Gen Y

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This presentation is about the Gen Y and their expectations from the workplaces

This presentation is about the Gen Y and their expectations from the workplaces

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  • Third largest investor base in the world M&A deals increased by over 140% in 2007 to $52 B from $21 B in FY06 Emerging as a handset manufacturing superpower, recording the highest growth in AP region To drive M&E business to US$ 2 trillion by 2011 Indian SMEs viewed as the fastest growing in the APAC Add over 7 million telephone subscribers every month
  • Any thoughts on this slide? More descriptors? Is this thought clear? Can we do more with graphics to make this more appealing? Images? The actual words aren’t all that important- they’re just there to create the effect that says “NASA needs to change or it won’t ever really grab us”


  • 1. Gen Y and YouArchitects of the FutureWorkplaceSukanya Patwardhan7 February 2013
  • 2. 2Scope of Discussion Today• What has changed?• Who is Generation Y?• Comparison of Traditionalist, Gen X andGen Y• Gen Y specialities & implications for theworkplacecopyright
  • 3. 3We are embedded in the world of• Excitement• New Opportunities• Novelty• Challenges• Expression to potentialTherefore we are encounteringsituations we never experienced before AndThe traditional solutions do NOT work!copyright
  • 4. So how is personal and professional lifedifferent today?• Everyone Connected, Everywhere, Everytime..(1.5 billion people online – not fiction but fact)• Everybody can publish, search & collaborate• Demand on matching personal and professionallife4
  • 5. What connectedness could mean to you!You are driving your FORD car when your INTUWAVE satellite system alerts youof a traffic jam ahead. Your Motorola wristwatch bio-sensor registers that youhave not eaten and Lucy, your personalized Lipsinc virtual agent interrupts theIBM network servers that are running your MP3 Digital Radio to suggest youpick up “the usual” for lunch while simultaneously avoiding the traffic jam. Uponyour verbal agreement, Lucy invokes the BT Cellnets “Find-Me” service to findthe closet MCDnld and she places your “usual” order. Lucy guides you to theGolden Arches and you whiz through picking up your food and paying with awave of your SPEEDPASS key-fob. As you leave, the WHIRLPOOL fridge freezerissues a wireless transaction to SIMPLOT to deliver more french fries as yourorder just took its inventory of fries below recommended levels. As you chompyour fries, Lucy is alerted by your SENSATEX health monitoring clothes that youare minutes away from a stroke. Lucy alerts the nearest hospital and calls intoMetronic to request that they inject a few mils of nitro-glycerine from the plasticGE implant near your heart to ensure that you will make it to the the hospitalbefore you have a stroke. Meanwhile, the emergency room doctor receives analert, along with your medical information on his Symbol device
  • 6. 6Globally Integrated Enterprises (GIE)The New LandscapeInternationalexportingMultinationalcountry silosGlobalfull integrationC20thC21stGIE are open, modular and highly networked businesses that, regardlessof size, are shaping strategy, management and operations by need andnot location.copyright
  • 7. Impact on PeoplePeople available to each other 24x7
  • 8. 8The Four GenerationsGeneration Type Approximate ChronologyTraditionalists 1922 - 1945Baby Boomers 1946 - 1960Generation Xers 1961 - 1980Generation Y’s 1981 – 2000 >copyright
  • 9. 9Gen YFirst to be surrounded by digital mediaEmbraced Technology in their lives• The term Generation Y appeared in 1993 to describes those children bornbetween 1980’s – 1994. Anyone born after 1994 and till date regarded as subgroups of Generation Y with various namesEchoBoomersiGenerationSecondBabyBoomDAREGenerationGenerationNextMillenialsNet GMypodGeneration•Nerds – Those who believe only insubstance – any formality throughdress code, language is unacceptableBoomletsNetizenscopyright
  • 10. Demands instant gratificationImpatient if delayed… but highly adaptable.Instant informationAttracted to Large SocialMovementsWired Expecting (NOW! Not 5minutes from now)GlobalInterdependentQuickly boredMobilemulti-taskingempoweredvalue speed with accuracyThink in Hyperlinksabsorb information from multiple sources @ speed of lightStimulus JunkiesLow attention spanAcutely aware that stakes are higher
  • 11. 12copyrighte is allmputer.
