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  • Elly intro the group
  • Elly
  • Elly
  • Elly
  • Suellen
  • Suellen Introduce Y Tas - Logo concept. Briefly outline the mechanics of the governance
  • Suellen – what we mean by changing the language
  • Zac
  • Zac
  • Zac
  • Elly to finish offChanging the language from I left to Tasmania to I come from Tasmania
  • EllyZacSuellenGroup5 pitchbma349

    1. 1. Natural, Confident, Inspiring, Authentic
    2. 2. Meeting the brief The Problem: • Minimal presence in the youth market 18 - 25 The Objectives: • Increase Facebook friends under 24 (currently @ 20%) • Create Young Tasmanian ambassadors through targeted communication initiatives The Strategy: • Development of YTas Youth CouncilDemographic data for Brand Tasmania’s Facebook page
    3. 3. Problem or OpportunityYear on year we lose younger Tasmanians to work and live outside Tasmania.What message are they taking with them?Statistics Source: http://www.taspop.tasbis.com
    4. 4. Staying on Message• Tasmania has natural attrition of 20 – 24 year olds• What are they saying? Good for familys, but not for graduates in had to leave for uni and Leave, everyone the business sector again due to no knows everyone and David graduate work. would the rumour mill like to come back as as Matthew is beautiful but If there were more probably cant until employment opportunities Is the message getting lost? Well.. before I moved less Bogans, I would there is work available. and Lisa away I thought tassie was returning to Tassie in consider the biggest let down offuture...however, at this the a Moved away for stage, Neg [to coming back] state...with nothing to do.. the job but once I moved to qld I Hannah opportunities and was continually talking tassie up and even learnt increased earning about new tassie places I potential. Still plan We left tassie because hadnt even heard about to move back to there is much more from people who had Tassie though support for special holidayed here! Christopher needs interstate Sammy Nicola
    5. 5. The same view from a different angle ExternalLive Work Learn Visit Doing business •The State of •Tasmania •Tasmanian •Tasmania •Wine Islands offers offers a range education offers visitors a •Manufacturing rewarding of employment supports safe, •Tourism career opportunities learners at affordable, •Agriculture opportunities, with strong each stage of rejuvenating an inspiring training and development holiday •Aquaculture lifestyle and career and throughout experience in •Arts vibrant, prospects. their lives. one of the •Research welcoming world’s most •Resources communities. unspoilt •Property locations. development •Technology Internal
    6. 6. • An initiative aimed at young Tasmanians to create young Tasmanian ambassadors by proving exposure to successful entrepreneurs in Tasmania through information sharing and mentoring• Targeted at young educated Tasmanians aged 18 – 25• Turning around the message
    7. 7. Meet the audiencePre Campaign Post Campaign I left because there’s I left to seek new no opportunity opportunities I left because of the I left because I like crappy weather to go to the beach and wear bikinis Too small. You see the same people all the time Tassie is a small island with a community feel
    8. 8. ConfigurationConsisting of 8 young Tasmanian custodians.Representing the segments: Live Work Learn Visit1 nomination from Local Government (Live)1 nomination from Emerging Marketers(Work)1 nomination from UTas(Learn)1 nomination from Tourism Tasmania (Visit)4 nominations sourced through response to Social Media
    9. 9. Communication Channels• Youth council meetings• Involvement in National Youth Week• UTas society• YTas social media(Administered by Youth Council)• Contribution by YTas members to eFriends Newsletter• Merchandise UTas logo on the back• News media
    10. 10. Budget• Voluntary position• Brand Partners as mentors• Set up of social media• Merchandise• Catering for YTas meetings• Development of YTas template for printing• Editorial costs
    11. 11. The benefits• Increased ‘Friends’• Brand management• Protecting brand equity• Source of Intelligence gathering for future campaigns (the inside on Gen Y thinking)• Builds engagement with Brand Partners in mentoring capacity• Developing young Tasmanians leaving our shores to be Natural, Confident, Inspiring and Authentic