Got DITA. Now What? Dynamic Publishing


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In this webinar, Joe Gelb discusses how you can leverage your investment in XML to focus on the customer experience and meet their evolving expectations:
• Quick access to contextually relevant, goal oriented enterprise content of different types including video
• Audience participation to comment and add new content
• Custom documents with on-demand publishing to ePub and PDF
• Modern user experience with smooth transition between mobile and desktop

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Got DITA. Now What? Dynamic Publishing

  1. 1. Got DITA. Now What? Dynamic Publishing Joe Gelb June 27, 2013
  2. 2. Who is this guy? Joe Gelb • Founder and President of Suite Solutions Suite Solutions Our Vision: Enable companies to engage their customers by providing quick access to relevant information • Help companies get it right the first time • XML-based Authoring/Publishing Solutions • Enterprise Intelligent Dynamic Content: SuiteShare Social KB • Consultancy, Systems Integration, Application Development • Cross-Industry Expertise • High Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Discrete Manufacturing • Healthcare, Government • Blue Chip Customer Base • Hundreds of Person Years of Experience on Staff
  3. 3. Main Topics • What is Dynamic Publishing? • The end game: It’s all about the customer experience. • What is contextual relevance and why is it so important? • How can we engage our customers and facilitate knowledge sharing? • How can a dynamic publishing platform deliver contextually relevant enterprise content to your customers? • Let’s see it in action.
  4. 4. What is Dynamic Publishing? • Provides people with easy access to contextually relevant information, enabling them to be effective • Harnesses applicable business rules • Leverages automation to assemble a variety of different content types on demand according to each individual’s requests • Quickly renders, packages and delivers the personalized product to the device, format and language of choice
  5. 5. It’s all about the customer experience Building the ideal system to meet your customers’ needs • 36% say personalized experience is why they stay with a brand • Understand what your customer needs • Create an experience that creates value for them • Differentiates your brand: builds the sustainable relationship, loyalty, reference-ability • People are on social media all the time, giving reviews • What makes a difference will be the best customer experience
  6. 6. Contextual Relevance What they need, when they need it. Targeting your customer • Who is the reader? Audience profile, persona • Type of user: end user, technician, field service engineer, solution engineer, support professional, sales or marketing person • Security profile, proficiency level • What equipment are they operating? version? configuration? • Goals: What are they trying to accomplish? • Install? Configure? Troubleshoot? • Make a purchasing decision? • What device are they viewing the information on? Will they have network access?
  7. 7. Illustrations Quick access to useful information: Examples • I’m a support professional at a call center. How do I troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone that fails to synchronize on a Dell laptop running Windows7 Home Edition? • I’m on vacation and I just want to… Update maps on my Garmin Nuvi 2350 GPS using bluetooth while I’m on my trip to Europe
  8. 8. Approaches to categorizing content Metadata • audience • category • keywords • product info • versions • product name, brand, component, feature, platform, series Subject classification • Build knowledge model of your domain: taxonomy, relationships • Apply it to your content
  9. 9. Social Engagement You can’t be everywhere at once You know about your products; how they work, how to install and configure them. You can’t know all the potential uses and problems that may arise. Engage your customers • Facilitate contributions from the field: how-to articles, tips, videos • Improve the quality and timeliness of the information by allowing users to comment • Let users build and share their own documents
  10. 10. Illustration I’m a service engineer. I need to install a new 8300S Flow Meter via Profibus protocol and connect to the Device Manager using a hand-held Field Communicator The plant has no internet access. Let me pull together updated information download to my tablet before I go onsite. While onsite, I figured out how to solve a tricky problem. I took some pictures with my smart phone and a short video to illustrate the problem and solution. When I get online, let me write up a how-to article and upload the video so my colleagues can learn from my experience.
  11. 11. Illustration I’m a small business owner. I want to pull together information relevant to me: • Tax forms I need to file for my employees • How health care reform applies to me • Compliance guidelines for my industry • Changes in governmental regulations Let me: • Compile my own set of quick links • Set up an RSS feed to let me know when updates become available • Download to my smart phone so I can reference them even when I’m offline • Automatically update the content on my smart phone when I’m online
  12. 12. Illustration I’m a concerned parent. My child was diagnosed with a medical condition. I am interviewing doctors to find the right one for us. I want to pull together information relevant to me: • Article that describes the medical condition • Which drugs are prescribed and the potential side effects • Which treatments are available • Typical insurance coverage Let me: • Pull together relevant links • Download to my smart phone so I can reference while at the doctor’s office • Post an article sharing my experience and recommending health care options to other parents in my situation
  13. 13. Taking the Leap to a New Paradigm Dynamic Enterprise Content • Variety of content: documentation, videos, how-to articles, safety information, data sheets, marketing material • Context filtering: quick, goal-oriented access to contextually relevant content • Personalized docs: allow readers to assemble content on demand and render to PDF for print and ePub for offline mobile access • Audience Participation: allow your audience to add new content, comment on existing content, express approval, and easily share knowledge with others • Modern User Experience: smooth transition between mobile and desktop • Activity often starts on mobile, moves to desktop, returns to mobile • Internet connection not always available
  14. 14. PLM Dynamic Publishing Integration with Enterprise Systems Content Management System DITA CMS SME Review On-demand: PDF, EPUB, Mobile Dynamic Publishing ERP ERP / CRM / PLM Integration * Taxonomy * BOM * ECOs * Drawings * Eng. Docs CRM - Technical Manuals - How-to Articles - Data Sheets - Training - Service Bulletins XML Authoring XML Browser-based Interface
  15. 15. Let’s see it in action [SuiteShare DEMO]
  16. 16. Hmmm, this looks interesting… For additional information, contact: Joe Gelb U.S. Office EMEA Office (609) 360-0650 +972-2-993-8054