Being Human


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Its all about "Being Human" Foundation, which is belongs to SALMAN KHAN!

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Being Human

  1. 1. Being Human ….. It is said that Salman Khan is man with a golden heart and one who never tires of doing charitable work. But now Sallu has decided to make it official and has launched the Being Human - Salman Khan Foundation. The superstar says he is ready to dole out his cash to anyone and everyone as long as you can give him a valid reason for it. Speaking at a special preview of his upcoming film, Partner, for underprivileged children at Cinemax, Salman Khan had a free-wheeling chat with us about the Salman Khan Foundation and his plans for it.
  2. 2. Why launch a foundation when we all know that you are already doing so much charity? You get so much in life. My house is not so big and I don’t have so many needs. Sometimes when you have an overflow of money it gets spent on parties so I rather give the money here. I used to do this earlier also but I was very embarrassed to talk about it but now I have started being human. So I’m going to show off and talk about it – kissi ko acha lage ya na achha lage. I just want people to know that if I can do it so can you. And that’s the reason why I have started this foundation.
  3. 3. You know people say that an actor doesn’t even stitch his own pocket … as in that we get everything and we don’t need to spend our money on anything. It’s only a case of in flow in an actor’s life and I want to turn this set concept around and I hope that I have so much money that it can benefit maximum number of kids and adults. And if doesn’t happen I will start extorting it!
  4. 4. The tag says being human. What does ‘Being Human’ mean to Salman Khan? Being human for me is…being human. We all are human beings and I think we don’t do anything human to be human so you have to do something. I mean God gives you so much and you know eventually you need to start giving it back. Everyone does that, I’m sure, in some way or the other but I wanted to start this on my own for a long time now. But I just couldn’t find the time and I’m more inclined to this now.
  5. 5. Your first project was underprivileged kids seeing your movie Partner. Do you consider them your critics? I feel really bad for people like Khalid Mohammad and all. (laughs) No seriously this movie is not meant for them… it’s a movie made for children! This is my audience. This is my achievement and this is my goal that people, little kids, little babies enjoy the movie and go back home. I’m in the entertainment business, you know. I don’t want to do serious cinema. I just want people to really laugh, enjoy and go back. I think with all the suffering and misery in the world it’s nice to make people laugh.
  6. 7. So if I want to give the Salman Khan Foundation some money can I just call you up? I haven’t worked out the details yet. I mean if someone wants to help they can knowing that it’s going to go a right cause because I really don’t need to do any of that jhol. I mean I have enough… I am putting in my own money so why would I? I don’t have a huge staff so it’s like whenever I can help anybody I will do it. And if you want to put in money you are of course more than welcome to put in your own money!
  7. 8. Is it true that you are hoping to sell your paintings for the foundation? Yes. I am also painting these days so I can then sell them and use the money for the Foundation. You know when someone starts a foundation like this he becomes a beggar. I am not a beggar. Till my hands, legs and mind are in working condition I will work and I will try and do as much as I can for this Foundation. I will put in as much money as I can afford to put in.
  8. 10. Being Human Salman Khan Sohail Khan
  9. 11. Created by -Sujit kumar