Why does my Mobile Conversion rate suck? 19 Sep 2013 @ Conversion Thursday #ctmanc


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Top reasons for your mobile conversion sucking - Craig's roundup of his top 10 reasons why it isn't working for you

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  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • Add unique phone numbers to all your mobile sites and apps. That’s for starters.Then configure your analytics to collect data when people Click or Tap to make a phone call.Make sure you add other events like ringbacks, email, chat – any web forms or lead gen activity too.
  • So what does this graph say? That I have a long tail thing I want to talk to you about?No – this shows how much the ratio of phone to online conversion we have, by keyword.Some keywords generate nearly 25 times the call volume of others, which is a huge differential.This means that if you thought you got ‘roughly’ the same proportion of phone calls for different marketing activity, you are wrong.What this graph tells me is that the last 2 years of my stats are basically a big dog poo.
  • This stuff is important. What do photographs do?Well they help me persuade people, influence their thinking, give them directions or cues and explain things – this is the scanning generation!And they’re very powerful when selling experiences, stories or using the power of social proofThey help people very quickly (more quickly than reading) discriminate, evaluate – work out what stuff is, how it’s organized, what the things are, what’s being shown to you.And most importantly, they drive emotional response in people. Whether you like being soggy, wet and without toilet paper for a 30 mile radius or not, a picture like this gets a RESPONSE! Work it!Lastly, a shout out to James Chudley, who’s book this example comes from.
  • Create a suck index = pageviews * load time.
  • Here I show you some examples of well known brands, some of whom should know better. The larger the size of the page, the longer it will take to download and render on the device, especially when you don’t have perfect data conditions. The numberof requests also makes a difference, as it’s inefficient on mobile to open lots of connections like this. In short, the smaller the pagesize and number of requests you can aim for, the better. I’m patient with bad data connections but do people have the tolerance for 10-15 seconds on mobile? No – it has to happen much faster.
  • These are the results of a live test on a site, where an artificial delay is introduced in the performance testing. I’ve done some testing like this myself on desktop and mobile sites and confirm this is true – you’re increasing bounce rate, decreasing conversion, site engagement…It doesn’t matter what metric you use, performance equals MONEY or if not measured, a HUGE LOSS.
  • Performance also harms the lifeblood of e-commerce and revenue generating websites – repeat visitors! The gap here in one second of delay is enormous over time. You’re basically sucking a huge portion of potential business out of your site, with every additional bit of waiting time you add.
  • Tomorrow - Go forth and kick their flabby low converting asses
  • Why does my Mobile Conversion rate suck? 19 Sep 2013 @ Conversion Thursday #ctmanc

    1. 1. Why does my Mobile Conversion suck? 20th Sep 2013 @OptimiseOrDie
    2. 2. @OptimiseOrDie Timeline - 1998 1999 - 2004 2004-2008 2008-2012
    3. 3. SE O @OptimiseOrDie PP C UX Analytics A/B and Multivariate testing Customer Satisfaction Design QADevelopment 40+ websites, 34 countries, 19 languages, €1bn+ revenue Performance 8 people
    4. 4. If you’re not a part of the solution, there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem
    5. 5. #1 : Your analytics = Cattle Trucked @OptimiseOrDie
    6. 6. #1 : Your analytics = Cattle Trucked @OptimiseOrDie
    7. 7. #1 : Common problems (GA) • Dual purpose goal page – One page used by two outcomes – and not split • Cross domain tracking – Where you jump between sites, this borks the data • Filters not correctly set up – Your office, agencies, developers are skewing data • Code missing or double code – Causes visit splitting, double pageviews, skews bounce rate • Campaign, Social, Email tracking etc. – External links you generate are not setup to record properly • Errors not tracked (404, 5xx, Other) – You are unaware of error volumes, locations and impact • Dual flow funnels – Flows join in the middle of a funnel or loop internally • Event tracking skews bounce rate – If an event is set to be ‘interactive’ – it can skew bounce rate (example) @OptimiseOrDie
