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Website analysis sample report

  1. 1. WEBSITE ANALYSIS REPORT FORD M Dhronaaz is a knowledge side of D M Connects which provides Market Recommended and SensibleExpertise Progression Programs in several profession segments.Objective:-The purpose of this document is to summarize the positive and negative points of the website that are affecting the rankings on major search engines like Google,Yahoo, and Bing.Executive Summary and Analysis:-An analysis I am doing analyze the current optimization level of and how thesite ranks on Google and the major search engines.  The positive and negative points are provided below:After doing numerous tests with the help of automated software as well as human review, severalpositive factors are found:  have good content and on each page of website  Website pages are built well from an SEO perspective  Site is search spider friendly to find all content.  DM Dhronaaz website is looking good user point of view.  Several important things have been found that are restricting htp:// from obtaining top rankings for the desired keyword:  Domain is recently registered  No rankings for State specific searches  Not enough quality links pointing to dmdhronaaz site from other related websites  No integrated Social Media strategy and inbound link sharing (Face book, Twitter, YouTube)  No use of video on site or YouTube  Keyword density is a bit low on most pages  Some of pages urls not related to targeted keywords.
  2. 2.  Target Keywords for DM DhronaazKEYWORDS PAGE AVAILABLE NEED PAGE Training and Placement On Job Training and Development IT Courses in Chennai IT Training Chennai IT Training Courses No training.phpTraining Courses in Chennai Corporate Training it corporate training training.phpcorporate training courses Corporate Training in Chennai Online Education IT Online Education No education.php Online Education Training Elearning IT Elearning elearning solutions No courses.php elearning courses excel training multimedia training multimedia courses multimedia education training training.php multimedia chennaimultimedia training courses  These all keywords are not found in 50 pages on Google
  3. 3.  How Important is Being on the 1st Page of Results? (TOP 10 SERPS RESULTS)Basically, if you’re ranked #1, you get 42% of the clicks.  Website Over View:-Response Time Summary Connection First ByteDNS Time Start Render Document Complete Total page loading time Time Time6 ms 350 ms 693 ms 693 ms 225 ms 293 msDomain Summary Avg AvgDomains IP Address No. of Requests Size(KB) Response Throughput(KB/sec)
  4. 4. Time(ms) 20 127.97 179 47.86 Webpage SummaryNo. of Request Total Objects Images Java Scripts CSS Total page size20 20 17 (88.14 KB) 0 (0.0 KB) 1 (2.17 KB) 127.97 KB  Pages Included in DM Dhronaaz Link Explorer
  5. 5.  Web Page Speed Report Web Speed Report for http://dmdhronaaz.comPage Size 15,204 BytesResponse Time 0.14 Seconds28 Kbps 4.24 Seconds56 Kbps 2.12 Seconds64 Kbps 1.86 Seconds128 Kbps 0.93 Seconds256 Kbps 0.46 Seconds  On-Page Variables - These are the technical factors that affect website rating:-Item Great Good Average Fair Poor DescriptionPage content  DM Dhronaaz pages do have good content on them that match the primary keywords.Website structure  Good website structureDepth of Google  Google has indexed 6 pages of DMIndex DhronaazWebsite Age  Domain age is 21 days old.URL Keywords  DM Dhronaaz urls are not friendly and not have full keywords phrases in url.Keywords in Headers  DM Dhronaaz Most pages are not using <h1> tags. Need to put h1 tag all pagesInternal keyword link  Our Site has no Internal Keywords links. Need to put internal keywords links.Website Errors  Right now DM dhronaaz has 26 errors. Need to rectify it.Broken Links   DM Dhronaaz has 5 broken links.Page Title  DM Dhronaaz has Page Title but its not good. Need to change title related to conetnt
  6. 6. Meta Description  DM Dhronaaz has no Meta description.Meta Keywords  DM Dhronaaz has no Meta Keywords. ALT Image Tag Most have them. We need to add More keywords though.Text Footer Links  Should have more text footer links to link to top Priority inner pages.Canonical Issued  DM Dhronaaz has some canonical issue. Need to rectify it.Sitemap.html  DM Dhronaaz has no Sitemap.html. Need to add sitemap.htmlSitemap.xml DM Dhronaaz has no Sitemap.xml. Need to add sitemap.htmlRobot.txt DM Dhronaaz has no robot.txt. Need to add sitemap.html  Off--Page Variables -These are the items that help bring traffic to your website and Increase your PageRank value.Item Great Good Average Fair Poor DescriptionInbound Links  DM Dhronaaz has no inbound links. Need to collect some Quality back links.PageRank  Home Page has a 0/10 Pagerank. Due to lack of volume of quality inbound links to your website.Quality of links  DM Dhronaaz has Quality links from other sites.Blog  Blog is good to keep content fresh for spiders and keep users active on site. DM Dhronaaz don’t have one now.Videos  Video is a huge opportunity being missed. We should have client testimonials and educational topics as youtube videos. Google may use youtube videos on general search results page. This is pages!Facebook/Twitter  DM Dhronaaz website has facebook and twitter logo but you have not link to both profile pages
  7. 7. *********************