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Analysis of the lyrics

  1. 1. Lupe Fiasco - SunshineANALYSIS OF THE LYRICS
  2. 2. THE LYRICS  Uh, Fresh to def she is Never met her before From her steps to the set she is But I think I like her like a metaphor So “death” might not let me live It‟s hard to get in the car we sit Ya dig From the intro she rolled down her Fresh uh huh, yes she is window just in case I was a skitzo Had a feeling that it would be a day like this I compliment her on the common The orchestra in my mind don‟t play like this (naw), sense But I‟m prepared for it I‟m calm Got a lil rare for it A lil more confident (Uh Huh) Brushed off my airs And then we lose consciousness Even cut my hair for it She says “that I‟ve been waiting for „Cause normally I don‟t care for it you” Don‟t even be looking for like, like that And I know you‟ve been chasing me Then there go it too since they kidnapped me from a Yea right over there so I prepare the poet castle Lil scared my stair lowered I been thinking of you Momma said have no fear I told her “fire breathing dragon he bet Plus I‟m already outta my chair not harm me” or he be sorry when he God love my airs on my square from here forward meets my one man army It‟s nothing right so here go it And thou has come to rescue me Whisper in her ear “it‟s kinda crowded in here” My knight in shining armor yes you be Would she care to blow it she said “yea” Woken up by the horn of an SUV I said “see, too beautiful to let you  [chorus] sleep” You‟re my sunshine (you‟re my sunshine), [chorus] You‟re my moonlight (you‟re my moonlight), Relationship is just 30 minutes longYou‟re the starry skies above me won‟t you please come It‟s kinda heavy maybe a lil strong down and hug me, Gonna take much more than once Think I found love in this club tonight (Wowowowo) Can‟t trust what each of us say at least for a month Or two before I bid you a due
  3. 3. LINES 1-7 ‘Had a feeling it would be a day like this...The orchestra in my mind don’t play like this..’ The first verse creates a romantic feel as orchestra is usually a joyful mixture of many instruments playing classical music. So “death” might not let me live The first verse is showing how he is having a crap day
  4. 4. LINES 8-13 Line 8-13 he’s explaining how he even cut his hair for it. This adds a sense of humour and makes the lyrics light and humorous. The lyrics are more soft and not very deep in lines 8-13. This is important to keep the lyrics flowing as the first few lines are very strong and meaningful.
  5. 5. LINES 9-14 In lines nine to fourteen, the emotion of fear and anxiety is conveyed, therefore, the facial expressions of our chosen characters in this verse should change from serious to more relaxed. There should not be an attitude of over confidence in comparison to lines 8-13. However the phrase, ‘Momma said have no fear,’ adds a sense of humour and at this point we are considering of having a male dressed as a female being the male characters mother.
  6. 6. LINES 14-17 In this verse the male and female character could whisper in his ear ‘it’s kind of crowded in here,’ at the same time as the song will say it and we are considering of having a close up shot on the female characters face as she will say it as well. This verse will show that the female character is interested in the male character as well.
  7. 7. CHORUS You‟re my sunshine (you‟re my sunshine), You‟re my moonlight (you‟re my moonlight), You‟re the starry skies above me won‟t you please come down and hug me, Think I found love in this club tonight (Wowowowo) At this point the chorus will be playing. As Lupe says, „ I think I found love in this club tonight, we were considering to have our setting in a club but due to the complications behind it we decided not to. Now we are considering the location to either be London, Park, Shop or a Highstreet.
  8. 8. LINES 18-24 I find the lyrics very interesting in this verse. He says,‘ I like her like a metaphor,’ I find this line very interesting as it shows the innocence and purity of his love. This verse changes image of the girl as he says she rolls down the window to make sure he’s not a skitzo. The change in character of the female will be shown through her facial expressions and body language to create a sense of negativity.
  9. 9. LINES 25-33 In this verse Lupe has used metaphorical language to describe affections towards one another. The female character says, “that I‟ve been waiting for you,” at this point we can have the female character actually miming those lines. She also flatters him by saying Ive been thinking of you since they kidnapped me from my castle and he replies as they better not harm her or they‟ll meet his one man army. These lines invoked my group to think more about how the character will dress and appear to be in the music video. We decided that he must be a bit muscular as the phrase, „one man army,‟ is usually said to someone who is strong enough like an army.
  10. 10. LAST VERSE The last verse talks about time and his excitement to may be see the girl he’s fell in love with the next say. You could possibly show the male character as well as artist wake up and realise it’s all a dream or even show that its all a flashback.
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