    8. 8. #1 : Solutions • Get a Health Check for your Analytics – Try @prwd, @danbarker, @peter_oneill • Invest continually in instrumentation – Aim for at least 5% of dev time to fix + improve • Stop shrugging : plug your insight gaps – Change ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I’ll find out’ • Look at event tracking (Google Analytics) – If set up correctly, you get wonderful insights • Would you use paper instead of a till? – You wouldn’t do it in retail so stop doing it online! • How do you win F1 races? – With the wrong performance data, you won’t – 10 ways to break GA : buff.ly/16acGe3 @OptimiseOrDie
    9. 9. Who’s important?s it? Who gets to optimise the mobile site? Web/Online Marketing LegalCEO IT THE CUSTOMER Pesky Meddling Kids? Brand
    10. 10. Insight - Inputs #FAIL Competitor copying Guessing Dice rolling An article the CEO read Competitor change Panic Ego Opinion Cherished notions Marketing whims Cosmic rays Not ‘on brand’ enough IT inflexibility Internal company needs Some dumbass consultant Shiny feature blindness Knee jerk reactons #2 : Your inputs are all wrong @OptimiseOrDie
    11. 11. Insight - Inputs Insight Segmentation Surveys Sales and Call Centre Session Replay Social analytics Customer contact Eye tracking Usability testing Forms analytics Search analytics Voice of Customer Market research A/B and MVT testing Big & unstructured data Web analytics Competitor evalsCustomer services #2 : These are the inputs you need… @OptimiseOrDie
    12. 12. #2 : Solutions • Usability testing and User Centred design – If you’re not doing this properly, you’re hosed • Champion UX+ - with added numbers – (Re)designing without inputs + numbers is guessing • You need one team on this, not silos – Stop handing round the baby (I’ll come back to this) • Ego, Opinion, Cherished notions – fill gaps – Fill these vacuums with insights and data • Champion the users – Someone needs to take their side! • You need multiple tool inputs – Let me show you my core list @OptimiseOrDie
    13. 13. #2 : Core tools • Properly set up analytics – Without this foundation, you’re toast • Session replay tools – Clicktale, Sessioncam, Tealeaf and more… • Cheap / Crowdsourced usability testing – Details on next slide • Voice of Customer / Feedback / Teams – 4Q, Kampyle, Qualaroo, Usabilla and more… • A/B and Multivariate testing – Optimizely, Google Content Experiments, VWO • Mobile and Email testing tools – You checked recently? @OptimiseOrDie
    14. 14. #3 : No UX testing or late! • Mobile can be lots of fun – often and early… • If you can’t test in the lab, get OUT of the office • Pubs, coffee shops – look for a context match Mr. Tappy (camera rig) www.mrtappy.com UX Recorder (websites not apps) www.uxrecorder.com Reflector (Airplay) bit.ly/16mlJTq Reflection (Airplay) bit.ly/GZMgxR Skype Hugging bit.ly/tesTfm
    15. 15. Som, feedbackRemote UX tools (P=Panel, S=Site recruited, B=Both) Usertesting (B) www.usertesting.com Userlytics (B) www.userlytics.com Userzoom (S) www.userzoom.com Intuition HQ (S) www.intuitionhq.com Mechanical turk (S) www.mechanicalturk.com Loop11 (S) www.loop11.com Open Hallway (S) www.openhallway.com What Users Do (P) www.whatusersdo.com Feedback army (P) www.feedbackarmy.com User feel (P) www.userfeel.com Ethnio (For Recruiting) www.ethnio.com Feedback on Prototypes / Mockups Pidoco www.pidoco.com Verify from Zurb www.verifyapp.com Five second test www.fivesecondtest.com Conceptshare www.conceptshare.com Usabilla www.usabilla.com #3 : UX Crowd tools list 16
    16. 16. • Device, Context, Location, Tasks, Goals • UI simplicity, learnability, feedback • Performance & Perceived performance • Customer desired contact & support mix • Cross channel journeys and glue • Device & Screen optimal compatibility • Mobile redirection & linking • Minimising keyboard input, error handling and validation loops • Copywriting and text decoration • Navigation and Fold (for key calls to action) are super critical on mobile • TESTING! #4 : You’re not wearing the magical slippers…
    17. 17. #4 : Experience the experience! Email testing www.litmus.com www.returnpath.com www.lyris.com Browser testing www.crossbrowsertesting.com www.cloudtesting.com www.multibrowserviewer.com www.saucelabs.com Mobile devices www.deviceanywhere.com www.perfectomobile.com www.mobilexweb.com/emulators www.opendevicelab.com @OptimiseOrDie
    18. 18. #5 : Your cycles are too slow 0 6 12 18 Months Conversion @OptimiseOrDie
