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Harry Potter strategic alliance with Coca Cola..
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Harry Potter strategic alliance with Coca Cola..


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How a strategic alliance would be beneficial for both parties? What would be the ultimate outcome of strategic alliance between two popular parties like Coca Cola & Harry Potter? Without Coca Cola can …

How a strategic alliance would be beneficial for both parties? What would be the ultimate outcome of strategic alliance between two popular parties like Coca Cola & Harry Potter? Without Coca Cola can Harry Potter get the same popularity? These topics are discussed within the presentation. This provides the answers for case study on International Marketing - Global Marketing Entry Strategies.

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  • 1. Harry Potter; The Phenomenon International Marketing
  • 2.  Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling.  The series is about the adventures of a magician Harry Potter and his friends Ronald Wesley and Hermione Granger.  Harry Potter is one of the Most Recognized Brand in the World values 4.0$ Billions  Harry Potter made alliances with global licensees such as Coca Cola, Mattel & Lego. Introduction
  • 3. • • • • • • • Harry Potter & Sorcerer’s Stone – 1997 ( June ) Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets – 1998 ( July ) Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban – 1999 ( July ) Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire – 2000 ( July ) Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix – 2003 ( June ) Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince – 2005 ( July ) Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows – 2007 ( July ) Harry Potter Book Series
  • 4. Time Line of Harry Potter
  • 5. Strategic Alliance – Coca Cola & Harry Potter
  • 6.  Coca Cola spent 150$ Millions of worldwide sponsorship in producing first movie of Harry Potter in 2000-2001  Coca Cola placed Well Known Harry Potter logo in 850 million of beverage bottles  Coca Cola used the themes of Friendship, Happiness, Honest as the best fit from the brand Harry Potter
  • 7. Q1. Do you think that Harry Potter would have achieved the same success had Bloomsbury not aligned itself with global heavyweights such as Coca Cola?
  • 8. Yes • First Book – Harry Potter & Sorcerer’s Stone ( 1997 June ) • First Movie released in 2001 – Harry Potter & Sorcerer's Stone • First 3 books have released before the first movie • 66 Million copies of first 3 books sold before movie release • First 3 books have translated into 200 languages before the movie release
  • 9. • Unique Story which anyone will love. It is like a fantasy solution for human problems. • Emotional Relationship with the readers. Through social media networks & Teaser Campaigns by publishers Harry Potter became a Hero for both children & adults - Do Not Open Packages • Danish Toy Manufactures produce toys of all characters of Harry Potter
  • 10. Harry Potter will gain the same success without Coca Cola As - No Coca Cola brand appearance in the movie - Harry Potter is not appearing with Coke commercials But, With Coca Cola Harry Potter approach the unsought places where Coca Cola is distributing their brands - Harry Potter Literacy Campaign -
  • 11. Q2. Is Harry Potter perceived differently around the world? Why or Why not?
  • 12. Yes • “Harry porter is not about magic, Harry porter is a magic.” Harry Potter used Fantasy Appeal as a solution to Human Problems. • Harry Potter is all about the Friendship, Honesty & Imaginations which do not have any cultural & geographical differences • Give a worthwhile message through the story between Good & Bad.
  • 13. • 66 Million sales of the First Book with 200 language translation • First book was awarded by four countries. - Nestle Smarties Book Prices ( 1997 – 1999) - Scottish Art Council Book Awards (1999- 2001) - Whitebread Children’s Book of the Year (1999) - WHSmith Book of the Year (2006) • Harry Potter included one of the best books list ranked by American Library association – New York Times -
  • 14. Q3. What measures could be taken to ensure that licensees do not tarnish the Harry Potter brand?
  • 15. • Coca Cola – Teenagers • Coke is accepted as an unhealthy beverage brand for children • Harry Potter – Children • Harry Potter is HERO to children • Children trust Harry Potter Alliance of Coca Cola with Harry Potter may tarnish to the Brand Trust of Harry Potter
  • 16. • No product placement in the movie. J. K. Rowling do not let Coca Cola to appear on the movie • No characters appear within the coca cola commercials. Harry Potter is a HERO to children, Brand Guardian protect the HERO from unethical sales tactics of Coca Cola. • Coca cola implemented a literacy campaign around the world as a CSR activity not for profit. - Win A School Library Campaign
  • 17. Q4. What, if any, are the risks to licensees such as coca cola and Lego of aligning themselves with harry porter?
  • 18. • Coca Cola – Teenagers • Coke used Images of characters in Harry Potter in their packages • Harry Potter – Children • Usage of Children’s HERO as a sales representative of Coca Cola brand Marketers accept Coca Cola packages as an unethical Sales Strategy of Coca Cola to promote their brand may damage to the Brand Image of Coca Cola
  • 19. • Coca Cola spent 150 $ Million for the worldwide sponsorship of the Movie Harry Potter • CSR Contests such as Win a School Library, Screening Contests within the Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets movie Short Term Liquidity Problems
  • 20. • website aimed at ending Coca cola use of Harry Potter to market “Junk” food to kids. Influence from Pressure Groups
  • 21. Thank You