  • 12. 13Each generation in the workplace comes with its own sets ofexperiences and expectation that can occasionally come inconflict with one anotherAttributesTraditionalist/ Boomers<1960Gen X1961 -1980Gen Y (Net Gen)1980-2000>Training The hard way Required to keep me Continuous & expectedLearning style Classroom IndependentCollaborative &networkedCommunication style Top down Hub & Spoke CollaborativeProblem-solving Hierarchical Independent CollaborativeDecision-making Seeks Approval Team included Team decidedLeadership style Command & control Coach PartnerFeedback No news is good news Weekly / Daily On demandTechnology use Uncomfortable Unable to work without it Like air to breatheJob changing Unwise Necessary Part of my daily routineLancaster, L.C. and Stillman, D. When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work. Wheaton, IL.Harper Business, 2003.copyright
  • 13. copyright 14Jashan, a young mgt trainee at RisingEntertainment, is frustrated because hisboss, marketing chief Vijayraman, wontlisten to his ideas about using new media topromote products.Jashan thinks hestrapped in the 1990s, when TV was the onlymedia and is outdated !!Rushing through his assignment for a teampresentation, Jashan works up a plan andpitches it to the CEO in the hallway. TheCEO loves it, but Vijayraman is upset withJosh for going over his head - andsubmitting subpar work on the presentation.How can these members of two differentgenerations work together effectively?
  • 14. Optionscopyright 15Vijayraman should reprimand Jashan for bypassing her;he should respect his authority and work with him, notaround him.Vijayraman must address Jashans frustrations. Like manyGen Yers, he wants to know that his work is meaningful,and he needs constructive feedback on suggestions.Given the CEOs enthusiasm, Vijayraman shouldcommend Jashans initiative but remind him to keep himin the loop.
  • 15. Optionscopyright 16Vijayraman needs to coach Jashan on being a team player andset clear expectations about performance and communication.Vijayraman could have done a much better job of validating hisgood idea - perhaps by asking Jashan to spearhead someexperiments for the group.Vijayraman and Jashan also might be able to forge a moreproductive relationship if Rising Entertainment set up training andfeedback programs to help integrate Gen Yers into theworkforce, as Enterprise has many of them.
  • 16. 17Gen X mother’s mail to her daughterDear Manu,Congratulations on your yet another new mail id.We will have regular correspondence.I will preserve all your mails.It is always fun to be connected with friends.Due to internet thereare several learning opportunities.I am sure you are going to enjoy.How are your vacations?I heard that you are currently writing a novel. How is it going?You have a special ability to write and read - I hope you willcultivate it well and enjoy writing stories and novels.LoveSukanya ( Ma / Aai)7thMay 07copyright
  • 17. 18Gen Y Daughter’s reply• THANX NYA,Tell me why do u have to use ALANKARIK LINGOon internet WHERE CASUAL IS THE FAD TODAY?U r really upside down.When at home you are completely – You Know -HOW BHARI and at other times A DIGOPET.BUT NEVER MIND, UR GRAND AS YOU ARE.LOVE,MANU8thMay 07copyright
  • 18. Videocopyright 19
  • 19. 20Characteristics of Generation Y• Strong Independence• Emotional and intellectual Openness• Exciting, challenging and thrilling experiences• Free expression and strong views• Innovation & Different ways to learn• Investigations & Immediacy• Collaboration and teamwork• Authentication and trust• Sensitivity to implications on the world• Need for a REAL impact• Work as a means of self actualizationWIFM ?What’s in it for me?copyright
  • 20. 21Gen Y likes..• Opportunities to be innovative and creative• Exciting, challenging and thrilling experiences• Immediacy. Being engaged quickly, beingbusy and receive and give ongoing,immediate feedback• Clearly defined tasks and expectations• Technology – user friendliness of technology• Collaboration and teamwork• Being respected as equals• To ask questions and challenge assumptions• To be recognized and valued.• Value companies/brands/products thatsupport good causes• Spirituality heightened, in touch with selfcopyright
