word and every syllable and how they are laid out – it all counts. In our multivariate tests – copy is usually 50-70% of the total lift. Invest in words and the emotions they create, the questions they solve. A neglected area and big opportunity. We’re experimenting with long form pages now – where we carry a design at the head of the page focused on one conversion possibility. We also create some genuinely useful copy, some for SEO purposes (in collapsed sections) and work hard on the scannability. The reading behaviour I’m talking about doesn’t mean using less words for customers – just knowing where and when to use short, persuasive copy, linking and calls to actions.So – my advice? Write your copy for conversion paths but support customer utility and SEO. Harder than it sounds - like herding weasels on speed.
  • I meet a lot of people who live in their cylinder of excellence in their company and all is good and wonderful. What they never do is get together and actually look at the entire customer journey. Optimisers often talk about scent trails and in Belron – we like to walk the adverts, referrer sites, organic search results, landing pages, funnels – as the user, with them in mind and always on the lookout for gaps.There are many ways to improve journeys that we advise – but the one thing that sometimes gets missed is the relevance of the whole experience, never mind just one part of it. And don’t sweat every journey – you should know the primary paths. Take your friends or family through these paths sometime and ask them to talk out loud what they’re thinking. Even better, do it with your customers.Aside from techniques like using scent trails, mirroring the customer, repeating their search phrase or word and doing testing and optimisation work – what’s the big learning for me? Use clicktale NOW! TODAY!
  • And compared to that, what happened when I went for a holiday in the Wilds of Norway? Awesome mobile performance, everywhere – in town, in the country, miles away from any major town or city. Australia also has wonderful spectrum and performance on their 3G and 4G network. Getting wifi like performance in the city and superb 3G access for hundreds of miles around. Assume that these are the exceptions, rather than the rule.
  • Not everything in Norway was wonderful – I stayed well away from the Hotel entertainment at nightime!
  • Create a suck index = pageviews * load time. Sort the column in descending order. Start working on it from the top. Worth lots of money.Use Webpagetest.org – super, awesome, really useful and detailed analysis tool. It actually tells you how to fix all the problems it finds. So, not like a usability consultant then eh?
  • These are the results of a live test on a site, where an artificial delay is introduced in the performance testing. I’ve done some testing like this myself on desktop and mobile sites and confirm this is true – you’re increasing bounce rate, decreasing conversion, site engagement…It doesn’t matter what metric you use, performance equals MONEY or if not measured, a HUGE LOSS.
  • Performance also harms the lifeblood of e-commerce and revenue generating websites – repeat visitors! The gap here in one second of delay is enormous over time. You’re basically sucking a huge portion of potential business out of your site, with every additional bit of waiting time you add.
  • Here I show you some examples of well known brands, some of whom should know better. The larger the size of the page, the longer it will take to download and render on the device, especially when you don’t have perfect data conditions. The numberof requests also makes a difference, as it’s inefficient on mobile to open lots of connections like this. In short, the smaller the pagesize and number of requests you can aim for, the better. I’m patient with bad data connections but do people have the tolerance for 10-15 seconds on mobile? No – it has to happen much faster.
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re rolling the slickest, sexiest looking dice around – you’re still guessing if you’re not testing stuff.We’ve tested over 30M visitors over the last year and aim to do 3 times or more in 2013.Our main testing is on landing pages, funnels, homepages, product pages – anywhere there is traffic, opportunity and behaviour that can be shiftedWe’ve found that the best results are from wide and deep mixtures of testing, across an entire site. It isn’t about doing one test and leaving it – we continuously improve journeys, pages and funnels during the lifecycle of each product.We even do micro testing now, where we vary a line of copy, a button somewhere. This stuff is good – one small test (copy + button) was worth 300K Euros a year on one site. If you do 100 micro tests instead of 10 big tests, you’d make more money faster and the product improves incrementally every time.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • So what does this graph say? That I have a long tail thing I want to talk to you about?No – this shows how much the ratio of phone to online conversion we have, by keyword.Some keywords generate nearly 25 times the call volume of others, which is a huge differential.This means that if you thought you got ‘roughly’ the same proportion of phone calls for different marketing activity, you are wrong.What this graph tells me is that the last 2 years of my stats are basically a big dog poo.
