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Overview of SuiteHelp 3.1 for DITA
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Overview of SuiteHelp 3.1 for DITA



Adena Frazer, senior developer at Suite Solutions, introduces the newly released SuiteHelp 3.1, a modern HTML5 WebHelp platform with advanced search, flexible deployment options, and mobile ...

Adena Frazer, senior developer at Suite Solutions, introduces the newly released SuiteHelp 3.1, a modern HTML5 WebHelp platform with advanced search, flexible deployment options, and mobile optimization. This webinar includes an overview of SuiteHelp functionality and technical architecture.



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    Overview of SuiteHelp 3.1 for DITA Overview of SuiteHelp 3.1 for DITA Presentation Transcript

    • SuiteHelp Product OverviewAdena Frazer, Suite Solutions
    • Who am I?Adena Frazer• Background in Computer Science and Education• Early and senior member of the Suite Solutions team• Given many public and private training seminars over the past fiveyears• Extensive expertise implementing DITA and CMS solutions for a widevariety of organizations• Responsible for internal training and mentoring for developers at SuiteSolutions• Help companies get it right the first time
    • About Suite SolutionsOur Vision: Enable companies to engage their customers by providing quickaccess to relevant information• Help companies get it right the first time• XML-based Authoring/Publishing Solutions• Enterprise Intelligent Dynamic Content• Consultancy, Systems Integration, Application Development• Cross-Industry Expertise• High Tech, Aerospace & Defense• Healthcare, Discrete Manufacturing• Blue Chip Customer Base• Hundreds of Person Years of Experience on Staff
    • Main Topics Introduction to SuiteHelp• Highlights• Default Skin• Sample Customizations• What Distinguishes SuiteHelp?• New in SuiteHelp 3.1• Integration with other Products Technical Architecture SuiteHelp Deployment Options
    • HighlightsOverview• Cross-platform, cross-browser, mobile-friendly webhelp platform• Leverages modern web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Ajax• Multi-lingual support, including Far-Eastern and RTL languagesFeature Highlights• Collapsible TOC, index, search, glossary, browse, breadcrumbs• Support for context sensitive help• Advanced search capability: fuzzy, phrase, prefix, Boolean, NEARTechnical Highlights• Shell and page content are easily customized using standard CSS• Fully automatic generation and compilation using a command-line or via aDITA Toolkit plug-in
    • Default Skinhttp://ditaspec.suite-sol.com/
    • Default Skin in Japanesehttp://www.infoparse.com/sites/default/files/files/suitehelp1/language_reference.html
    • Sample Customizations
    • Sample Customizations
    • Sample Customizations
    • Sample Customizations
    • What Distinguishes SuiteHelp?Great Performance• Extremely fast output generation• Loads quickly in every browserFollows Modern Best Practices• No frames• Eliminates reliance on outdated HTML features• Minimalistic and semantic use of HTML• Uses new HTML5 elements such as nav and article where appropriate• Makes content more accessible to disabled users using devices likescreen readers• Makes content more parsable by search engines• Javascript is JSLint compliant• Ensures high quality JS code
    • What Distinguishes SuiteHelp?Built on Modern Web Technologies• Optimized for mobile devices using responsive design• Media query• Served via AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML)• Eliminates need to refresh the whole page every time the contentchanges• Graceful Degradation• Designed for modern web architectures while still remainingbackwards compatible with older browsers
    • What Distinguishes SuiteHelp?Flexible Deployment• Generation• Support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh• Fully automatic generation and compilation either using acommand-line or via a DITA Open Toolkit plug-in• Ability to customize output without reliance on the DITA-OT• Viewing• Ability to deploy on server or client without any special softwareinstallation requirements• Option to compile into a single-file executable for easy deploymenton a client, similar to HTMLHelp CHM
    • New in SuiteHelp 3.1• Native facility for customizing and generating output without requiring theDITA-OT• Advanced Search• Word morphology/fuzzy searchExample: searching for configured will return results for configure andconfiguring• Exact Phrase search - surrounded by quotes• Prefix searchExample: searching for config* will return all pages containing wordsbeginning with the prefix config• Boolean search: AND, OR, NOT• NEAR search - with a default distance as well as a specified number ofspaces between the two words• Rank weighting for title, keywords
    • Integration with Common ApplicationsAuthoring Tools• oXygen• XMetaL• DITA-FMxCMS• SDL LiveContent Architect (formerly Trisoft)• IXIASOFT DITA CCMS• Bluestream XDocs• easyDITA• Astoria• Suite Solutions x:Point (SharePoint)SuiteHelp users have been driving the push to integrate SuiteHelp withdifferent tools in the Content Lifecycle tool chain
    • Technical ArchitecturePreprocessing• Performed by the DITA Accelerator• Greater efficiency, accuracy, and speed than the DITA-OTpre-processing, overcoming known bugs and architectural constraintsGeneration of HTML Topics• Utilizes one of the following options:• DITA Open Toolkit style sheets (DITA2XHTML): allows you toleverage your existing XHTML customizations• Native DITA Accelerator formatting: Element mapping file, no XSLSuiteHelp User Interface and Search Generation• Performed by the DITA Accelerator• Includes nav-bar, header, footer, breadcrumbs, and overall UI format• Extensively customizable
    • SuiteHelp Process FlowUsing Native HTML5 GenerationUsing DITA Open Toolkit XHTML Generation
    • DITA AcceleratorCore Technology• Set of libraries for processing XML content• Generates variety of output formats: HTML5, SuiteHelp and EPUB• Used as the main rendering engine for the SuiteShare dynamicpublishing platformInternationalization Support• Integrates ICU (International Components for Unicode) libraries• See http://site.icu-project.org/ for more details
    • DITA AcceleratorDeveloped in Haskell• Functional programming language• Strong static typing• Lazy evaluation• Extensive open source modulesBenefits for the DITA Accelerator• Great performance• It allows the codebase to be powerful, clear, and concise
    • Methods for Customization• Configuration Files• UI Configuration files• Classmap: Maps between DITA elements and attributes to HTML5• Shakespearean Templates• Hamlet – HTML templating language• Lucius – CSS templating language• Advantages:- Compile-time guarantees on well-formed content- Static type safety, aids in the prevention of XSS(cross-site scripting) attacks- Automated checking of valid URLs through type-safe URLs• See http://www.yesodweb.com/book/shakespearean-templates• JavaScript
    • SuiteHelp Deployment OptionsSupported Operating Systems• Windows, Linux, and MacintoshSuiteHelp Package• HTML5 files, graphics, CSS, Javascript• Full-text search index• SuiteHelp ServerDeploying to a Server• Utilize an existing webserver such as IIS, Apache, NGINX• Utilize the bundled SuiteHelp serverDeploying to a Client• Utilize the bundled SuiteHelp server• Standalone SuiteHelp - Single compiled package with web server• SuiteHelp package without a server – basic search, no Ajax
    • Next steps…• Check out the new SuiteHelp Users’ Forum:http://www.suite-sol.com/forums• Stay tuned for upcoming webinars• Generating and Viewing SuiteHelp• SuiteHelp Customization
    • Be in touchFor additional information, contact us:solutions@suite-sol.comU.S. Office EMEA Office(609) 360-0650 +972-2-993-8054www.suite-sol.com