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  1. 1. 1. Which is not correct for component testing: (Choose the most appropriate option) Done by testers only Tests the interfaces between different components Checks for structural flows in individual components Uses test case design techniques to perform testing 2. Beta testing is: Done by potential users at their own location 3. Gave example and Asked name of the metric used to calculate all the possible ways to cover all the Positive cases (statements) in the flow (Program): Statement Coverage 4. Calculate Statement and decision coverage: 5. As per ISTQB, synonym of Bug: Fault Mistake Error Incident 6. ECP – ages given for discount in bus ticket charges in range 0-5 | 6-12 | 13, all equivalence classes. Options: -1, 4, 12, 13 -4, 11, 12, 54 7. Which is correct for Dynamic testing: Needs code execution 8. Elevator question – Elevator stats are given and which is the best technique? ECP BVA State Transition Random 10. Scenario given; Company designs software for educational purposes (Don’t remember exactly). It gets a project of medical industry. Employees are trained to develop and test for the new business. Which Fundamental principle does this match to? Options: Testing is context dependant Exhaustive testing is impractical, but possible. Pesticide paradox Error free software is possible.
  2. 2. 11. Which is correct with regard to Dynamic analysis tools? Executes the program code 12. Equivalence class partition question: which contains the minimum set of equivalence partitions: 13. Which is correct regarding Static testing: Checks for faults in code before it is being executed 14. A software is being redeployed, what type of testing is done……. Regression testing 15. Strongest coverage measurement metric Statement coverage Decision coverage Multiple condition coverage Condition coverage 16. Which is part of test planning? Entry and Exit Criteria Test case design Resource allocation Test summary preparation Options: A Only C A&C All 17. Which is correct for Load testing: Checks for Response time and breakup point Checks for weight hardware can withstand 18. Gave a flow chart and asked which is correct: Options: 100% Statement coverage and 100%decission coverage 100% Statement coverage but not 100% decision coverage 100% decision coverage but not 100% Statement coverage 100% statement coverage and 100% pole coverage 19. Which is correct for Use case testing: Options: Interaction between banking software and employee Testing a banking software with all possible combinations of Inputs and outputs
  3. 3. 20. Bugs in the software are fixed. In order to check the fix, which of the following is performed: Confirmation Testing Regression Testing only Sanity testing Random testing 21. Question regarding Environment effects; There is a sudden change in Environment, (Try for answer yourself) Options: Software performance is decreased because of changes in environment (Climatic conditions) Software does not work well as hardware running software will fail at high temperatures Environment conditions effect Hardware only and not software -- I opted this, Not sure 22. Impact analysis Calculates the liability of occurrence of a risk and its impact 23. Which speaks of Impact of having a defect in the software: Death or injury of a person 24. ATM transactions example. Which is the best test case design technique? Decision table -- (Here as per the question, it is Decision table as multiple input nd output combinations are presented in the question) 25. Regarding Configuration management, What is the use of configuration management: Test items can be removed at once after testing is done Test item’s are saved along with versions AND easy access 26. Which is not a fundamental test process: Release and Maintenance 27. Gave text book definition and asked for the terminology: (Read glossary for terminology) Options: Metrics Static analysis Static test design techniques 28. Scenario, Explains that tester says there are no faults in the software: What is the Fundamental principle. Absence of error fallacy 29. Which is a white box technique among given options?
  4. 4. Code coverage Boundary value analysis State Transition Random testing 39. Tool used by Test managers: (Try to check answer for yourself) Coverage management tool --- I have opted this, but Test management tool --- Most popular answer public demand Test execution tools 40. Which is a structure based testing? Syntax testing Equivalence partitioning Decision table Control flow