  • So what does this graph say? That I have a long tail thing I want to talk to you about?No – this shows how much the ratio of phone to online conversion we have, by keyword.Some keywords generate nearly 25 times the call volume of others, which is a huge differential.This means that if you thought you got ‘roughly’ the same proportion of phone calls for different marketing activity, you are wrong.What this graph tells me is that the last 2 years of my stats are basically a big dog poo.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • Phone tracking costs you nothing – you can add it in a few minutes to your app or mobile website, by changing your analytics tracking.Now you can see exactly which bits of inbound marketing are driving telephone and other contact channelsIf you have any sort of phone component in your service or support, the insight could be vitalYou can take traffic by keyword, source, campaign or advert creative and work out the TRUE mix of conversion activityAnd all this is also available on Desktop too – by using dynamic numbers, we can track exactly the same stuff.Talk to this company : www.infinity-tracking.com
  • And please don’t give up.
  • Bango analytics was a killer app for Belron, as it allowed us to accurately show what type of mobile devices were ‘attempting’ to use our desktop site. This product helped us to identify, and then deliver, to over 95% of handsets in key markets we operate in.
  • Note : We mainly do small variable MVT or A/B/n tests these days – large scale complex MVT tests are a waste of time (this needs some explaining so contact me). It’s about where you test and the variety of testing techniques you apply, not the type of test, in my opinion.
  • eMetrics Stockholm - What the F*** is wrong with my conversion?

    1. 1. Craig Sullivan, Belron® @OptimiseOrDieWTF is wrong with my conversion?
    2. 2. #1 – Not enough immersion
    3. 3. 450Kr!!#2 – Your ontext is your user research office Location  Goals
    4. 4. Agile, Iterative, Multi Platform design Washup Mobile Web 1 1 Insight UX Washup Design  Agile Washup App 1  Lean UX  Kanban
    5. 5. Get OUT of the office!• This is a key technique for UX and Cross Channel Design• No excuses either – go and find people, anywhere (F&F, Retail, Local café)• If you do this properly, you learn where all the connective tissue needs to be – the bits that glue the experience together from a customer perspective• Hits the sweet spot of goals, optimal technology delivery and revenue growth• Faster time to market, lower development costs• Designed for users, not by them• Focuses entire team on what customers need and where the money is• Actionable insights which identify pivots or disruptive opportunities• Removes costly re-release cycles on multiple platforms• Increases revenue, customer satisfaction, growth• Removes EGO, OPINION, WHIM and FLUFF -> 100%• It costs nothing but listening time
    6. 6. Nice day at the office dear?#3 – We’re robotic and emotionless
    7. 7. #4– You don’t value the craft of copywritingComprehension  Clarity  Simplicity  Persuasion  Scanning
    8. 8. #6 – You have low converting forms, maintained by trolls! Luke Wroblewski : www.lukew.com Caroline Jarrett : www.formsthatwork.com Ignore this stuff at your peril!
    9. 9. #1 – Phone Number Example+44(0)2088589999 88589999 8858 9999 8858-9999 02088589999 0208858 9999 0208858-9999 020 8858 9999 (020) 8858 9999 0208 858 9999 (0)208 858 9999 0208-858-9999(020)8 858 9999 (02)08 8589999 (02)088589999+4402088589999 +44(0208)858 9999 +44(0)208 858 9999 So which one is correct? Strip non numerics!
    10. 10. Bodø
    11. 11. #7 – Using your product is like watching slugs fight! • Google Site Speed • Webpagetest.org • Mobitest.akamai.org
    12. 12. Every second counts! Slides : slidesha.re/PDpTPD
    13. 13. Repeat visitors huge impact!
    14. 14. Mobile Performance ExamplesSite Size Round trip requestsHigh St Retailer 307k 43Department Store 100k 18Newspaper 195k 35Supermarket 125k 14Auto Sales 151k 47m.carglass.se 25k 10 Would you wait 10 or 15 seconds? Ideally you should be at 2 or less! mobitest.akamai.com www.webpagetest.org Google site speed tags
    15. 15. Performance Tips• Performance optimisation MAKES MONEY• Read anything by Joshua Bixby, Amy Africa ( bit.ly/OlROqc )• Monitor performance from the handset, not your office wifi connection• Google Site Speed tags are FREE and real world• International? - Use a CDN (e.g. Akamai)• Keep down the round trip requests (delay) and sizes (download)• Don’t do page level redirects for mobile.• Use smart linking if you need to.• Make sure your apps are offline aware (i.e. no data connection)• Design frippery can impact on your bottom line!
