Teaching Chinese with iPad and iPad Apps - Lesson Plan

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This is my presentation for SCCCS, 2012 Spring Teacher Conference. There is a list of inexpensive apps for learning Chinese and also 10 lesson plans of using iPad to teach Chinese. …

This is my presentation for SCCCS, 2012 Spring Teacher Conference. There is a list of inexpensive apps for learning Chinese and also 10 lesson plans of using iPad to teach Chinese. 南加州中文學校2012春季教師研討會的報告.

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  • Hello! I’m also a Chinese learner. I have read this E-book for a time and I truly feel I am making progress in Chinese learning. It is free and you can learn Chinese in an amusing and effective way. Highly recommend you to use it and hope you can benefit much from it!

    Click the link and try it!

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  • 我刚刚开始叫中文。我在这里学了很多好的ideas. 希望以后有机会请教你。 谢谢。
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  • I came across your slides online, and really learned a lot!
    I'm teaching Chinese in a school district in Long Island, New York, we are now having 200+ Ipad in the district, planning to embed them in the classroom teaching. Your presentation is so far the best tutorial material I've found. Thanks a lot!

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  • 我也来感谢一些久仰大名可是素昧平生的苏老师,真的谢谢你的慷慨分享!!我们是有福的一群!!
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  • 親愛的,你真的讚讚讚讚
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  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chinese-pinyin-teacher/id420640909?mt=8
  • Word Tracer --- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-tracer-learn-chinese/id430413408?mt=8eStroke - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/estroke-animated-chinese-characters/id368195120?mt=8 Trainchinese Chinese writier - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trainchinese-chinese-writer/id422248993?mt=8eZi Test Chinese - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ezi-test-chinese/id384300792?mt=8写汉字 --http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id451040570?mt=8学前必备六百字 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id410796493?mt=8iCQuiz --- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icquiz/id320363934?mt=8Chinese Words Lite - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/chinese-words-hd-free/id473885022?mt=8
  • 5Q channel http://www.5qchannel.com/ipad/indexs.htm Nciku Reader http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/regret-for-past-nciku-reader/id380066155?mt=8Hanzi Reader 0.99 http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/hanzi-reader/id383433187?mt=8#Old Master Q http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id454401517?mt=8
  • Flashcards + http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flashcards/id408490162?mt=8 Flashcardlet http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flashcards/id403199818?mt=8Flashcard Touch http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flashcard-touch/id351542950?mt=8


