Social In Platform Play - How to add social to your products

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This is my presentation for Web2.0 2009. …

This is my presentation for Web2.0 2009.

Talks about how to add social to your product, decision points, best practices. Also offers guidance on how to use social for platform marketing.

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  • @sujamthe, @johnlinc, ed.maier@aol


  • 1. Social Media in Platform Play - how to build social in your product to work for you Sudha Jamthe, Ed Maier and John Lin Sudha Jamthe, [email_address] @sujamthe
  • 2. Product ---  Platform How to take a technology and make it a platform for developers
    • Strategy
      • Competitive Positioning
      • What not to open
      • what to open – data or process?
      • e.g. Google search API or Y! Search Data
    • Compliance &Legal
    • Target audience
      • Hobbyists, serious developers, developer environment segments or Java, php, python, iphone developer etc)
    • Goals
      • Quantity, Quality, Ecosystem
    • Revenue Opportunity
    • Where to start
      • Web, Social, Mobile
  • 3. Adding Social To Your Product RSS Feeds Build Social Features In Product Integration with Other Social APIs
  • 4. RSS and ATOM Web Feeds
    • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds is XML based format used for content distribution and syndication
    • ATOM and RSS are Web Feeds
    • GeoRSS - encode location in RSS feeds.
    • User can subscribe in a reader w/o giving out emails.
    • Offer multiple RSS feeds choices
  • 5. Adding Social Features to Products - Social Friends, Discovery Feeds Vs
  • 6. Adding Social API Integration Vs 1. Open Standards 2. Sticky Content and Developer Innovation 3.Access to Site Functionality vs. Data Cartoon ©
  • 7. Adding Social APIs Integration - Increases Distribution, Openness of Data
  • 8. Using Social Media to build Developer Community
    • Share upcoming product roadmap
    • Reward good feedback
  • 9. References
    • (about RESTful API history)
    • and @twitterapi