    19. 19. #5 : Solutions • Give Priority Boarding for opportunities – The best seats reserved for metric shifters • Release more often to close the gap – More testing resource helps, analytics ‘hawk eye’ • Kaizen – continuous improvement – Others call it JFDI (just f***ing do it) • Make changes AS WELL as tests, basically! – These small things add up • RUSH Hair booking – Over 100 changes – No functional changes at all – 37% improvement • Inbetween product lifecycles? – The added lift for 10 days work, worth 360k @OptimiseOrDie
    20. 20. #5 : Make your own cycles @OptimiseOrDie
    21. 21. #6 : You’re not x-channel tracking • One reason conversion is lower is channel jumps • You need to try and glue this together • If you don’t have a strategy here, you need one • Don’t rely on amazing analytics promises • You need to think about identifying the customer • At every touch point and micro or macro interaction • Loyalty, marketing, wifi, incentives, geo, instore = glue • What’s your strategy on post identification? • Do you rewrite the data or just ignore it? @OptimiseOrDie
    22. 22. #6 : Cheap Mobile Tracking • First, give mobile (and apps) unique numbers • Second, track the ‘taps’ to call you • Very reliable data source Also make sure you add: • Ringback / Callback • Email • Chat • Web Forms • Lead Gen etc. @OptimiseOrDie
    23. 23. #6 : So what does that get you? • For the first time, analytics for THE PHONE and other channels • If you’ve got any phone sales or contact operation, this will change the game for you • Down to Google Keyword level, see what calls you get • What pages did people call you from? • What did they do before the call? • Which online marketing drove the call? • Where are you WASTING your money? • Who left your funnel but didn’t actually leave? And why does this matter? @OptimiseOrDie
    24. 24. 0.0 5.0 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 safelit windshieldchiprepair safelitewindshield autoglass autowindowreplacement safelightauto autoglassrepair windshieldreplacementcosts safeliteautoglass safeautoglass safeliterepair windshield autoglassreplacement carglass safelitelocations autoglassrepairquotes windshieldrepair mobilewindshieldreplacement replacewindshield carwindshieldrepair newwindshieldcost autoglasswindshieldreplacement carwindowrepaircost safegl autoglassrepairhoustontx windshieldcrack Phone to Booking Ratio @OptimiseOrDie
    25. 25. #7 : You’re still page driven • Event driven tagging is the way to go • Don’t measure just the page transitions • Measure interactions with the site • Navigation, filters, search, pictures, zooming, facets, colours, sizes, styles, sorting etc. • Not PAGE1 -> PAGE2 -> PAGE3 any more • but Nav -> Search -> Filter -> Add button • Invest time in event tracking design • Allows you to see the real paths • Event flow report in GA is awesome • Now you’re driven by interactions, not the resulting pageviews! @OptimiseOrDie
    26. 26. Forrester Deck here : http://bit.ly/Pm3fPZ #8 : You forgot the Context @OptimiseOrDie
    27. 27. @OptimiseOrDie
    28. 28. @OptimiseOrDie
    29. 29. #9 : Your Photos and Copy suck 24 Jan 2012 • Persuasion / Influence / Direction / Explanation • Helps people process information and stories • Vital to sell an ‘experience’ • Helps people recognise and discriminate between things • Supports Scanning Visitors • Drives emotional response short.cx/YrBczl
    30. 30. 31 Awful Call Centre Photos : headsethotties.com Stock Photos that suck : awkwardstockphotos.com Laughing at Salads : womenlaughingwithsalad.tumblr.com This pile of bills hurts my head : bit.ly/1dpwucM BBC Fake Smile Test : bbc.in/5rtnv
    31. 31. #10 : Your performance sucks… • Google Site Speed • Mobitest.akamai.org32
    32. 32. Site Size Requests The Daily Mail 4574k 437 Starbucks 1300k 145 Direct line 887k 45 Ikea (.se) 684k 14 Currys 667k 68 Marks & Spencers 308k 45 Tesco 234k 15 The Guardian 195k 35 BBC News 182k 62 Auto Trader 151k 47 Amazon 128k 16 Aviva 111k 18 Autoglass 25k 10 Real testing : mobitest.akamai.com @OptimiseOrDie
    33. 33. Get the slides : slidesha.re/PDpTPD If you really care, download this deck: @OptimiseOrDie
    34. 34. Scare the Ecom or Trading director:
    35. 35. Casino Psychology @OptimiseOrDie
    36. 36. If it isn’t working, you’re not doing it right @OptimiseOrDie www.lukew.com
    37. 37. Is there a way to fix this then? 38 Conversion Heroes! @OptimiseOrDie
    38. 38. Email Twitter : sullivac@gmail.com : @OptimiseOrDie : linkd.in/pvrg14 More reading. Download the slides! Questions… 39