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Overview of the service initiative called Light a Lamp in Kolkata, India. This is a unique mentoring initiative which brings together people of different social and economic backgrounds.

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Light a lamp Overview

  1. 1. Light a Lamp Igniting Knowledge
  2. 2. Contents The dream called “Light a Lamp” What set us thinking How to bridge the gap Mission of Light a Lamp Our approach Ongoing work Way forward Success stories of learners Mentorspeak What’s in it for you You are invited Our contact Our inspiration
  3. 3. Mission : Light a Lamp. Vision : Realizing dreams… Light a Lamp ! for a single lighted lamp can light thousands of other lamps … Mentors from privileged sections and Learners from underprivileged sections come together to create a synergy and become catalysts for further change
  4. 4. What set us thinking Poor quality of education in low-income schools & colleges Dearth of motivated and qualified teachers in these schools who can act as role models Pass-outs from these colleges and schools lack direction in life Some of them get lured into anti-social activities and become nuisance for the entire society How to use this potential constructively ?
  5. 5. How to bridge the gap.. India has a lot of successful professionals and intellectuals from diverse background This section of people can not only share their knowledge but also be good role- models Together they can create a progressive society And… Mentoring was the answer !
  6. 6. Mission of Light a Lamp
  7. 7. Bridge the knowledge dividePeople from both the sections of the society come together to form an enriching bond of learning and sharing
  8. 8. Empower underprivileged learners Ring of faith Knowledge, resources and other need-based guidance is provided by the mentor to the learners. Faith is the vital mortar in the relationship
  9. 9. Inculcate human values Belongingness Honesty & Responsible & Sharing Integrity citizenProvide the underprivileged learners a holistic vision about life and inculcate human values like belongingness, honesty, integrity and responsibility towards the society.
  10. 10. Trigger growth in mentorsThe mentors undergo tremendous growth themselves like increase in their social awareness, leadership qualities and various other life-skills
  11. 11. Our approach Relationship of trust , respect & friendship between the learners (students) and the mentors (teachers) Kindle the passion for learning rather than only bookish knowledge in the learners Involve the local establishments like clubs and schools and get their support and buy-in
  12. 12. Our approach (contd) Collaborate with governmental and non governmental organizations Take help of Art of Living workshops to create an atmosphere conducive to learning
  13. 13. Ongoing work Communicative English classes (5 nos) at North Tangra Computer training class at North Tangra jointly facilitated by C-DAC and Light a Lamp Art of Living workshops for the learners Provide need based career guidance
  14. 14. Ongoing work (Contd) Total no of current mentors : 14 Total no of current learners : 43 Local partners : North Tangra Netajee Sangha club, Janakalyan shikkha mandir school Collaboration with : C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing), premier R&D organization with govt of India
  15. 15. Way forward Induct new mentors to support expansion Open new Light a Lamp camps in other places Introduce new subjects in the curriculum Explore tie-ups with other govt or non-govt organizations
  16. 16. Success stories of learners Sabita Mondal (Eng Elementary Class) - Sabita lacked self- confidence and she was far behind in study standards. But she slowly started picking up the lessons and with her silent determination and perseverance she is now one of the leading students in her class. Now often when other students falter she promptly corrects them. Students like her make us realize that a little bit of guidance and help can bring about profound changes in them. Anusmita Jana (Eng Advanced class)-A B.Sc. student in Biochemistry, Anusmita has shown remarkable progress in her speaking and writing abilities in the English language, which is now almost comparable to any individual who uses English as a medium of communication in his everyday interactions. However, it is the transition from a shy, insecure girl to a confident one, during this period, that has made her progress even more stellar. It is the aim of “Light A Lamp” to empower many more needy individuals like Anusmita, with confidence and skill.
  17. 17. Success stories of learners (contd) Sudeep Sarkar (Eng Intermediate class)– A student of class 7, Sudeep came in as a very shy student and was not at all confident about his English speaking ability. But just within months he has transformed into a bright boy bubbling with confidence. His English is now almost perfect. We are sure in the coming months, he will be able to speak fluently without any hesitation.
