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  1. 1. Nathan Sukonik CEO & Founder
  2. 2. Jargon s Vision•  Jargon is an online and in person platform for teaching professional public speaking •  Jargon teaches its members how to deliver professional speeches and perfect their elevator pitches •  Jargon uses unique meeting places, a social network and mobile application to further the user experience and deliver the best results
  3. 3. Nathan Sukonik3 years as a manger of PR & IT in numerous Startups Competed in NY State Business Plan Competition Won Hofstra University Capital One Challenge for StartupCompanies Is a Toastmaster from Upper West Side NYC Division Founded Surf Side Talkers, Long Beach NY Toastmasters - skilled in all applicable presentation technology
  4. 4. Jargon Revolution• Social Network • Mobile Application •  with web app compatibility • Pop-Up Meeting Place
  5. 5. International"  Jargon was created to solve the gap in professional Speech Education "  The original Toastmasters organization has existed since the 1920s and has not changed much since that time "  Toastmasters has not adapted to meet the demand of the new immigrant population in the United States who are looking for a more personalized public speaking experience, that is up to date with current technologies and social media "  I was inspired to begin Jargon when asked by Greek and Spanish immigrant why no such service was offered "   I decided to create such a program as to help these new immigrants, but also to aide all people who have trouble with public presentation
  6. 6. Target Market"  35% of Americans are Upwardly Mobile, Tech Savvy Individuals "  The Same Data shows they are: "  Professionals Interested In Improving Their Public Speaking Skills Emily Miethner "  P$YCLE, Pyramid, Nielsen and NPD "   Target Market "  Spanish Americans that are Upwardly Mobile use smart phones "  They are in business related fields or involved in spiritual & educational institutions "   They Make up 44% of the Upwardly Mobile Americans - FOX NEWS, Dennis Yu NPD
  7. 7. Potential Market Is GROWING 18% of AmericansToday are Immigrants This # is Expected to Double in 2012 As Cited by US Officeof Immigration (USCIS)
  8. 8. The problem is not necessarily : - PowerPoint - People are tired of boring presentations- good public speakers can change all this
  9. 9. Jargon IS About You•  Jargon provides an evolving and cool environment for people to progress successfully at public speaking. "•  Our adaptivity stresses positivity." •  New meeting places - So you are never tired" •  Fast paced learning environment " •  1 to 1 personable professional coaching "•  Jargon offers bimonthly meetings in person at differing locations"•  and an online social network for all of our members
  10. 10. Jargon s Product•  Jargon uses unique tools:" •  PDF and Video Tutorials from High Ranking Public Speakers" •  A mobile application to provide our members with important information on public speaking on the go and.." •  An Elevator Pitch App included in their membership" •  where members can get crowd- sourced feedback on their pitches and win prize money
  11. 11. Mobile & Web App Win $1000 dollars forhaving the most popular elevator pitch of the month
  12. 12. Steven A. Ballmer
  13. 13. •  The Jargon team will reach out through personal contacts, warm introductions and networking to create the relationships necessary to succeed. "•  Once we have implemented the Jargon Website with one consumer, we will leverage the relationship to convince other consumers of the value add of the Jargon Website. Scott Heiferman
  14. 14. Profit How Do We Make Money?60% Online MemberSubscription 25% Pop Up 10% Meeting Entrance 5% Subscription Fee Mobile App Submissions
  15. 15. Jargon Membership The 111 plan•  Online Access •  Student members get access to PDFs at 21 bucks a month •  Pro members get access to videos online at 51 bucks a month •  Executive members get One 1hour session online for 111 bucks a month •  All previous benefits included in each higher membership •  Other: •  Elevator Pitch App is FREE to use with Membership, otherwise it is 10 dollars per submission •  Regular Membership to on location Meetings is 11 bucks per month separate from the online membership •  First time admission fee to sit in on a club meeting is 20 bucks, without registration
  16. 16. Competition•  Toastmasters is the closest competitor •  Toastmasters & Dale Carnegie speech services currently offer little to none of what we plan to offer •  These underlying competitors are not a major threat to the company •  Jargon will build a social network & mobile community that betters all preexisting services
  17. 17. Thomas Suarez, 12 year old App Developer
  18. 18. Scott Heiferman Presents The turn of Century Steve Jobs on Success LBJ Public speakingThomas Suarez App Program
  19. 19. 10% of Jargon LLC" For $700,000 investment