    16. 16. #8 – Not testing (widely or deep enough)
    18. 18. What do we get? Homepage examples +8.31% +12.4% +10.78% +13.92% +8.53% +8.19%
    19. 19. Sweden – 5.95% lift
    20. 20. Norway – 18.78% lift
    21. 21. SPAIN+22% over control99% confidence
    22. 22. Images that Sucked
    23. 23. Unichannel Multi-channel Cross-channel Omni-channel #9 – You’re not investing in the Omni-channel future
    24. 24. Cross Channel Contact TipsTest or provide the contact options customers want:• Low cost calls (vital)• Ringback / Callback• Email• Chat• Video chat or Facetime• Ability to text youVital to explain the contact cost landscape (mobiles):• Customers don’t like ‘funny’ numbers and avoid them• You need to explain clearly what the costs are:“Calls costs may vary depending on your network provider, package and any limits you may have on your currentoperating tariff. If charged, youll be billed the same amount as the equivalent of a local calling rate”– “Free if you have monthly minutes”
    25. 25. Contact TrackingStep 1 : Add a unique phone number on ALL channels (you can also change numbers for traffic source)Step 2 : For phones, add “Tap to Call” or “Click to Call”!• Incredibly useful keyword level call tracking• Very reliable data, easy & cheap to do• What did they do before calling?• Which page did they call you from?• What PPC or SEO keyword did they type into Google?• What are you over or underbidding for?• Which online marketing really sucks?
    26. 26. 10.0 20.0 25.0 15.0 0.0 5.0 safe lit windshield chip repair safelite windshield autoglass auto window replacement safelight auto auto glass repair windshield replacement costs safelite auto glass safe auto glass safelite repair windshield autoglass replacement car glass safelite locations auto glass repair quotes Phone to Booking Ratio windshield repair mobile windshield replacement replace windshield car windshield repair new windshield costauto glass windshield replacement car window repair cost safe gl auto glass repair houston tx windshield crack
    27. 27. What about desktop?Step 1 : Add ‘Click to reveal’• Can be a link, button or a collapsed section• Add to your analytics software• This is a great budget option!Step 2 : Invest in call analytics• Unique visitor tracking for desktop• Gives you that detailed marketing data• Easy to implement• Integrates with your web analytics• Let me explain…
    28. 28. What about desktop? Onbound Call analytics: Split testing Priority routing Wait time VIP teams Call centre Abandon A 222 1234 Call length music On hold 0800 222 1234 0800 Operator outcome Menu Sales value 0800 222 1245 Messages Ratings Call recording B 222 1263 0800 Offline promotions! 0800 222 1299 Profit line! C Web Analytics Telephony Cloud
    29. 29. So what does phone tracking get you?• You can do it for free on your online channels• If you’ve got any phone sales or contact operation, this will change the game for you• For the first time, analytics for PHONE for web to claim• Optimise your PPC spend• Track and Test stuff on phones, using web technology• The two best tests?• In the Nordics, try www.freespee.com• Other countries, see my Slideshare
    30. 30. #10 – Giving up is easy
    31. 31. Don’t give up!• Start with the customer at the heart of everything• It’s liberating• Use low budget solutions, cheap or free tools to get business cases made or gain insight• Money talks so even micro testing will illustrate ROI• Invest in people who care about customers, as well as conversion• Invest in analytics talent or CRO expertise• If you can make a 10% shift in online revenue, just from smart thinking, then what would a team of 5 be like?• If you’re finding it hard to hire people, mail me for advice.• We don’t do anything special – we just work on customer problems to make the product better, and we love what we do.
    32. 32. Email : sullivac@gmail.com Twitter : @OptimiseOrDie LinkedIn : Search “Craig Sullivan Belron”Slideshare : slidesha.re/nlCDm6
    33. 33. Company Website CoverageWho?Mongoose Metrics* www.mongoosemetrics.com UK, USA, Canada Ifbyphone* www.ifbyphone.com USA TheCallR* www.thecallr.com USA, Canada, UK, IT, FR, BE, ES, NL Call tracking metrics www.calltrackingmetrics.com USA Hosted Numbers www.hostednumbers.com USA Callcap www.callcap.com USA UK, SE, FI, NO, DK, LT, PL, IE, CZ, Freespee* www.freespee.com SI, AT, NL, DE Adinsight* www.adinsight.co.uk UK Infinity tracking* www.infinity-tracking.com UK Optilead* www.optilead.co.uk UK Switchboard free www.switchboardfree.co.uk UK Freshegg www.freshegg.co.uk UK Avanser www.avanser.com.au AUS Jet Interactive* www.jetinteractive.com.au AUS * I read up on these or talked to them. These are my picks .