  18. 18. Mentorspeak ! Tanuja Bhowmik- “Light a Lamp is something very close to my heart. All my students are like my children and it gives me immense pleasure to impart whatever knowledge I have to the less privileged ones. Like a mother feels proud to see her children do well, I also feel great when I see any kind of improvement in my students. Besides, it is a learning experience for me also. I myself get to learn many new words, some rules which I myself did not apply properly when I was a kid and most important of all it gives me confidence. I am usually a short tempered person but I find it amazing that I never really get angry with these kids. Apart from the knowledge sharing there is a beautiful bond between the students and the teachers which makes me look forward to meet them every week.” (Tanuja is working with a leading IT MNC) Nilanjan Sil- “Every time I take a class in Light a Lamp, I am amazed by the students innocence, inquisitiveness and ability to smile in any given condition. The simple fact that I am able to help them gives me immense pleasure. Slowly but surely we have created a strong bond of mutual love and respect. Working with Light A Lamp has changed my perspective. Now I realize that human beings and children in particular are basically same irrespective of their economic and social background. The students I teach are as good as any other. But society is yet to recognize that. Every class reassures me that future of our society is in better hands, we just have to empower them.” (Nilanjan is working with a leading IT MNC)
  19. 19. Mentorspeak ! (Contd) Chandrani Biswas: When I joined this project and saw the kids I was not at all confident that I can teach. But you know it’s a two way teaching process. Every class I teach them some stuff of English and they teach me the reality of life. When I can see they are improving my dream for them becomes bigger. As a teacher I constantly find out newer ways of teaching methods. I feel some special kind of bonding with each and every kid, which I can’t express in words. This project is very close to my heart. (Chandrani works with a leading IT MNC) Sreyashi Mukherjee – “The one definitive feeling that I get after coming out of class each Sunday, is that of fulfillment. It is this feeling that has made me remain associated with “Light A Lamp” for more than 2 years. Weekends are precious for all, especially working individuals, who barely have time for unwinding during the weekdays. But the act of sharing your gifts and knowledge with the needy and seeing them expand as better individuals gives one a kind of “unwound” feeling that cannot be expressed in words and can only be experienced. I urge you, the bright and talented recipient of this presentation, to try it out for yourself and feel the difference it makes to your life and others’!” (Sreyasi is a marketing professional in a pvt engineering firm)
  20. 20. Mentorspeak ! (Contd) Samir Mukherjee: “I like to contribute to this Light a Lamp movement because of this inner urge to effect a positive change in the thought process of young children and youth of the underprivileged class. The real intention is to share with them my learnings from the various situations that I have faced in my own life. Also I understand this endeavor from both sides will create a society full of hope, opportunities and growth for fulfilling the inherent potential in each one of us.” (Samir Mukherjee is a retired professional from automobile and heavy equipment industry) Sarika Saboo - “The Light a lamp team consists of highly dedicated, enthusiastic and natural mentors. There are regular open discussions and communications among the team members to take the project forward. Light a lamp project helps me grow by helping the students grow“ (Sarika Saboo is a successful businesswoman)
  21. 21. So – what is in it for you ?BE SOMEONE’S HERO ! Make a difference to someone’s life Feel a fulfillment unparalleled Experience the expansion in thinking Bring out the leadership skills in you
  22. 22. You are invited You are invited to join this education movement ! How can you contribute Join as a mentor for a very fulfilling teaching and bonding experience Donation of any amount. It can be periodic or one-time Spread the word ! Talk about this great initiative to your friends Tie up . If you are a governmental or non governmental organization who share a similar vision as ours, let us join hands.
  23. 23. For more details … Email Or Call 0-98311-04075 / 0-98360-12209 Or Like and Subscribe to Light a Lamp FB page
  24. 24. Our inspiration is H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar“Just information is not education. It is culturing our behavior andattitude. It is our ability to perceive things better. Perception,Observation and Expression – the three aspects of education have tobe improved.” : H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji“Light a Lamp” is a project under Youth LeadershipTraining Program wing of Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India(The Art of Living) and is aligned to the vision of citizen’smovement Punarnaba Bangla.Website of The Art of Living :