  • 21. Birthday – The day my project leader will expel me out of theproject OR The day my bench period ends..Hometown – Office , Webpage –, Jobsahead.comI am here for – To surf the internet in company’s timeLanguages known - Java, C, C++, 0101011…Religion – I have holidays on all religious festivals :I like allfestivalsPolitical view – The one who sits next to me is…. Well, no idea !Humor – Once a weekFashion – Ask our HR ! I like Jeans, Tee – shirtsSmoking & Drinking – The most enjoyable two things on thisearth.Pets – My project leader looks like my pet, He/She is cute whenI get appreciation and raise in my salary…Books – How to lose weight in 20 days? 101 ways to attract apartner, Java unleashed, C++ at your door stepCuisines – Bread – butter, Maggie, knorr soup – anything I canget around 200 mts of my home.Passions – To find the cheapest pub near the company , tocomplain about my current company, To become nostalgic aboutcollege days. To dream about retirement at 40. To constantlyworry about future. (Source: Article by Sucheta Kadethankar in Sakal Daily,2009
  • 22. copyright 23
  • 23. 24PerspectivesEmployer’sHow do I get people “ondemand” who are capable ofensuring client well being bybeing effective, curious,mature, entrepreneurial, selfmotivated, intelligent,creative, integrative andhelpfulEmployer’sHow do I get people “ondemand” who are capable ofensuring client well being bybeing effective, curious,mature, entrepreneurial, selfmotivated, intelligent,creative, integrative andhelpfulEmployee’s (Gen Y)“How do I get myself tocontinuously learn to beseen as a valuablebusiness partner,collaborator, innovatorand a change agent?Employee’s (Gen Y)“How do I get myself tocontinuously learn to beseen as a valuablebusiness partner,collaborator, innovatorand a change agent?copyright
  • 24. 25Many young people leave their jobnot becausethere is a strong reason to leave,but becausethere is no compelling reason tostay.copyright
  • 25. 26Enterprises are awakening to the understanding..• People are not inventory• People are not the product• People are processors, co-producing/creatingbusiness value with the client• People are intelligent agents who seek tomaximize valuecopyright
  • 26. 27India at an exciting inflection pointOn average, Indians everyday buy: Increasing Consumerism Large source of Talent & Innovation Loosening of traditional norms Fascination for material pleasures Adopting fusion of western andeastern life stylecopyright
  • 27. 28Innovation is about creating valueAnd less about only inventing something new ordoing things in a new way, at workplace they lookfor..Innovation is about creating valueAnd less about only inventing something new ordoing things in a new way, at workplace they lookfor..CreativeCollaborativeOpenPurposefulParticipatoryBoldExcitingInnovativeTimelyConnectedLet’s have funChallengeLet me work with friendsFlexibleBalanced Lives / Healthy LifestyleLearning on DemandMake it easy for me copyright
  • 28. 29Boyz...boyz..boyz ! If u advise dem, dey thinku r dominating.. If u dont, u r nt doinganything..! If u agree to all their likes, u r notbein urslf.. If u dont , u r nt understanding..! Ifthey call u, they r missing u.!! If u call, u rdisturbing dem.!If they ask u anything, its theirright..! If u ask..den u r interfering.! If theycare, they love u.! If u care u r ovrpossessive.!!So HATS off to all great girls whotolerate them!!!!!! n th… See All!!Swati Suman Face Book – 9thSept 2011Language ?
  • 29. • New joiniessssssssss (workers)... in production!!getting the joining forms, telling them about rules nregulations arranging for their induction programme,getting the ESIC forms filled up from them and thenagain registering them online for ESIC... getting theirESIC cards and distributing the cards to theworkers...The most difficult part is - xplaining the workerseverything about ESIC PF PS etc. in Hindi!! Do uknow what is "Bhavishya Nidhi Yojana"? or "MoolNivasi Praman Patr"??• Neha Godbole FB 10 Sept 201130
  • 30. 31•Morally complexcopyright
  • 31. 32PPassionassionPPerseveranceerseverancePPlaylayPPlanninglanning PPeopleeoplePPurposeurposeBuilding a BRAND?Me Inc.I AM the CEOcopyright
  • 32. 33WhatisaBRAND?Me Inc.Me Inc.MyselfMy Work My FamilyMy SocietyOur NationOur PlanetOur Worldcopyright
  • 33. Future Workplaces ?• Outsource their “LIFE” !• Free Agents – Crowd Sourcing• Combination of professions• Work - life integration• At their will and wish• You need me – admit it gracefully• Mean what you say34Studying, working, solving everyday issues, pursuinginterests, personal life everything happens through NETcopyright
  • 34. 35copyrightCool Places to work !!!
  • 35. Thank YouMerciGrazieGraciasObrigadoDankeJapaneseFrenchRussianGermanItalianSpanishBrazilian PortugueseArabicTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseThaiKoreanAll questions are Welcome..IT IS NOT THE GEN Y THAT NEEDS TOCHANGE…..IT IS THE REST OF US…..