    34. 34. If you read these books, you’ll look much smarter at work. (+ follow @OptimiseOrDie)
    35. 35. Miscellaneous x-channel tips• Use unique vouchers, offers, promo codes or ‘Quote this priority code when ordering’ to track offline• Ensure all your communications (email, SMS, mobile push) has considered the ‘what’s next then’ question – don’t think of the message, think of how it springboards to activity or another channel• Don’t forget linking – hyperlinks, emails, simple ways to sign in, no login required for viewing, able to be forwarded, can post links – ensure that everything is linkable across all channels and platforms• Run surveys (kissinsights, surveygizmo) on different channel preference customers and platform users – ask them questions• Make any basket carry across channels – don’t force people to have to jump through hoops here – it’s your job to make it easy to remember, link and pass this stuff around• Build your mobile and tablet experiences to be contextual• Get your email compatibility right using Litmus, Returnpath or Lyris – to test they can read the things• Make use of SMS more often as channel glue – it’s so easy and is very interruptive (i.e. gets rapid attention)• Always allow something else other than STOP on SMS - for charity donation, allow SKIP to say “I’m skint – come back next month” – STOP is very final.• Always be collecting mobile numbers and emails from all offline activity, wherever you can• Start thinking less of landlines and more of mobiles when calling back people – make sure they can see who is calling or let them text you. How the heck do they know it’s your team calling, if they’re screening calls from someone else they don’t want to talk to?
    36. 36. One last tip• Do you struggle to get data into your BI tools from web?• Hijack a field today!• Find a text field (e.g. the comments field, an unused field, something with text)• Add tracking data – for example “Please leave the parcel by the side gate of 6B please” becomes “Please leave the parcel by the side gate of 6B please [P215W22C5]”• Humans can ignore, analysis tools can extract useful data• Lead time 6-9 months for the IT teams involved.• My way – 1 week• By the time I get my new tracking field, I’ll have months of data already!
    37. 37. #2 - Postcode Example CRO 1XA CR0 1XA SE!£ ^DH CR0 lXA CR0 1XA SE% $RL CRO1XA CR01XA CT^&EF CR0lXA CR01XA EC!A 1DF CRO 1XA CR0 1XA SE£ (SH CR0 lXA CR0 1XA SE3 9SH.Strip spaces. Fix transposed characters (0/1/L/O). Transformshifted characters. Trim if front part matches post office codes.Clean the data, fix it invisibly and generate NO error message.Auto fix = 2.5% increase in conversion for one field.
    38. 38. What’s our testing mix?• A/B testing – Homepage, Landing pages, Funnels• MVT testing – high traffic landing or home pages – Mini (less than 8 variables) – Midi (8-32) – Maxi (>32 variables)And 6 types of specialised testing:• Funnel testing – bedding in new funnels• Landing page optimisation• Cross channel testing• Iterative feature and product testing• Micro testing• Telephony MVT
    39. 39. Images that Sucked
    40. 40. Image GuidelinesPhoto Guidelines• Groups, vans, stores, corporate guff = NO • Female images work best in almost• Single person – not groups or even person every country – they slay the guys + customer • Natural, authentic and not ‘model’ or• Open, Friendly, Natural, Smiling, Engaged = YES ‘stock’ image types work best for people• Uniform – has huge effect, even wearing branded ball cap improves conversion • Photoshoots and tests can be used• Look straight at viewer or slightly towards to drive advertising strategy CTA • Pre TV test of potential ‘actors’ on• Plain backgrounds only website? X factor meets split• No folded arms, arms on testing? hips, pointing, scowling, cheesy • We get better images now, but we smiles, hands behind back, hanging keep working on the guidelines! useless by the side, clasped by groin, fiddling with hands • We still got a genital framing picture• Arms with prop instead – hold a the other week clipboard, rag, tool – I’m working for *you*