  • 1. TEACHING CHINESE WITH IPAD -LESSON PLANS- 應用數位工具iPad於 中文教學的幾個課程計畫設計 Joanne Chen SCCCS 2012 Spring Conference 南加州中文學校聯合會春季教師研習會 Feb 19, 2012
  • 2. IN THIS PRESENTATION 1. What is 2. How can iPad help mobile learning? our students learn?3. Apps andLesson plans 4. Suggestion & Discussion
  • 5. WE USE MOBILE DEVICES TOSearch for InformationObtain KnowledgeSocial & CommunicateKeep recordsWork & LearnSave TimeHave fun
  • 6. iPADLight WeightTouch screenLong battery lifeLots of free & low cost appsFlexible positioningLarge color screenEnlarge screen functionEase of creation: document,photo, sound, video3G and Wi-fi
  • 8. NO. BUT A GOOD LESSON PLAN IS. Teacher needs to Have effective classroom management skills Create useful and productive assignment Pace and balance lesson plans between face-to-face teaching and using iPad apps for teaching
  • 9. The better iPad Apps for classroomReference contentInteractive contentActivities that can publish student work or promote creative projectsManipulate data/projectEasy import/export data
  • 10. THE THREE BIG PILLARSThe Web Apps iBooks
  • 11. APPS FOR LEARNING CHINESE AS OF JAN 31, 2012 Search iPad apps iPhone apps Chinese 3737 7923 Mandarin 341 753 Learn Chinese 566 912 Speak Chinese 56 146 Write Chinese 47 79Chinese Reading 248 172 Chinese Book 151 128 And thousands of eBooks, eMagazine, and Podcasts
  • 12. PRONUNCIATIONPinyin Trainer Speak Pinyin Trainchinese Study Board dictionary Teacher Pinyin Chinese &flashcards Virtual LanguageChinese iSay Nihao Hi Nihao 一千字說華語 Lab from I lovephrase book Chinese
  • 13. WRITE CHINESE CHARACTER ON IPAD iLearn Chinese Trainchinese 学前必备 Chinese写汉字 characters Chinese Writer 六百字 Writer ChineseeStroke iCQuiz eZi Test Chinese Words Lite Word Tracer
  • 14. READ CHINESE ON IPADHundred s of audio and animated booksVarious levelsSearch “Chinese Reading”5Q ChannelChinese Reading Old Master Q Nciku Reader Hanzi ReaderApps
  • 15. FLASHCARDS Flashcard Deluxe Flashcard FlashcardletFlashcards + gFlash+ Touch L-lingo audio Byki Hancard快乐学堂 CS Zika HSK Text flashcard Chinese
  • 16. DICTIONARY Hanyu trainchinese iCEDPleco Chinese Nciku online Chinese DictionaryDianhua Camdictionary Textgrabber KT-dict eStroke
  • 17. NOTE AND VOICEShowme LiiHoRecord voice & Doodle Handwritten Handwritedrawing Body postcard Upad lite message linkwhiteboard to FBGoogle Translate Dragon Audio Note lite QuickVoice VoiceThread Dictation
  • 18. MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZEIVC Mobile Blackboard Moodle Edmodo eduteacher iBookLearn PicassaDropbox Box Evernote notability aPhoto ishowphoto
  • 19. MORE APPS FOR TEACHER Bamboo PaperportGood Reader Pages Timer Notebook Notes ComicStripAnimoto Slide By Slide iBrainstorm Pppplet Lite CSVideo Slideshow By Slideshare
  • 20. ITUNES & ITUNE U Search: Learn Chinese/Mandarin As of Jan 31, 2012. More than140 podcasting sites 林翠雲老師 Emory College 讓華語e起來 Language Center Mandarin Radicals
  • 21. COMBINE APPS TOGETHER TO CREATE IPAD ACTIVITIES Project FunSimple based Text input Effective Voice &Image Sound Rich
  • 22. INTEGRATED LESSON PLAN Internet ResearchTasks
  • 23. LESSON PLAN #1 RESEARCH Topic: Geography of China Students are given a worksheet about Chinese geography Students are divided into small group to work Students are using internet to look up the information Check your answer…. Discussion
  • 24. LESSON PLAN 2: WRITE CHARACTER Students are given a list of new Chinese vocabulary After teacher’s demo, students practice writing on iPad. Students handwrite on a e -postcard, and email to the teachers. handwritten showme Doodle body 写汉字
  • 25. LESSON PLAN 3: WRITE HOMEWORK ON IPAD Students write homework assignment on iPad Teacher save homework to PDF, upload to a teaching platform or email to students. From iPad, students can download the PDF and save to Notability and write the homework with the stylus pen and than email to the teacher Writing homework now is paperless Notability
  • 26. LESSON PLAN 3:STORY TELLINGTake a snap shotfrom a comic of Use iDraw HD toThe old Master Q edit photo andSave the image in add the textPhoto album Old master Q iDraw HD Insert words & description
  • 27. LESSON PLAN 4: JOURNAL, NOTES, & ESSAY penzuNotebook+Free
  • 28. LESSON PLAN 5: PRONUNCIATION PRACTICE iLove Chinese Hi Ni Hao Speak Board Chinese Flashcards Record and compare Click and practice the with sounds your pronunciation useful phrases
  • 29. LESSON PLAN 6: PROJECT Draw, write, add an Quick Voice RecorderOral Presentation, photo image, tell a story, do Record ideas, voicestory project a presentation memos, voiceWith VoiceThread With Showme email, dictation, dialogues
  • 30. LESSON PLAN 7: FLASHCARDS Create you own sets There are dozens of Quizlet/ Studystack powered iOS apps. These apps let you download sets of Quizlet or Studystack flashcards.
  • 31. LESSON PLAN 8: MUSIC, SING ALONG愛K歌 錢櫃KTV Piano 經典兒歌 寶寶童謠 有聲童謠
  • 32. LESSON PLAN 9: GAMES Chinese Chess Chinese Checker Go Game Chinese Food Yo China Quiz Quiz (Travel) Chinese Big Chinese ChinaquizChinese Chess Chinese Voc New year QuizMaster Quiz Maze
  • 33. LESSON PLAN 10:SOCIAL NETWORK EdmodoEdmodo makes it easy for teachers and students to stay connected and shareinformation. Use your iOS device to send notes, post replies, and check messagesand upcoming events while away from the classroom.
  • 34. THINK BEFORE YOU START …. Classroom Management StudentLearning Outcomes
  • 35. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Stylus Pen Giving TreeiPad Dock VGA Adapter Mobile Charge & Organize Piano Apprentice Station
  • 36. THANK YOU Joanne Chen 蘇芳儀老師 Chinese instructor Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA ivclaoshi@gmail.com Blog: http://blog.huayuworld.org/ivclaoshi Wikispaces: http://ivclaoshi -cltasc.wikispaces.com /