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  • 1. synopsis {11 aug 10 Rahat 20,10,20,9,9,20,9 Sant mbo Akhil 5 Nishant Bassi Nikhil Kaura Dickson Arshpreet Aditya 20,10,18,8,8,20,10 Avdeep delegation 5 Pankaj Shivam Snehil Amanda Lois Avish decicion making 5 Ishan 18,10,18,9,18,10 Gursimran Pranvat Siddharth Dhingra Jatin Singla 18, 10,20,8,10,18,8 manpower mangement Kanav 5 Akhilesh Ramit Akash not in the group: present but did not gave the presentation Nishant Sharma Amanjot Kaur Inderpreet Singh Manjot Kaur 5 Sachdev Singh Manvir Kaur Sunny Beas Gaurav Arora 17,2,20,9,8,20,4 decentralisation Harpratap Saurav Kapoor 5 Nitin Singla Parminder Gagan Chitwan Govind Jaskaran
  • 2. Prabhsimren Veekesh Deepak Jasleen Hardeep 18,8,19,10,8,18,10 controlling Simon Emilia Sarah 5 Said Madhurika Monica 17,7,17,8,8,20,7 functions of management Vaneet Prince 5 Dheeraj Angad Kanwar Karnjit 18,10,17,8,7,20,10 public speaking Simrenjit 3 Akshit Kapil Kavish Jitesh Mayank Akash Khosla Sidak Saluja Kunal Karanbir 17,2,18,7,8,12,7 5 Sourav Bansal ethics and social responsibility Amandeep Puja Akash Sharma Vansh Qamra Jasmanpreet 5 Hardarshan Asilah Salil Satwant
  • 3. Marks for showing report on time at 9:00on 17th Aug 17-Aug p 5 p group 7 p MBO p p a p 5 p group 9 p failures in effective delegation are o p p a p p group 4 p Why Decision Making Process p p a p 5 p group 10 p Manpower an essential part of the o p a a p p p 3 (hand written) p Mangement is essential to every bus Group 1 p p p p Decentralisation is the willlingness to p 3 (hand written) group 8 p p p p p group 13 p Organising 5 p
  • 4. p p p p p p p The way to control is excercised diffe group 11 p p p p 3(hand written) group 3 p Plaaning is mind, organising is stoma p a p Can a person fearful of speaking in p p Group 11 p p p p p Span of control: Importance and ne p p p p 3(HANDWRITTEN) GROUP 2 p p Ethica And Social Responsibilty p p a p p organising a vital part of manageme p p
  • 5. effective delegation are often due to personal attitudes. Agree or disagree on Making Process an essential part of the organisations. Comment on their management in business organisations with special emphasis on Manpower Ma nt is essential to every business organisations. Elaborate sation is the willlingness to trust eemployees
  • 6. control is excercised differs between organisation. Agree or disagree mind, organising is stomach, staffing is heart, directing is mind and heart and controlling is blood pressure. on fearful of speaking in public be a haed of any organisation ntrol: Importance and need Social Responsibilty a vital part of management process
  • 7. pecial emphasis on Manpower Management
  • 8. siddharth's group sunny's group
  • 9. communication very effective in terms of understanding, only problem was that the voice sometimes was not audible, good contents, introduction of your group needs more concentraion, conclusion was effective gaurav good content only voice not audible, team work not managed properly, speaking to each other during the presentation, resting on dias, saurav good start, conclusion effective, queries handled well,